Making A New Friend

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Back before the world went crazy and we all ended up in quarantine, and working from home, I had myself a little fun and made a new friend. My husband and I had been working out at the gym together, two nights a week as I tried to get rid of some of my baby fat. It wasn't easy, but having him there with me, was a big help.

About a month or so after we started working out, we were driving home when my husband mentioned that he noticed that I had a secret admirer at the gym. I asked him what he meant, and he mentioned that there was another gym member, that was often checking me out. I shrugged my shoulders and told my husband that he was crazy and that nobody was checking me out, but he insisted that this guy was. I didn't really think much about it but the next time I went to the gym to work out, my husband mentioned it to me again and I paid a little more attention.

Sure enough, as I went through some workouts, I noticed a guy working out on a machine nearby, who was looking over in my direction. He looked to be in his mid-to late 40s, and was a decently built guy. He was attractive, with dirty blonde hair, and a very nice physique. I thought it was a big crazy, that a guy as good-looking as him was checking me out, since I wasn't in the best of shape. I continued to work out, and from time to time I would notice this guy looking over at me. Whenever I looked back in his direction, he would smile, so that made me believe that he was definitely checking me out.

This ended up taking place for a couple of weeks, and my husband often joked around with me about it. He told me that my secret admirer probably wanted to bend me over and fuck me, and I would respond by telling my husband that he was crazy. This took place for a bit and my husband and I would often joke around about it until one day, my husband decided to make a bet with me.

I asked him what he wanted, and he told me that we would go to the gym separately and see if they guy would try to engage me in any way. If he did, then I would lose the bet and have to chat with the guy to see what he wanted. If he didn't, then my husband would pay a couple of my bills and also take me shopping. I figured it was a nice bet because I didn't think they guy would come talk to me at all. It's one thing to stand in the gym and admire somebody, but it's a completely different thing, to actually go over and engage in conversation these days. Anyhow, we made the bet, and decided to see what would happen the next time we went to the gym.

On the following Tuesday, my husband and I went to the gym separately. I went in first, and my husband came in a hour later. We made sure to avoid each other and since the gym was such a big place, it would be easy to do so. I began to work out and go through my routine, when I noticed my admirer working out nearby. Sure enough, he was looking over at me and smiled when we locked eyes. I smiled back at him and continued going on about my workout.

After about 45 min., I decided to wrap up, and was headed towards the locker room, when I heard someone call out to me. I looked back, and there he was standing there with a big smile on his face. He quickly introduced himself, telling me his name was Anthony, and that he had been watching me work out for the last few weeks and was intrigued as to what it was I was looking for at the gym. I explained that I wanted to lose some of my baby weight and just generally get back into shape. He quickly complimented me and told me that I looked great and that it wouldn't be too hard to get into shape. He began to walk and talk with me, discussing different workout routines and things that I should do.

We ended up talking for a bit before saying goodbye to each other. I then cleaned up, and headed out to the car and was soon on my way home. My husband arrived a short time later, with a huge smile on his face. He knew he had won the bet, and asked me what we had talked about. I told him all about my conversation with Anthony, and he continued to egg me on, telling me that the guy just wants to fuck me. I told him that he was nuts, and that Anthony was just being friendly and offering me some workout advice, but my husband just kept smiling.

I ended up working out with Anthony over the next few weeks, as he gave me advice with each of my workouts but was also very friendly and flirted with me on occasion. I enjoyed the attention and to be honest, I began feeling really good from my workouts, and I began to playfully flirt back with him. I figured it was all in fun and that we were having a good time with it. I did notice some changes in my body, coming from the workouts, and Anthony did as well and he would often complement me on it. It felt great and I was really enjoying the improvements.

About a month after this all started, Anthony and I were working out like usual. The place was pretty packed and we were having a pretty good workout session. As we were, he continued to be flirty and complimented me quite often. It felt great and I was really enjoying the attention that he was sending my way.

We finished up with our workout and were cooling down while we continued to chat. As we were doing that, he continued to flirt and complement, and I found myself doing the same. It felt great to have this good-looking guy flirting with me. We chatted for a bit and it seemed like he knew all the right things to say. As we continued to chat, he took me by the hand, and began to lead me towards the locker room. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but went with him.

Just before we reached the locker room, there was a long hallway, and he took me and guided me down the hallway. I had never been down this hall, so I definitely didn't know where the heck we were going. We walked a good distance, and I realized it was just a bunch of offices back there. We walked past about three or four offices, before he reached for the doorknob of one of them and opened it. He th

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Notes While working out at the gym, I realize I have an admirer...
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