Alcohol Melodies

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I see you like our new place, step sis, I mentioned, sitting down.

Yes, Im jealous of you two, Pete. Shelia must like it too, Sarah said as she hugged me.

I do, Shelia pointed out, handing them two glasses of wine. It is cool to see you two again. How have you been, Chris?

Good, step sis. It has been too long we havent seen each other in about a year now, right? Chris pondered, as they sat down on the other couch.

Yep, we should get together more often, Shelia said, sitting next to me. Damn, Sarah, you look ravishing tonight.

Thank you it is probably the dress. Chris likes the ones where I have cleavage. Even if I have people checking my boobs out, he doesnt care he is just in love with my tits. Im pretty damn sure they led to one thing and then another.

Shelia and I peeked at each other for a moment.

What? we both wondered.

For no reason whatsoever, Sarah replied, raising her hand. He gave me this ring.

Holy shit, step sis, congrats, I cheered, getting up and strolling to her.

We hugged each other for a moment as our significant others just watched.

We let go after just a moment, and I got a close look at the ring. Wow, Chris, you must love my step sister, you better take good care of her.

I will, Chris answered, getting up with us. Youve been taking good care of my step sister too, so it is the least I could do. You two have been married for two years now, and she always brags about you. Well, you are both brunettes, so maybe thats how you two click, he chuckled.

Good one, smart ass. Do you write material on your own?


Written by biniji1758
Cargado February 7, 2021
Notes A Brief story about how sex and alcohol might be a good ( or quite bad ) combination
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