A view from above

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My apartment sat 13 stories above the Manhattan skyline and was all glass. It was a 2 year old building and I moved in right after it opened and it was a very modern place. I loved how the city lights shined below and I loved NYC. The voyeurism that accompanied the city was great. You could see into other peoples apartments at all times of the day and the stuff you saw made you realize that nobody really cared what was happening in your or anybody else’s apartment. Just random strangers going about their lives in anonymity.

I love walking around naked, at all times of the day and relish the opportunity to be in this naked state whenever I am home and whenever I can.

It was dusk and I was enjoying my day lounging on the couch and watching tv. As the darkness crept into the night, I noticed my neighbor across the street on one floor below mine standing in her window naked and sipping wine. She was about 5’8 from what I guessed and had amazing breasts, I would guess them to be C cups. She was in her early thirties was also a guess because her tits still looked amazing and very perky. She was just looking around the city, taking in the sights. I had my lights on and was naked as well but sitting on the couch so I am not sure she noticed me. I just sat there and watched tv and occasionally looked over at her and her well toned body.

On one glance, I noticed movement behind her and then a man came into view who was also naked. He grabbed her waist from behind and pressed himself into her with a hug. She turned around and exposed a perfect ass, or as near to perfect that I have ever seen and gave him a hug and a kiss, being careful not to spill her wine in the process.

I was now intrigued and continued to watch tv but finding myself watcher her and him more. As they embraced, he moved his hands all over her body. Rubbing her back and squeezing that perfect ass, she found a nearby table to put her glass down and returned the favor by rubbing his back and ass and hair. Things were heating up and I imagined soft moans of pleasure coming from both of them.

I felt my cock getting hard from the erotic scene playing out in front of me and began to stroke it a bit. They turned to the side and I could see her hand stroking his cock and imagining she was stroking mine. He was playing with her tits with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. She pulled her leg up and rested it on the table which allowed him easer access to her increasingly wet pussy. She moved her hips toward him as if begging him to penetrate her.

She kept working his cock, stroking up and down, grinding the tip to bring added excitement to the situation. And then pulled back and knelt down. She swallowed him to his base and his head fell backward as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her mouth. I watched as she worked his shaft and I stood up to get a closer look, my cock at full attention now and I began to stroke it while watching the porn play out.

She sucked his cock in a rapid, almost violent motion and he soon released he creamy man seed onto her chest. She milked the last drops of cum out of him and wiped them with tow fingers and then sucked them clean in her mouth. A tasty reward for a job well done. I was working my cock pretty good and blasted a load onto the window from all the action I was viewing.

He then laid her down and her head was towards the glass and he went down on her. I imagined what her sweet, wet pussy might taste like and was very jealous that I was not down there helping bring her to a shattering orgasm. I sat there watching as he chowed her box. She would arch her back to allow more of her pussy to be taken into his mouth and more of her clit to be exposed and played with. She soon shook her hips and I knew that one orgasm was complete but with his rock hard cock coming into view as he kneeled before her, I knew it was not going to be the last.

He pulled a cushion off the couch and inserted it under her back, pushing her pussy to perfect point of entry for his big cock and he eased into her slowly. Her head fell back in a similar point of pleasure that he had while his cock was being sucked. He slowly fucked her hole and the wetness was building back up as he began to increase motion back and forth. I sat there in the window, playing with my cock and hoping they didn’t see me and was so turned on by the guilty viewing I was witnessing.

He kept ramming her and she put her hand on the glass and leaned her head back, eyes closed and rubbing her clit with her other hand. She worked herself into he second orgasm and I imagined how great her pussy must feel and wished it was my cock inside of her. The slickness of the second rush of her cum made him move faster and before I knew it, I saw globs of his cum splash against the glass. He was holding her hips and I could see the spasm of his cock empty his cum all over her and the glass. I was so excited, I blew another load of my cum all over the glass. And I squeezed and tugged my cock to empty the last drops out of it. I wiped the tip and licked my finger clean, savoring my sticky goodness. I then walked closer tot he window and pulled the dripping white cum off the glass and pulling them up to my mouth to eat it. I looked down and saw her licking the glass clean as well, like a kitten lapping at milk, she cleaned his goo off the window and seemed to savor each drop.

As she squeegeed the last drops of his cum off the window, she pulls her finger to her lips and before she licks it clean, she looks me straight in the eyes and smiles. Then licks her finger clean and points right at me and winks. She was watching me all along.....

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