Surprise Ahead!

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I got to the hotel after a long day of travel and quickly unpacked and showered and washed the grime of travel off. I shaved my legs and slowly washed the curves of my body while sipping a nice Rose from room service and got dressed. I was looking to make tonight special so I put on my red satin and lace panties, matching red satin bra, red lace garter belt and black nylons the ones with the line running up the back as they highlight my calves when wearing my 4 inch heels. I carefully did my makeup and styled my slightly longer than shoulder length brunette hair into a wavy modern style and put on my red lipstick. I stopped and stared at myself in the mirror and thought that my 5’ 6” frame which was athletic and toned looked good and said, “Still got it at 38!”

I put on a Navy Satin Blouse, Black pencil skirt, and white blazer. Sprayed my Santal 33 Eau De Parfum on my wrists and rubbed them onto my neck. Then squirted a small blast up my skirt, hoping it would be smelled later on by someone else! I packed up my small Louis Vuitton clutch with the essentials: makeup, credit cards, ID, condoms (you have to be prepared just in case), hotel key and lipstick. I zippered it closed and turned to see the mirror again, “Damn, you are looking good tonight!” And exited the hotel room.

I walked to the elevator and as I passed a young businessman in the hall, I could feel his eyes staring at my ass after I walked by. I didn’t even need to turn around. I got to the elevator and pressed “L” and hailed an Uber to take me to the restaurant. A few heads turned from the crowded lobby when I exited, my heels clicking on the marble floor as I strutted to the front door to catch an Uber. The doorman quickly pulling the door open, “Evening Miss”, he said, “Can I hail you a cab?” “No thanks”, I said, “I already called an Uber but thank you.” “My pleasure”, he replied.

The Uber came and I hopped in. “Angelo’s ma’am?”, said Carlos, the Uber driver. “Yes, please”, I said and off I went in his 2020 Black Chevy Tahoe.

I arrived at the restaurant and have been there many times to know that I caught it at just the right moment as there were few barstools left and in another 15 minutes, there would be none. I sat down at the bar and Marianna, a beautiful Brazilian bartender, asked me what I would like to drink. I asked for a Bombay Sapphire and Tonic and she whisked away to make it.

When she came back, she asked how I have been and I come to this restaurant every time I am in Albany and I replied with the usual chit chat that work was busy but overall things were good. She updated me with he same small talk and retreated to take care of another guest.

I sipped my drink and played with the straw in-between sips. I was looking for a nice businessman, someone who wasn't looking for an attachment, just a night of fun but obviously was not going to peruse the event, I would let it come to me. I was taking in the sights when a young businessman came up and wedged himself between me and another guest and ordered a martini. He was in a navy blue suit, white dress shirt and no tie. He was cute with his nicely styled hair and he looked at me and said, “Do I know you? You look very familiar.”

“I don’t think so but I do get that a lot”, I said. And he looked puzzled for a moment as if trying to figure out where he had seen me before. He collected his drink, paid and walked away without another word. I thought, “Damn, he was cute!” But wasn't about to look desperate, not with the night being this young so I took another sip on my drink.

A few minutes later, he came back and said, “Marriott? 7th Floor? About an hour or so ago?” And I laughed, it was the young businessman who walked past me in the hallway. “Yeah, that is me”, I said. He said, “I smelled your perfume as you walked by and it was very nice, I turned and hoped you would turn around so I could say ‘Hi’ but you kept walking.” “Oh, I could feel your eyes on my ass and didn’t want to come off too easy!” I said. He laughed at this and replied, “Well, when you didn’t turn around, I felt obligated to look at something and your ass was the next best thing to your pretty face.” I blushed a little at that comment and he said, “Mind if I join you?” And I replied, “Sure, by the way, I’m Amy.” He extended his hand and said, “Nice to meet you Amy, I’m Scott.” I lightly took his and and shook it. I replied, “Nice to meet you too!”

As there wasn’t yet a seat for him to join me at the bar, he stood behind me and I turned my seat to face him. We chatted about what brought us to town: He was there to give a presentation on a product he sold to a nearby chemical company and I was there to give a presentation to the NY State Engineering Department on a product I sold. We talked about our products and companies and the trials and tribulations of being a road warrior. The topic got personal and he asked if I was married, no, and neither was he. I asked if he was dating anyone serious, no, and neither was I. And we enjoyed each other’s company that when a seat did open up, he sat down and we ordered appetizers.

While enjoying some oysters and another cocktail, I admired his looks. He was very handsome and well put together in his suit. I could tell he was into me as he checked me out as I walked to the restroom and was fixated on me when I returned as if I was the only one in the restaurant. A few cocktails later, he leaned in an whispered, “You are the hottest one in this restaurant” while his hand felt my leg. I turned and looked at him and our eyes locked. We both leaned into a soft kiss and I could feel his tongue try to pry into my pursed lips. I pulled back slightly and whispered, “That was nice.”

We continued to talk and the restaurant was moving past its prime eating hours and was beginning to empty out. Scott asked if I wanted to head to this local English Pub for a nightcap and I begrudgingly accepted after saying

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Written by shyguy654
Cargado February 11, 2021
Notes A surprise awaits Scott at the end of his evening with Amy.
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