Found the right size..

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Found the right size...

I am not a big fan of shopping for anything. I hate online shopping just as much as brick and mortar but every now and then, I require new clothes and a trip to the mall is necessary. I often loathe this experience but something happened this time that made me rethink when and how I shop in the future.

I went to the mall at around 9:30pm knowing it closed at 10 and figured it would not be as crowded as it would be during the day. I went to my jeans store, rhymes with Ducky Jeans, and began looking around.

The sales lady was late 20’s, cute and said, “Hi, I’m Jenna, need help finding anything?” In a typical bubbly and slightly flirtatious manner, like most sales people do. I said, “Just looking right now but I will probably need a dressing room in a bit.” And she replied, “Great. And just so you know, we close at 10.” “Thanks.” I replied.

I quickly found a few styles I liked and gathered them to the dressing room where the Jenna met me and opened a door for me. I asked her, “I know this is not in your job description but I could use a second opinion on how these look. Would you mind?” She said, “No, that’s what I am here for, just let me know when you are ready and I’ll come back.” “Thank you,” I said, “I really appreciate it! By the way, what’s your name so I know who to call for?” She replied, “Jenna, I’m the only one on so let me know when you are ready.” And walked away as I admired her cute little ass in the blue jeans she wore.

I tried on all the jeans, found a few I didn’t like right out of the gate and a few others that needed the second opinion.

I put a pair on and walked out and called for Jenna, “How about these?” I said. She replied, “Well, they are good, but what are you looking so I can help you decide?” I replied, “Well, comfort is first but comfort that brings or shows attributes. Like, I don’t want a saggy ass, I prefer a snug fit there and then the front, I don’t want them too baggy or too tight but I want to show my bulge a bit.”

Turn around she commanded and I quickly complied. “Well, these show off your butt nicely and your bulge in front is not obvious but noticeable, like I would probably like to know more about you if I saw you at a bar wearing these, just sayin’” she said. I looked in the mirror and hoped she would say this as that is the reason I chose to keep this pair. “Great, looks like selection one is down. To save time, what other styles here are like the ones I am wearing?” I said as I handed her the remaining 3 pairs. She weeded through them and tossed one aside, and said, “Here, these two will be similar but have different cut but you should try them on, just to be sure.”

I got the second pair on and they were a lower rise that I am used to and my red satin tanga was spilling out over the waistband. The fit was good and it did a similar improvements to the areas I wanted, I called Jenna over. “How about these?” She said, “Well, I can see your underwear band so unless we can change that, I am not sure these will work. But they do make your ass and bulge look good. By the way, what is that underwear?” I said it was a red satin tanga and that it helps with making my bulge look good and leaves no lines in the fabric that could distort my ass. And I said, “I’m kinda an underwear freak. Like I like sexy styles, like this Tanga or a thong. Sometimes, I even wear women's panties.” Jenna said, “Wow, really? That’s so hot. Can I see your Tanga?” “Here I said? Now?” I said. Jenna said, “Yeah, just pull the jeans down, nobody is in the store and we are closing very soon. Nobody is coming in-don’t worry.”

I was a bit reluctant but dropped the jeans right there and exposed my Red Satin Tanga, holding my package nicely in place and showing off my butt nicely. Jenna asked me to turn around. And then moved in and grabbed my bulge. She said, “I like these. The Satin is just so sexy and soft and this color is amazing! You look hot!”

I said, “Thanks, I appreciate that. Not many women are comfortable with men wearing sexy underwear, let alone women’s panties.” Jenna said, “Wait here, I have to lock up the store, I’ll be right back. But don’t get dressed, I have a surprise for you.”

I sat there, kinda chilly from the air conditioning but decided to pull my shirt off and admire myself in the mirror. I looked pretty good for a late twenties male. My abs were defined and one could tell I played sports for a while. The Tanga was super sexy and it outlined by package and butt nicely. It really is a good cut of underwear if you haven’t tried them.

I was waiting in the back when I hear Jenna come around the corner. She must have lost some clothes while locking up as she was down to her panties and bra. A nice silk bra, black with white lace trim and black silk panties. She had a rocking body and her hair was a tight, tight curl in dirty blond with highlights and fell to just below her shoulders.

I stepped toward her, being the aggressor now that it was apparent we were going to fool around. We met with a kiss. She smelled awesome, like citrus and our tongues played with each other. She immediately grabbed by cock and said, “The minute you walked in I thought you were cute but those panties pushed me over the edge, I couldn’t resist you after that.”

I said nothing as I kissed her again, feeling my cock fill with blood and poke its tip above the Tanga waistband. “Oooh, someone wants to play!” Jenna said while rubbing me through the satin. The feeling of satin on your man parts is something exhilarating. It brings a level of excitement that adds to not only your day to day but to your sexual encounters as well.

I unsnapped her bra and began licking, cupping and sucking her breasts and nipples. The tiny nipples popped out like little rock’s-firm and hard. Jenna moaned as I played with her tits all the while rubbing my cock through the silky satin.

I worked my hand down

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Notes Shopping for jeans has never been this much fun!
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