Mile High Club Over Russia

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On the way to Thailand I had a quick stopover in Moscow. One of those stopovers were the plane drops off passengers and new ones jumped on. Among others this stopover involved picking up a bunch of party ready Russians heading to the, at the moment, number one sin city in the world - Pattaya Thailand.

Everyone had to get off the plane and wait a bit before boarding again. As we were boarding the plane, I spotted her. A cute but very sexy Russian bomb shell (think exotic James Bond Girl), curly hair and perfect D cup breasts. I gave her a bit longer glance than expected, but not to long to risk the creepy alarm going off. Just the perfect amount to give her the signal, I’m interested. As her eyes met mine, she kept them there, with sexy Russian determination.

Once the plane was boarded, I immediately noticed her and her friend in the seats diagonally behind me. As the plane took off their vodka bottle came out. Some more vodka in her Siberian blood later and our eyes had crossed more than once. Soon we were reaching for each other’s hands and started making out across the aisle. It was so fucking hot.

Next thing I knew she was sitting above me in my seat, and we were seriously making out. Our tongues twirling around each other’s in one hot mess. Regardless of being surrounded by other passengers my hands kept on squeezing her breasts and sneaking closer to her pussy. As they got closer I could feel the dampness of her pants and it made my cock uncontrollably hard

While she was grinding my cock who was getting harder by the second, I felt a bit bad for the older gentleman in the chair next to mine who was trying to sleep, or at least pretending to be. But it was so fucking hot that I just couldn’t control myself. Neither could the sexy Russian lady named Natalia on top of me. As she became more passionately horny and her legs took up more and more of the old mans seat, he voiced his opinion – “there is a bathroom on the plane”. But in the row behind us another younger Russian man replied in our defense “this is not business class old man”.

Despite agreeing with the younger Russian man, I knew that if I really wanted to feel Natalias wet pussy, I had to follow the wiser advice. And by now I really felt that I wanted my hard cock inside her. I took her by the hand and led her towards the bathroom.

Even though the bathroom was small our clothes came of quick. When Natalia was completely naked, her big, beautiful breasts in full freedom made me even more ready than before. As I took off my boxers, she began to gently caress my cock with her slim hands. “I want to taste it” she said in a firm but sexy Russian accent. I took a seat on top of the toilet lid while she went down on all fours and took my cock in her mouth. Her saliva running along the shaft.

I remembered how I first had noticed her big purple painted lips as she was walking towards the airplane. Now she really put them to use. It felt so fucking good, but I wanted to feel her pussy lips around my cock now, so I quickly dragged her up. She came closer to me. As we kissed my hard cock pressed against her soft but flat stomach. The pink crack in her well-shaven Venus mountain was damp with lust. Lightly moaning, she Slowly eased herself down towards my cock.

"Take me now, it's been so long since I felt a cock inside me” she said. I gripped her by the hair and started passionately kissing her.

As I was completely inside her, she sighed heavy. Rhythmically she started going up and down faster and faster. “You know you got a big dick, you know you got a big dick” she kept on saying as she was riding it hard. I was in pure bliss, my own porn movie reality. Since I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want to risk coming early. I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her up and placed her standing facing the toilet, her perfect apple shaped ass up in the air in front of me.

She bent down and held onto the toilet as I took a grip around her waist and pushed in my cock. By now she was really fucking wet and when the cock reached all the way in she gave off a sexy loud sigh. Her ass vibrated with lust when I alternately caressed it, alternately slapped it while I fucked her. I fucked her harder, harder. Harder. She began to shake her whole body, counter thrusted and shook her ass violently, and above all screamed straight out. It became too enjoyable for me too. My cock cramped and I started pumping my cum deep inside her.

After our orgasms we sank down on the floor. I left the bathroom first. Nobody seemed to have noticed anything or maybe Russians are just really good at minding their own business. I didn’t talk to Natalia anymore during the flight, but as we excited the airplane, we looked at each other and exchanged a sly mile high smile.

Written by The Pleasure Keys
Cargado January 27, 2021
Notes How a sexy chance encounter made me join the Mile High Club.
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