Mark's Near Miss

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"Greta lay stretched out on a bed with straps extending from each corner to hold her arms and legs in a spread eagle position. Nipple clamps hung from Greta’s firm breasts and a large dildo was sunk so deep in her labia that only the flared base was visible. Her hair was in two girlish plaits but her fringe was damp with sweat, in fact her whole body was sheened with perspiration. Barb drew close and tugged on the chain between the nipple clamps; Greta’s head thrashed from side to side, a bestial moan wrenched from her lips."

Mark lay back on the sofa, an erotic novel spread open in his lap so that he had one free hand to encompass his stiff cock, gently pumping it up and down. He luxuriated in the sensation of his foreskin slipping and stretching from frenulum to base. Reading the erotic story enhanced his arousal.

He could visualise Greta bound and helpless, and was enjoying every moment of her sexual torment. He wished he could persuade his wife to let him try using nipple clamps on her. He wondered, if he bought a dildo, would his wife entertain the idea of him using it on her? She would look so beautiful with her thighs spread and a silicone dildo sliding in and out of her, perhaps one that shaped like a tentacle or something other-worldy. God yeah, that would be so fucking sexy!

He let his head drop back. His thumb and forefinger circled his helmet, the pad of his thumb smearing the slippery clear substance over the humming nerve endings in his cock’s smooth dome. He felt the pressure building within his core, his thighs and torso tightened and Mark felt a tingling throughout his groin which always signalled the onset of his climax.

Suddenly he heard a creak, the unmistakable tread, a heavy footfall on the stairs. Mark leaped to his feet, hastening to tuck his straining cock back into his tracksuit bottoms. The book spilled out of his lap and onto the floor. Shit! He needed to hide that too, he knew full well his wife’s feelings about him reading porn (don’t, never ever, it’s disgusting!)

Where could he hide it? He scuttled into the kitchen and surveyed the array of doors in a panic. She was coming down to make breakfast for the children, he couldn’t think of a single cupboard she might not open.

Hearing the third step from the bottom creak, he made a snap decision. With an upward flick he boosted the paperback book in the air. It landed with a soft thud on top of the wall mounted cupboards. The book was out of sight and out of reach, and just in time. The kitchen door swung open, revealing his pyjama-clad wife in the doorway.

“What are you doing up so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep, thought I’d come downstairs to make myself a cup of tea, rather than disturb you.”

Luckily Mark had done this, the still-warm kettle and a mug with tea dregs was evidence of his spin on the truth.

“Let me get their lunches ready, then I need to grab a shower.”

He smiled at his wife, who still looked bemused. Mark busied himself making sandwiches and snacks while his erection subsided. He congratulated himself on how his quick thinking had resulted in a near miss. He and his secret had survived to live another day.

He foresaw a slight problem however, the book was likely to be discovered when it was time for the kitchen to be re-modelled or re-decorated. Mark supposed, when that problem arose, he'd better take the role of the alpha-male and offer to do it solo.

Written by Posy Churchgate
Cargado February 16, 2021
Notes Mark's imagination is sparked by the sexy behaviour of the 2 women he's reading about in his erotic book . He uses his trusty right hand, being fast and furtive - whatever next?
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