Long Layover Leads to Sexy Travel Experience

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The seatbelt light turned off and all around me, people stood up to gather their bags, but I only stretched and yawned. Usually, I try to get off the plane as soon as I can, but I knew I was facing a long layover in a small airport and had no intention of rushing to the waiting room.

Prompted by the frustrated looks of the person next to me, I grabbed my bag and headed to the door. As I disembarked, my thoughts drifted back to the movie I was watching on the plane, more particularly the leading actress was dancing across my mind. In the movie, the actress’s typical clothes, sweatpants and loose t-shirts, couldn’t fully hide her impressive body from my greedy eyes. This left me with hours trapped in an empty airport and feeling a little horny.

As expected, this minor airport was mostly empty with not a lot to do. Finding my gate mostly empty, I grabbed a seat and went back to my movie. The moment the actress reentered the screen, some blood redirected to my dick. I took some furtive looks around and sensing nobody looking, started to gently rub my dick through my pants causing it to slowly stiffen. I felt some rising excitement with the slight touches and knowing I was in public.

Eventually, the movie ended, and now I needed something else to entertain me. My eyes fell on this woman a couple rows away who was fixated on me. Noticing my attention, she walked over to my row. I was entranced by her walk and maybe it was my hormones warping my thoughts but she kinda looked like the actress. At the very least, she had the same hair and also wore loose clothes that were teasing me.

She sat down across from me and said hi. Usually not a big fan of talking to random people at the airport, but my boredom and horniness were overwhelming me. “What’s up?”

She leaned in and whispered “I was watching you. I know what you were doing.”
“.. um watching a movie..?”
“I know you were touching yourself. Don’t get so flustered, I liked watching you. I wanted you to keep going, so I had something to watch while I touched myself.” While she spoke, I went from confused to shocked to really turned on. By the time she finished, I was rock hard. She noticed her words had the desired effect and leaned back into her chair with her legs spread wide, and her hands sliding up her shirt.
“Go on,” she urged with a smirk, “grab it.” Hypnotized by this woman, my hand found its way around my cock and started rubbing it deliberately. She let out a sigh and noticeably squeezed her boobs. The rest of the airport started melting away as nothing else existed in the world other than me and her.

Her right hand was slipping out of her shirt and into her sweatpants, searching for her pussy. My breathing intensified as I began jacking my dick harder, my eyes devouring the scene in front of me. She responded by rubbing herself harder and she started panting slightly. I was drunk with lust and decided to press my luck.
“Hey, why don’t you come over here and help me out?” She shot out of her seat and into the one next to me. Pleadingly staring into my eyes, she whispered “can I?” while rubbing my thigh. I nodded, scarcely believing my luck. She worked her hand onto my cock and began to stroke. “Your turn,” she whispered.

My hand dove into her pants and found a deliciously wet pussy waiting for me. When I found her slit, her lips and rolled my finger onto her clit, she moaned and closed her eyes. Precum was now dripping onto her hand, which she expertly rubbed back over my dick as lube. She was breathing so hard into my ear now; I was attacking her clit by now. I could feel her building into a shuddering orgasm and right as her pussy clenched around my fingers, she bit down hard into my shirt to mask her yelps.
“That’s soo good,” she moaned into my ear, “I want more.”
I pulled her onto my lap and went back to work on her pussy. This naughty girl started grinding her ass hard against my dick.
“Wait.” I whispered. I reached into my bag and pulled out my “you never know condom”. The grinding had stopped. I caught her eye, and she nodded at me vigorously.

I pulled my dick out and slid the condom over it, and she slipped her pants down, exposing her ass to me. In no time, I forced her down onto my dick and she returned to her grinding. Her hips rocked with such a sexy rhythm and although my view was blocked by her hair cascading around my face, I slid my hands up under her shirt and found her soft and bouncy boobs. Now, she audibly moaned and rocked her hips harder around my dick. I felt her pussy clench and she came hard into my dick again. These tightening walls were sending me into ecstasy and I couldn’t hold any longer. I submitted to the rising pressure and released a body shaking orgasm.

I collapsed back into the chair, while she slid off me into the neighboring chair, breathing hard. The reality of what just happened started flooding in when I opened my eyes and saw a couple people a few rows in front of me silently cheering me on. Our afterglow prevented any modesty as we continued to lay there with our sweaty bodies airing out.
It turns out a smattering of people were milling around the gate when it became clear that this random girl and I were putting on a show, and they sat down to watch.
I finally put my dick away and she got her pants back on, gave me a smile, and walked off, taking care to swing her hips, ensuring my thoughts stayed on her ass.

I put my feet up and stretched out across the seat. With a grin and a wave to the audience, I thought that maybe long layovers weren’t all bad.

Written by wingsa345
Cargado January 28, 2021
Notes Long layovers are the fucking worst, particularly when you are horny. Lucky for me, I found someone sexy in the same predicament. From watching each other to touching each other, we put on a sexy show for the rest of trapped travelers.
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