Shut Up and Fuck Me

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Stop talking and fuck me.

I’m already wet and willing. You don’t need to tell me how beautiful I am, or how much you love me. Just fuck me.

Kissing is good, but not for long, I’m too desperate. Pull my top off and rub and suck my tits. Push me down onto the bed and tear my jeans and knickers down, and be quick about it. I don’t care how rough you are. Be rougher.

Smack my arse. Pinch my nipples. Stuff your fingers into my cunt. See how wet and ready I am. It feels good, but don’t make me wait too long for your cock.

Take your prick out and show it to me. Let me see how thick and long and hard it is. Let me kiss and lick and taste it.

Take control. I’m yours to do with whatever, just as long as you fuck me good. Push your cock deep between my lips, make me cough and splutter, then pull it out and roll me over onto my front before I know what's happening. Lift my hips up so I'm on my knees. Push my shoulders down and press my face into the bed covers.

Spit on your cock, then slide it into me. Don’t tease, don’t go slow, I’m so close now I won’t be able to take any teasing. Shove it in, stretch me, push it deep, fill me completely, make me gasp and groan and quiver.

Grab hold of my hips and fuck me. Don’t show me any mercy, do it hard and fast and frantic. Pull out almost all the way then slam back into me, over and over. Tell me how wet and hot and tight I am. Tell me how good I feel.

Go faster and deeper with each thrust. Pull me back onto you as you impale me. Squeeze my arse, smack it hard, make me yelp and shout. Spread me so you can see your cock in my cunt.

Go faster still, go harder. Slam into me so my whole body shakes. Make the bed slam into the wall. Make me pant and yell and screech. Make sure the neighbours know what’s happening.

Keep fucking me hard and deep, faster and faster until we’re both straining and shouting and dripping with sweat.

Use me. Don’t care about my pleasure, only yours, pound me like a whore, take what you want from me. Fuck me so hard I can’t catch my breath. Fuck me so hard I can’t think, make everything fall away, all the worry, the stress, the bullshit, just fuck me so hard all I can focus on is your cock and what you’re doing to me.

Spit on me. Spit so it runs down between my cheeks. Rub your thumb in it, rub my arsehole, then push it into it. Shove your thumb in all the way so I’m filled in both places. Twist and wriggle it inside my arse as you savage me with your cock.

Laugh at me as I rub my clit frantically. Tell me how desperate I look, how I’m squealing like a rutting pig. How much I must love having your thumb in my arse. I do. I don’t care. I'm a mess, I'm yours, I love it. You can laugh, you can do whatever you want to me as long as it feels this good. As long as you keep fucking me like that.

Keep going, don’t stop, I’m so close, I’m right there. The tension’s reached breaking point, and it's so intense I’m almost scared to come, but I don’t have a choice, not when you’re fucking me like this, and then it hits me.

Pleasure surges through my body. I fill with light and colour and heat, my nerves sing as one, my vision whites out, and I scream.

Keep fucking me, don’t stop. Make me come over and over, make me thrash and buck and shriek. Pound my cunt, keep me coming until I’m drained of energy, until I’m weak and trembling, until I feel like I’m going to pass out, but still don’t stop.

Go faster and harder, shout my name, tell me you're there. I want you to come deep inside my cunt, I want you to fill me, I’m yours. You try to pull out of me so you can come over my body, I need you in me. I press back onto you desperately, I manage to keep your prick inside my cunt, then you get it.

You drive into me; you force me forwards. I collapse onto the bed on my front; you’re on top of me now, thrusting into me frantically. I can’t breathe, I’ve got a hand on my pussy though, then you bellow above me as you climax. You judder and thrust, you jerk inside me, you fill me with hot come. My head swims with pleasure, I come again as I rub my clit, so hard my mind fragments and there’s nothing but pleasure.

We roll onto our sides and we pant together. We laugh and you kiss the back of my neck. You're still inside me.

Written by darkcherrycollective
Cargado February 15, 2021
Notes No teasing, just give it to me. Fuck me hard, make me scream.
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