The Best Sex I Ever Had Was Anal Sex

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I’d had anal sex before. I enjoyed it, if it was done right. But I never expected it to be the best sex I ever had.

My revelation happened a couple of months into our relationship. Joe and I had been to an all-day dance festival in London, on a perfect afternoon and evening in midsummer. We’d danced together for hours in the heat to the throbbing, transcendental music. We went prepared, obviously, with a couple of bags of MDMA hidden in our shoes.

If you’ve never taken it, picture your most euphoric, blissful, spiritual experience, then multiply it by ten. We had a glorious time, we touched constantly, we kissed over and over, we reached a state of permanent, roiling horniness.

My place was nearest. By the time we got to my door, we were frantic with need for each other. We couldn’t stop kissing though and it took me ages to find my key, to get it in the door.

We tore each other’s clothes off as we kissed our way to my bed. We fell onto it together, a tangle of limbs and lips and laughter.

Joe’s fingers were in me the moment he tore my knickers off. I was so wet it was all over my thighs. His cock was in my hand, I pumped it uncontrollably, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

The room swam around us, colours blurred, sensations were so much more intense than they were in the real world. Maybe that’s why I felt so uninhibited? We were at that stage still in our relationship where you’re fucking all the time, you’re falling in love, but there’s still a reservation. You’re still holding something back. Not that night though, I was a wild woman.

I remember wanting Joe’s cock in my mouth desperately. I needed to taste him, to explore him with my lips and tongue, to get as close to it as I could. I rolled Joe onto his back and fell on him. I got his dick in my face, I kissed and licked and sucked him madly, I groaned and rubbed myself onto Joe's leg, I must have put on a hell of a show.

Joe groaned so loud, he trembled as I sucked him deeper, as I bobbed my head quickly back and forth. I didn’t stop for a heartbeat as Joe sat up and took hold of me, I couldn't, I was possessed. Joe picked me right up and turned me around so I was lying on my other side, his prick stayed in my mouth the whole time. Joe fell down and pressed his face between my thighs and licked me as I sucked him.

Everything became more concentrated, stronger, more vivid as my pleasure grew. Heat and tension filled me as Joe lapped at my clit with his soft, probing tongue, as I sucked him harder and faster. Joe slid his fingers into me as his tongue danced over my clit, I came quickly, I came a second time almost right away, one orgasm blurring into the next.

Then suddenly I was on my back, Joe kneeling up between my legs, his grinning face over me, wet from my cunt. His rigid cock was in one hand, we looked at each other as he pumped it slowly. I don’t think I’d ever been so desperate to have it in me. Joe had an idea first though. A genius idea.

My desperation grew as Joe got off the bed and bent over the table next to it. He looked so gorgeous like that, he shimmered, his naked body rippled with muscle, I swear he was vibrating with health and vitality as I watched him.

I couldn’t understand why Joe wasn’t fucking me already, but then he turned around. He had my vibrator in one hand, the tube of lube I kept next to it in the other. Joe tossed them to me as he jumped back up onto the bed. “Play with yourself as we fuck baby.”

What a gentleman. I lay back and spread my legs for Joe, he got between my thighs, he drove his heavenly prick into me. Heat radiated out from my pussy as Joe slid deep, as he stretched and filled me. The heat rolled through me as Joe kissed and fucked me, I felt every nerve in my body coming to life with it.

I was so overcome, Joe had to press the vibrator back into my hands, I’d forgotten all about it. I turned it over and twisted the base to set it buzzing. It felt so much more powerful than usual.

Joe fucked me briskly, at a pace that made my head swim, that made me pant and moan and shudder. I ran the vibrator over my body, over my chest and arms and legs, it sent shivers of pleasure through me until my whole body was tingling and quivering. I came the second I put the vibrator between my legs and against my clit. I came so hard Joe laughed in surprise and delight as he screwed me.

Joe urged me to keep using the vibrator as we fucked. I felt so ridiculously sensitive down there after that climax, but he practically forced me to keep it pressed to my pussy as he thrust into me. Joe kept me coming and coming, over and over. I had to fight to keep control of my breathing.

We fucked in so many positions, me under him, on all fours, me on top, facing towards him, facing away, any variation we could think of. I lost track of time, of where we were, there was just Joe and me, his dick inside my body, and that buzzing toy between my thighs.

At one point I was on all fours again, Joe fucking me from behind, and I realised he’d pushed a finger up my bum. Maybe his thumb. He was wriggling it around back there and it felt even better than it usually did. I loved the sensation of being filled in both places at once, and I knew how rich with nerves I was there, but that night it was so good it made me groan loud and shudder all over. It made me come even harder.

Joe moved his thumb inside me in circles, pressing against the muscle of my sphincter, massaging me, opening me up. He fucked me deeper with it, he moved it fast, in time with his cock. I knew what was coming next and I wanted it. Badly.

I dropped my chest and arched my back to raise and spread my arse for Joe, to offer it to him.

Joe’s cock slid all the way out of my cunt. I looked over my shoulder and watched as he rubbed lube all over his rock-hard dick.

He came into me so easily. I felt the head of Joe’s dick stretching me open, but there wasn’t the hint of pain, just the clear sensati

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Cargado February 12, 2021
Notes It wasn't Jenny's first time. She'd enjoyed anal sex before. But she'd never imagined it could be that good.
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