Billionaire 42 Chapter 1 (Streaming Lovers series, bk 1)

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Wishing Blake Greystoke would walk through the private entrance to the Red Club kept Lissa Trade’s bottom glued to the leather stool at the end of the bar. So far, wish- ing hadn’t been fruitful in catching Blake’s eye. Working for the sexy owner and semi-stalking him hadn’t really helped her capture his attention either. Short skirts, peek-a-boo tops, high heels, and killing it at her job hadn’t even turned the man’s head in her direction. She’d waited patiently for him to notice her. Sure, it had been ten years of setting his schedule, organizing every aspect of his life, working day and night to make sure his business and personal life flowed smoothly. But, in the last five she’d settled into a comfortable routine, stopped looking over her shoulder for her past to catch up with her, and hoped that one day he’d fall in love with her.
Tonight, I’m taking action.
“You need to move on and do that Pussy Pleasures Virgin Guest program,” Zane Winslow, Lis’s best friend, said. “My friend snagged her billionaire boss doing it. They needed a push in the right direction, and now they’re happily married with twins and one in the oven.”
“She is the one-in-a-billion of virgins who gets a happily ever after. With my luck...” She searched for the guy who always tried to bring her home. Yep. He sat at the end of the bar and smiled at her. Batshit crazy dude wants to blow his load on my toes. I’m not into that. “I’d end up with—”
“You don’t have to point the freak out,” Zane said. “I saw him come in. Are your toes covered?”
His gaze fell to her breasts and then her feet.
“I know. Don’t say it.” She wiggled her toes. “Bubblegum pink with sparkles makes me happy.”
“And it makes that guy horny beyond horny.” Zane picked up his beer and held it.
Lis clinked her glass filled with ice and Coke with his. “To making our dreams come true.” “Your dreams come true. I want to keep my reality the way it is.” Zane took a swig of the latest craft beer the Red Club offered and placed it down.
Zane had everything—a beautiful wife, a baby
on the way, the most fabulous best friend in the entire world. Of course, Lis remained a bit biased on that one. She had introduced the two most perfect people in the world to each other and the incredible union made her one of the happiest people on earth.
Love is worth waiting for. It’s what makes the world go ‘round. It’s what conquers all the bad in the world. Zane and Angie proved it to her. But for Lis, love hadn’t worked out. She only had eyes for Blake, and Blake only had eyes for work and a quick hookup with whomever caught his eye for the moment.
This was her last chance to get him. She’d already done what Zane had suggested and signed up six months ago to be a Pussy Pleasures fertile virgin to a billionaire. Someone bid on her almost immediately, and the scheduling began. The last three months she’d been under a fertility doctor’s care. Tomorrow morning she’d be in a room with a stranger losing her virginity, unless Blake took the hint and made a move to end her virgin status tonight...if he ever showed up.
“He’s here,” Zane said. “Want me to chat him up before you swoop in to be brushed aside for work once more?”
“Nope. I got this.” She leaned closer and whispered in his ear. “If nothing happens tonight, a very wealthy stranger will be popping my cherry in the morning.”
“Don’t be crass because you think he wants that. He doesn’t,” Zane whispered. “Let him see the real you, not the blue-balls seductress with a no-care attitude. If he doesn’t want the real you, it’s his loss.”
“But all he dates are women who dress like this and...” The part of her that loved Blake more than anyone else in the world spoke out. “I want him to be my first. I want him to be my one and only for the rest of my life. I think he likes me.” I hope he likes me. “Either way—with him or with the stranger—I’m moving forward with my life.”
“Show him you, not the body every red-blooded man in this place wants to fuck,” Zane said.
“You don’t want to fuck me.”
“Yes, I do. But I want to fuck my wife more—so much more.”
Lis giggled. “Go home and tell Angie I love her.”
Zane slid his hand across her back and down over the curve of her ass. “Promise me that you’ll be you tonight.”
She rolled her eyes. “Get your hand off my ass, and I’ll promise.”
“Good enough. If you need me or Angie, call.” He patted her bottom. “I think you made the right decision signing up with Pussy Pleasures. The owner is extremely selective, which is why one hundred percent of their virgin guests become pregnant from their time on the live stream. What they don’t advertise is that each of those virgins marries their partner before the first baby is born.”
“Marriage isn’t a part of the deal for me. If I can’t have Blake, I don’t want a husband. He’ll never marry me, not when he finds out my secret. And he would, if it turned into more than sex.” Let me have my fantasy. Me and Blake with rings on our fingers, a baby growing in my belly. His forgiveness.
“I’ve known Blake longer than I’ve known you,” Zane said. “He’ll forgive you. Tell him you love him and see what happens. Maybe he’ll be the one tripping over you to get into bed.”
“I only want a baby and the contract I signed will give me a baby, a man who will support and love our child, and the finances to afford a comfortable life. My past is none of his business, and my real age won’t be an issue. The younger, the better. Blake is hung up on only dating women within five years of his age. I’m fourteen years younger. He’s not interested, but I’m giving it one last try.” I signed a damn contract saying I’d go to the man I love and show him my breasts. One last desperate plea to seduce the man I love and get painfully rejected once more.
The air around her buzzed with energy, and a shudder rushed over her. A fire lit inside her and her flesh smoldered for the man she loved to take her to his bed. Maybe it was the extra hormones, but her breasts swelled and juices

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Written by Anna Lores
Cargado January 17, 2021
Notes A woman willing to bare it all. A man ready to do whatever it takes. Two people, driven to the brink by desperation.

Lissa Trade wants love, marriage and a family with her billionaire boss. But, seducing him proves to be impossible, and she’s done waiting. A virgin, she signs up to star on a private, live-stream, matchmaking show. With a billionaire businessman as her lover, and the promise of a pregnancy, Lissa hopes to finally have a bundle of joy to love more than the sun, moon, and stars…
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