Lydia’s 21st Birthday -Part 2- The Morning After

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The next morning, Lydia and her bf walk into the living room and per ritual we all smoke the first blunt of the day. Lydia is in the same yellow cutoff tshirt which draped over her large perky tits that were hidden behind the lingerie she put on last night. She had on those super short booty shorts that exposed her asscheeks as they peeked out the bottom. As she sits down I notice the one piece is still unbuttoned. Lydia catches me as I stare at her pussy that’s peeking out her shorts and smirks as she exhales the smoke of the blunt. The blunt goes around and the euphoria of the high begins to envelope my senses causing my mind to become focused on last night and how bad I was wanting to fuck Lydia. Once the blunt is almost finished her bf passes out on the couch.

A half hour goes by when Lydia decides to get up to smoke a second blunt. She slowly walks towards me hands me the blunt to light and begins pulling off the draped cutoff. I’m immediately hard thinking of all kinds of things I could have done to Lydia if only I was in her bed last night. She sits her fine ass on the couch with me and begins to run her hand under the blanket and up my leg, reaching for my hard cock. She looks me directly in the eyes and tells me she’s been waiting for her chance to get to fuck me and couldn’t stop thinking about last night. Without hesitation I pull the cover off top of me and see her eyes lighten when she gets to see my cock again. She smiles as she slowly strokes my dick commenting on how nice and big she thinks it is.

She crawls up closer to me and we begin to make out, our tounges fourplaying around in each other’s mouths. Lydia looks at me and asks seductively, “would you wanna help me get these shorts off?” I nod my head yes then Lydia kisses me one more time before facing the other way on her hands and knees. I caress her asscheeks before sliding her shorts off of her. As she lifts each leg up for me to get her shorts off I position them to each side of me. I’m sitting up straight while Lydia goes face down on the couch, her ass directly in front of me. I massage her asscheeks then spread them open, gently running my fingers down her asshole and between her pussy lips.

I then lean forward and start to eat her gorgeous booty out, licking from her pussyhole to her asshole. Lydia pops her ass up and down before flipping around, telling me that it feels way to good and she’s gonna start moaning way too loud. Lydia climbs on top of me as I lay back and pressed my cock between her pussy lips, slideing her pussy along my shaft. As her pussy gets wetter and wetter her juices start to drip down all over me and the couch. As she sits overtop of me we continue making out while I grab onto her thick ass cheeks, spreading them wide and working my fingers up and down her asscrack, massaging her asshole while she continues to rub my cock in between her pussy lips. Lydia moans with pure pleasure as im getting closer to her smooth, wet, tight pussy. As shes sucking on my neck I tell her we should go to her bed so I can fuck her where she dreams about taking my dick. As We both stand she quickly squats down and grabs my cock with her both her hands and presses her lips on my dick kissing, licking, teasing the tip of my dick eventually spitting on my dick and jacking me off. Lydia also starts sucking on my nuts which are covered with her pussy juice.

Her bf is asleep not even 2ft away but she swears he isn’t waking up. I shrug and smile down at her as she spits on my cock once more and jacks me off before engulfing the entirety of it in her mouth until I feel my cock hit the back of her throat. She almost can’t handle it but regains her composure. Lydia keeps bobbing her head deepthroating and gagging on my cock, then while using both hands, sucks rapidly on about 2 inches of my dick like a pro. I think she wants her bf to hear and catch me fucking her pretty mouth as she slurps it up. I grab the back of her head and start to thrust my cock in her mouth as tears begin to fill her eyes. She doesn’t pull away as she gags on me while she’s rubbing her clitt rapidly. Her legs begin to shake so I begin pulling her hair making her take my cock out of her mouth. As she catches her breath I bend down to make out with her while I have her hair pulled back then lydia sucks my dick one more time real quick before I help Lydia stand up. She then grabs onto my cock and strokes it, making out with me then leading me to her bedroom.

What a sight it is to follow this amazing tanned ass, jiggling ever so slightly as she leads me to her bedroom. Her clothes lay on the couch and we look over as we pass her sleeping bf. I reach my hand up between her ass cheek, pinching on her pussy before we get into her bedroom. I pull her close to me by her thighs and she begins grinding on my dick. I massage her thighs and hips before rubbing my fingers on her wet clit fingering her wet tight pussy, replicating the moment in the club that brought us here. I help take the lingerie off of her and turn her to suck on her hard nipples before pushing her down on the bed. I Watch as lydia spreads open her legs and ask me if I like what I see, before inviting me down to meet her. I crawl over top of Lydia, kissing up her stomach, around her breast, sucking her nipples, leaving hickeys on her breast. Lydia then wraps her legs around me as We begin to make out. I then reverse and kiss on her neck, then chest, slowly transitioning to suck on her titties then gradually work my tounge down her stomach, kissing and nibbling her hips, before spreading her legs apart. I then start kissing on her inner thighs building suspense before I’m finally running my tounge across the outside of her fat pussy lips.

Lydia grabs onto my hair and tells me to eat her pussy out. As my tounge runs between her lips, circling her clit, entering inside her, shes twitches and moans making her talk about how she really wants my cock to fill her up this ti

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Written by onyourmind2
Cargado February 1, 2021
Notes The final installment that wraps up Lydia’s 21st birthday. Part 2 explores the intense, detailed encounter Lydia and I had the morning after she had gotten a teaser after her party ended.
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