Bed bath with three sexy nurses

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Thank God, for health travel insurance. I lie in a semi-reclined position above my pristine white sheets with both my legs in casts. All I have on is a backward fastening hospital gown and a blanket has been strewn across my lap to protect my dignity.

I look up to my two-grand motorbike leathers hanging limply on a hook, cut clear down the middle, the legs also sliced in two, a necessity according to the doctor who’d spoken to me in broken English—a necessity to save my legs from amputation.

I thump the bed in frustration, all I want to do is get back home to my wife and tell her I’m sorry for being such a selfish prick. After this life-changing experience, I am now finally ready to give up chasing my youth and start a family.

Just as soon as I get out of this damn place. I’ve got just a week to go before they discharge me.

My mobile phone was smashed in my bike crash so all I have for entertainment is the TV. But it’s useless, all channels are in Polish, and like the typical English man I am, I don’t speak a word of another language—well other than the odd French or German word.

Bored, I look through the side window that separates my private room to the corridor that runs the length of the ward and I begin to watch the endless streams of people that pass by. Green with envy I watch the patients allowed to walk the corridor. I watch their visitors. But most of all I watch the sexy nurses.

There are three I’ve spotted who are having a very positive effect in the amount of blood flowing periodically into my cock. The blanket on my lap gets raised every time they pass.

There’s a petite blonde with huge runaway tits, a tall brunette with small a pert butt and a dragon tattoo that pokes out of the bottom of her sleeve, but my ultimate favourite nurse is a red-head whose hair colour is one-hundred percent artificial. She has nice pointy features and a dirty fuck me anywhere smile.

The pain relief medication I took earlier is just starting to kick in and I feel my eyelids beginning to droop. I put my hand under the blanket and dream about bending all three of them over my hospital bed and going from one to the other fucking them ten times each before I move along the line.

The medically induced daydreams last for three days, and each time I drift off, I play out a new scenario of fucking all three nurses.

On the fourth day I’m so bored I’m up to wanking myself off every spare chance I get, which is pretty difficult considering the blinds on the windows to the corridor are wide open and everyone who walks the corridor can look in at me at any time. Thank God I have this blanket over my lap.

I’m on my third wank of the day and coming close to spilling my load again when the door suddenly swings open. It’s like a dream come true. All three of my favourite nurses walk into my room, lock the door and close the blinds.
“It’s time for your bed bath Mr. Wilkes!”

My grin is wide and lewd but I can’t keep it off my face. “Bed bath?”

“Yes, we’ve noticed how much cum is on your blanket each time we change it and it’s our job to make sure our patient is taken care of…the right way!”

The blonde nurse whips away the blanket, exposing my already stiff cock gripped firmly in my hand.

“Oh, look what we have here ladies. This poor patient requires our assistance. We need to help him please himself.” She unbuttons her uniform and her braless tits spill out, areolas as large as the palm of my hand with nipples as red and as large as cherries topping them. My eyes bug out. “How about we wrap your cock in here and keep it warm?”

She takes a step towards me and opens her enormous breasts, cocooning my cock inside them, then she begins to slowly tit wank me.

“Oh my fucking God!”

The tall slim nurse with the dragon tattoo also begins to unbutton her uniform. She’s wearing a matching red lacy underwear set and I can see a thin line of black pubic hair waxed Brazillian style. She remains silent as she hooks her fingers inside her knickers and slides them down her long slim legs. Then without a word, she lifts my hand, turns it over palm up, spreads her legs, and guides my fingers inside her.

Her cunt is sopping wet and my fingers slide in and out of her tight little hole with ease.

The red-head holds my hand and pushes my fingers deeper into her colleague’s juicy wet cunt.

“That’s it! Mina loves it deep.”

I moan in prolonged ecstasy. Every time my balls tighten ready to shoot my load the blonde nurse stops.

The red-head releases my hand and brings a chair over to the bed, then she carefully steps onto it and then climbs up onto my bed, a foot on either side of my chest.

She looks down at me with a smirk and runs her tongue across the top of her lip and then along the bottom.

“My turn.”

She hoists up her uniform and I groan when I see she’s wearing black stockings, a black suspender belt, a black garter and no knickers.

Her cunt is completely hairless and I see her pussy is already creamed up ready for action. She pulls open her outer lips and slides in a finger. When she pulls it out, her cunt juices trickle down her finger. She lifts it to her nose and inhales. I watch astonished as her eyes roll back in her head before they focus on me again.

“You make us so fucking hot Mr. Wilkes with your marathon wanking sessions. Every day we fight over who’s going to fetch your sheets and…blanket. Your jizz is the best tasting cum we’ve had in here all month.”

My mouth drops open as the realisation of what she is saying sinks in.
Without a second's hesitation, she lifts a foot onto the back of the headboard and thrusts her sopping cunt into my face. I smell her arousal before I pierce her with my tongue and I swear her cunt belongs to Venus herself.

I lap at her pussy lips, lick her from perineum to clitoris, sucking on her hidden bud. My thumb finds the brunette’s clitoris bud too and I flick backward and forward over it wi

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Written by Candy Croc
Cargado February 18, 2021
Notes Ravished by three nurses while I'm recovering in hospital…
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