Orgasm in car

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That night, I was not in my sexiest outfit. Yet I had my tight jeans showing my big butt. Babb only saw me from behind and he was immediately attracted to me. We were dancing next to each other and this is how he approached me. We only exchanged phone numbers in the club.
Later during the week, we decided to meet. Babb picked me up in a white car and we headed to the beach. Arriving at our destination, he parked in a quiet place. We stayed in the car and chatted. I felt strongly attracted to his beautiful brown eyes and he was attracted to my pear-shaped body. My butt was on his mind since we met. We started to kiss. His soft lips touch mine and I softly bite them. Our tongue passionately touched each other and we were getting more excited. As we continued to kiss, he whispered to me 'let's go to the back seat'.
Once at the back, we continued to kiss, his hands running into my hair and my hands around his neck. We had to change positions as things got warmed up. He remained seated and I placed my head on his thighs lying on my back. He bent his head to continue to taste my tongue and lips. I could feel my vagina getting wet as his hands touched my breasts. He firmly pressed each one at a time. He unbuttoned my blouse halfway only to expose my bra. Babb slowly caressed my neck going down to my bra which he gently moved and looked at my breasts. My nipples started to get harder and I wanted him to suck them. He gently placed his tongue on my left nipple and did circular movement and at times sucking it hard. He then did the same thing with my right nipple. We were both so excited. I was hesitant to touch his cock but I was sure it was hard.
Babb opened my legs while sucking my nipples. He unzipped my jeans and I was feeling so good that I wanted to continue to foreplay. He stopped just to have a look at my underwear. I was wearing a sexy red string. He slightly pushed it on one side and started to rub his fingers on my clitoris and pussy lips. He knew how wet I was and his fingers would not stop rubbing. He stared at me with a lusty look and I was having so much pleasure feeling his fingers on my clitoris. Now i wanted more...I was moaning. He kissed me again and I suddenly felt his middle finger sliding inside my vagina. Babb fingered my vagina while his thumb pressed my clitoris. From time to time, he looked outside to make sure that no one was near the car. I was so concentrated on my sexual pleasure that i did not care for whoever was going to be near the parking. My pussy was so wet that his middle finger was now covered with my juice. He removed his finger and sucked it to taste my juice...he was so pleased with the taste. He kissed me and again fingered my vagina. My breath was rapid as I was about to cum. He wouldn't stop. He stared at my breasts while his finger was inside me. I was moaning louder and louder. Babb was pleased to see me in this position. I finally came and he sucked my breasts so hard and his finger remained inside me for a while. Again, he sucked his finger to drink my juice and told me that next time he would eat my pussy... I was so happy that I would not mind for a second meeting...I didn't touch his cock but he definitely masturbated later that night!

Written by mysteriousnerd
Cargado February 11, 2021
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