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Kara and I were coworkers and had been with he same company for about the same time, just under 8 years. She was super bright and we collaborated on may projects together and we became very good friends. Her boyfriend and my girlfriend would often meet up for dinner and drinks and we were all pretty close. We were successful young professionals and were in general above average in the looks department.

One evening, Kara and I finished work and we went to the local bar and waited for our SO’s to come and meet us for dinner. The television had some daily talk show on and the topic was swinging, where couples swapped partners. Kara and I laughed at the topic and some of the responses and then she asked, “Have you guys ever thought about swinging?” And i said, “We talked about it once or twice but nothing ever really came out of it.” “Why not?”, Kara asked. I said, “I guess it just never presented itself to us and we didn’t really put much effort into finding any other couples that may be interested. Why? Have you?” Kara blushed a little and said her and Dave have also discussed, did do the homework and had a date lined up but they chickened out at the last minute and cancelled. She went on to say that they still talk about it from time to time.

I asked, “Well, would you mind if we brought this up at dinner tonight? Maybe we can find mutual ground here.” She said, “Sure, lets see what Dave and Sarah think of it.”

We sat for dinner and the topic was quickly brought up by Kara, who said, “Steve and I were having a drink before you arrived and there was a show on the tv that was talking about swinging. What do you think about the subject Sarah?” Sarah was a beautiful 5’8” brunette with a body that would attract any gender and she replied, “ Steve and I have talked about it but never did anything about it. I guess we couldn’t find the right couple.” Kara replied, “Well, if you are interested, I think Dave and I would be interested.” Dave nearly spit his drink out and quickly recovered with a “Uh, I think I would be down with that,” as he wiped his chin with his napkin. Laughing at Dave’s reaction, I said, “Well, when do you think we should do this, if we are going to do it?” Kara responded, “No better time than the present. Tonight work?” Sarah said, “Sure, tonight is perfect!”

We finished our dinner and paid the check. We jumped in an Uber and made our way to our place, a nice modern condo with a hot tub on the private roof deck. I made martini’s for the girls and Dave and I had Old Fashion’s. The girls ran to the bathroom to freshen up and Dave and I went up to the roof deck. It was a nice summer night and the city was just starting to cool off from the day’s heat and a gentle breeze was blowing. Kara and Sarah came up in their panties and bra’s and Sarah said, “I thought you guys would be in the hot tub already.” And I replied, “Not yet, we were waiting for you.”

Both ladies looked amazing. Sarah who runs triathlons has a very fit and toned body. Her panty sets are always matching and todays was a pink lace and satin cheeky panty set with a satin bra that shapely defined her c cup tits. She has an amazing tan with minimal tan lines thanks to the privacy fence that surrounded our roof deck and allowed her to sunbath naked.

Kara also had an amazing body, her frame was slightly smaller at 5’3” but she definitely worked out to keep it fit. Her panties were white boy short satin and her red satin bra was holding back a cup breasts. Her tan lines were a bit more prominent.

Kara walked over to me and Sarah walked over to Dave and Kara said, she “I think you are both overdressed for the occasion.” Both began to undress us. Kara quickly pulling my polo shirt off and lowering my khakis. Sarah did the same and soon enough, Dave and I were in our briefs. We jumped into the hot tub.

I sat next to Kara, Sarah next to Dave and we chatted for a bit on how nice the night was and how the hot tub was so relaxing. I asked, “So, are there any rules to this or do we just go with the flow?” Sarah responded, “Well, I think going with he flow is the right way but we should respect our choices and no means no.” Dave chimed in, “Of course I think we know each other pretty well where we don’t have to worry too much about hurting anybody.”

Sarah leaned over and kissed Dave. Kara leaned into me and we kissed. Our making out in front of our SO’s was intense. Especially watching them go at it as well. I pulled Kara closer to me and she straddled me, kissing my and rubbing my head. My tongue and hers meeting and wrapping around each other like a taffy machine. I rubbed her back and went down to squeeze her ass. The wet satin pushing into her ass crack, the moment was intense and we were both moaning in pleasure.

“Can we go to your bedroom?” Kara asked. And I stood up in the hot tub, Kara’s legs firmly wrapped around my torso. And carefully got out of the hot tub. I didn’t notice that Dave and Sarah had already retreated inside and said, “Houston, we may have a problem if Dave and Sarah are in our bed,” and Kara said, “Let’s go there anyway.”

I carried her around my waist until we got to the bedroom and Dave and Sarah were there. Dave’s head in between Sarah’s legs eating her sweet pussy out. Sarah pinching her nipples with one free hand while pushing Dave’s head into her wet pussy. I put Kara down and undressed her, her wet panties and bra smacked against the hardwood floor. She pulled my briefs down and my cock sprang to attention. She held her fingers to her lips and said, “Shhh.” With that, she walked over to Sarah and began kissing her while standing by the side of the bed. Sarah was confused for a moment but gladly accepted Kara’s wet kiss while Dave ate her out. I walked over behind Kara, licked my fingers and gently rubbed her vulva. I kneeled down and began munching on her clam, licking and lapping and sucking on her clit. I pulle

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Notes A swinging good time awaits these couples!
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