An attraction like no other

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I picked the team knowing just a few names and since it was Little League, it really didn’t matter who was on it. But after the first practice, things changed in an instant. I am a happily married guy and have been faithful for 14 years of marriage and have a beautiful wife. But something about Danielle, Jordan’s mom, changed all that. From the moment we met, there was this energy, this excitement that filled us both. It is hard to describe but there was an instant connection and magnetism. Pure animal instinct.

I bumped into her one morning at a Starbucks and we exchanged pleasantries about the kids and what they were doing and how the team looked. We sat for an hour and I blew off two work meetings I had just to stay talking with her.

The season ended and nothing happened after our Starbucks encounter and the next year, when I was picking teams, I tried not to pick Jordan simply because of the strong physical attraction I had to Danielle, and I didn’t so I secretly looked forward to the two times we would play his team during the season. A few days after the draft, I received a call asking that Jordan be placed on my team because of issues with the other coach. I reluctantly accepted.

This season started off like most but Danielle and I became a little more flirtatious. She asked me out for coffee on a few occasions and I accepted but we always made it appear as if we ran into each other. Each visit the attraction grew.

One evening, I was out with some buddies and we ran into her and a group of her girlfriends as a local bar. We chatted quickly and went to our separate corners. She kept looking over at me and I kept looking over at here. Again, pure animal instinct. I decided I needed to get out of there for fear that something could happen in my slightly inebriated state. I said goodbye to my friends and headed out to the parking lot.

A few moments later, Danielle says, “Hey Coach, leaving without saying goodbye?” She continues walking toward my car. She looks amazing in her white silk blouse, blue jeans, and red pumps. Her brunette hair pulled back in a pony tail, summer kissed skin and red lipstick. I told her I felt like I needed to leave because I was scared I might do something I would regret. And with that, she leaned in for a kiss. Every bone in my body knew this was the wrong thing to do but I couldn’t pull away. I put my arms around her and dove deeper into the kiss. She returned the embrace as well.

As we were in public, we quickly realized this and decided we would head to a quieter place. She mentioned she was staying at a girlfriends house for a girls night and we decided to head over to her apartment since the other girls were still inside enjoying their evening.

I followed her to the house. We went in the kitchen and poured a glass of wine. I immediately went in for another kiss, her lavender perfume drawing me in. She reached for my groin and I instantly felt a rush of blood head to the same region. I cupped her breasts, B cups, and felt her nipples protrude through the silk blouse. She moaned in pleasure. I felt the roundness of her ass through the jeans and worked my way to the front, fumbling with the button and zipper. She pulled off my polo shirt and sucked on my nipples. I started to undo the buttons on her blouse and gently pulled it over her shoulders exposing her red lace bra.

She pushed me back and I was against the breakfast bar when she pulled down my jeans. She was a bit taken back that I was wearing red lace panties myself but smiled at the sight of my growing bulge. She stripped off the panties and took me in her mouth. Gently stroking my balls while grinding my shaft and swirling her tongue at the tip. Saliva dripping all over my cock, she couldn’t get enough. I leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure of it all, especially her looking up to me from her knees.

I stood there for a few minutes. Enjoying it all. And then I pulled her up to me by her chin and gave her a kiss. She kept stroking my cock and I said, “now, its time for me to taste you” and I puller her jeans down exposing her red satin tanga panties. I reached down and felt the moist satin. I rubbed my fingers against the satin and pushed in ever so slightly between her vulva. A gentle moan turned to a small nibble of my lip while we were kissing. I played with her like this for a few minutes, increasing her desire with each flick of her clit through the satin. Moans of pleasure with each pass and an increasing wetness of her pussy.

I stripped her of her panties and placed her on the breakfast bar. She leaned back and lifted her legs exposing her nicely trimmed pussy. I inserted a finger to the first knuckle and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I brought her to her first climax using the “come to me” rubbing of her g-spot while also rubbing her clit. She arched her back and screamed in ecstasy and I brought my tongue in for round two. Lapping her juices and fingering her ever so slightly brought another orgasm a few minutes later and she pulled me by my hair to pull herself up and we met with a kiss. Her juices fresh on my face and she not being able to get enough. She said she had dreamed about that for a while and I, too said, it had been a fantasy of mine to be with her doing these things.

She jumped off the breakfast bar and grabbed hold of my cock. She reached between her legs and wiped some of her juices on my shaft making it nice and hard. I walked her backward until she hit the refrigerator and I gently lifted her left leg. My cock pressing against her quickly found its way inside of her slick pussy and I gently fucked her. In and out. In and out. I could feel her pussy wrap itself around the head of my cock as I slowly penetrated her. A gentle and slow fuck began increasing in intensity and I would allow more of me inside of her every time. For fear of cumming to quick, I tried to slow the pace

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Notes An attraction like no other. We were each drawn to each other despite being in other relationship,.s We needed to have each other.
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