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I arrived at the pub in Carlton at five minutes before twelve. Inside it was already teeming with students talking excitedly. I slung my backpack down from my shoulder into my right hand as I twisted sideways to fit through the door of the establishment.

I recognised quite a few people from the line for tickets the other morning. I had arrived at 6am for a ticket sales event that started at 9am because I had been told that if I got there on time I would miss out because the line would already be too long. The camp had a limit - only fifty guys and fifty girls could go so I'd been eager to secure a spot. Unfortunately for me it turned out that I could've gotten there at 8:30 and still gotten a ticket. The early wake up being all for nothing still bloody irritated me.

I found George, the only guy I knew going. I'd gone to high school with him but didn't know very well. He was talking to some other guys I'd met in the line for tickets, a doughy guy with curly black hair and a couple of guys who were international students. We ordered parmas and chips and pints and played pool.

When the food arrived, the leaders of the camp, various second and third year students spoke. They all wore light pink shirts indicating they were on the Business Students Society's (BSS) Committee, who were organising the camp for us.

They outlined some vague expectations and some rules for us, and told us two buses would be taking us to the mystery destination where the camp would be held. People in the ticket line I'd talked to had speculated we were going to a beach, another girl said she heard it would be on a mountain range. I doubted it would be the latter, because one hundred students drinking on a mountain sounded like a good recipe for a hundred broken arms and legs.

After they finished talking we were off putting our bags on the buses that pulled up outside the pub. We got on board and I sat next to one of the international students. His name was Chai and he was from Burma. We chatted for a little while as we stopped passing skyscrapers and started passing the little brick houses of the inner suburbs. He was doing actuarial studies, which made him useful. If I made friends with him he would help me with the maths in some of my more mathematical subjects in the semester. Plus I could already tell he was a nice guy in for a rude awakening when we got to camp and he was exposed to the wonders of Australian drinking culture.

When we were driving past fields of wheat and cows and sheep, the leader of the organisers, a guy named Kuruc, who everyone called Kush, announced we were doing speed-dating. Everyone who was sitting in the aisle seat of the bus got up and began exchanging places. I was sitting in the window seat, so Myo had to go.

In his place arrived a girl with chestnut hair and pale skin wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt. She introduced herself as Katie. She seemed nice and had already decided she would major in economics and finance despite not having to choose until after first year. I told her I didn't know what I would do, probably economics, I offered. Then Kush shouted over his loudspeaker that five minutes was up and it was time to switch.

Next came a blonde who I vaguely recognised. Then I realised that I'd gone to high school with her, too. Except I hadn't spoken a word to her in the whole six years she had been at my school, making our conversation fairly awkward. She was studying Arts and had come on Business Camp because she hadn't been able to get a ticket to Arts Camp.

For the next thirty minutes six more girls came, replacing each other every five minutes upon the announcement on the speaker. It was pretty difficult to get past superficial conversation in such a short timeframe. I must've said my degree and major and what subjects I'd picked in the first semester at least ten times. The only time I was saved was when one girl went on about her precious doggo for the whole five minutes. I hated dogs, so I kept quiet.

The last girl was a blonde and she was absurdly good-looking. Her name was Chloe and I was smitten immediate. She made me genuinely laugh several times, and I tried to avoid blatantly checking her out. I remembered being in a big group conversation with her in it in the line. I hadn't said anything, and didn't mention it because I thought she probably wouldn't remember me. We even got an extra few minutes to chat as the bus pulled into the place we would be staying and Kush announced speed-dating was over.

I looked out the window and saw we had arrived at a collection of drab buildings on a campground. There was a big main hall behind the clearing which our buses had stopped. All around it were little cabins numbered one to twelve. It was Campaspe Downs. Fucking Campaspe Downs, where I went on a school camp in primary school. So much for the beach.

As we got out of the bus, however, she bumped into her friends and I had to leave to find my bag, which was in the other bus. Now was a crucial time, where we would pick our cabin, which I knew was a a social sorting event. I looked around and everything was chaos. People seemed to be grabbing their bags and claiming cabins with warp speed. Not wanting to be faced with the ignominy of being forced into my cabin selection, I hurried over to a cabin with a big number two on the door. Inside I found myself with George and the international students I'd befriended in the line. Maxwell, the friendly guy with the American accent who I also met in the ticket line, suddenly walked in. He noticed the make-up of the room. Me, George and the quiet Asians.

"Thanks guys, but I gotta go," he said, before picking up his bag. He left the cabin with a flourish, presumably to find another cabin with cooler occupants.

Once everyone had put their bags down and claimed a bed - I took a top bunk - we went back out to the clearing in front of the main hall, where there were two wooden tables in front of the lake. A l

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