Billionaire 43 Chapter One (Book 2, Streaming Lovers Series)

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Chapter One

Sophia Richland stared at the kinky toy her best friend, Angie Winslow, fondled. I’m not touching that.
“This one feels real, don’t you think?” Angie asked.
“Oh, yeah,” Sophia said. “Look at those veins popping out and the size…A whole three inches like Kellen.”
Angie burst out laughing. “He showed you his lack of goods again, huh?” she asked.
The humor Angie found in Kellen’s need for constant validation of his manhood was lost on Sophia, but it was good to see her laugh. She’d been having a rough pregnancy. She and her husband Zane had been traveling all over the world with their kids to see if they could find something to help her gain weight instead of lose it.
“Yeah. It’s getting on my nerves,” Sophia replied.
Angie frowned. “It’s part of your job.”
“I know.” Sophia released a half-sigh, half-groan. “I told him he’d never get hired at the club, but he keeps trying every penis enhancer under the sun—powder, gel, vitamin and toy—except surgery and nothing works for him. Thankfully, we don’t take surgically enhanced dancers. And it’s not a hookup club. The guys do not go home with patrons or other employees.” Sophia repeated those same words a billion times over the five years she’d been working as the director of operations for the strip-club division of Jacob Bell Enterprises.
Angie rolled her eyes and put the dildo back on the shelf. She slid her hand over her undersized belly bump and sighed. “What size are you looking for?”
The warehouse she’d dragged Angie to on the search for the next hottest sex toy didn’t seem to be working out. One last errand and Sophia was done. No more working for the boss she had been in love with for far too long. One more sex-toy decision and she never again had to worry about her choice losing the company money. “I don’t know, but not Kellen sized. You’re my expert.”
The disappointment on Angie’s face didn’t help the situation.
“Angie, I measure and inspect dicks multiple times a day, three to five days a week. If anyone in the company knew I was a virgin, I’d have been out of a job in less than a heartbeat years ago. The last toy I picked out by myself didn’t sell. We lost money. How was I supposed to know a fifteen-inch dick was too big?”
Another eye roll from Angie with the accompanying huff and slouch seemed a little much, even for her. “How many real fifteen-inch dicks have you ever touched?”
“There you go.” Angie shook her head and seemed to struggle a little as they walked to the next aisle. “Get a size that matches or comes close to the measurements of the guys who bring the biggest crowds.”
“That would have been nice information to have before now.” Sophia picked up a toy with a clit stimulator. It was a little bigger than Kellen, but not—
“Not that one.” Angie handed her a suction-cup cock and anal stimulator. “This one.” She picked up an extra one from the shelf.
“You’re buying one?” Not with your hot husband ready at all times. He wouldn’t go for that, would he? “Do couples really use these?” Do pregnant women use them? She grabbed a few of the toys Angie picked out for the club.
“I am, and yes, couples do. Girl, you’ve got a lot to learn. I don’t know how on earth you haven’t been found out yet.” Angie took Sophia’s arm and leaned against her as they walked like little old ladies toward the warehouse saleswoman.
The brunette smiled as she held her tablet for orders. “I see you’ve decided on trying samples first?”
“We’re trying samples,” Angie said. “But Ms. Richland from Jacob Bell Enterprises is putting in a large order today.”
“Thanks for referring your friend, Mrs. Winslow.” The woman took each of the boxes Sophia held and scanned them. “This is a great choice for the club, Ms. Richland,” the brunette said.
How do you know Angie? It was me who brought her, not the other way around. Sophia looked at the woman with the tablet. Do you know I bought fifteen-inch dildos? Were you eavesdropping on us? Did you hear me talking about being a virgin? She stood up as straight as she could to act confident and experienced in sex, even though she was neither at the moment. “I feel confident about today’s choice in pleasure toy.” Sophia negotiated the price as quickly as she could and left the warehouse with Angie.
As Sophia drove out of the parking lot and onto the barren desert road, nerves got the best of her. “I screwed up with that last order. I was able to return most of the products, but I’d made a huge judgement error. Jacob should have fired me.” I can’t do this job anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore. Why can’t Jacob just fire me?
“How much did you lose, really?”
“Does it matter? I lost the company money,” Sophia said.
“Hundreds of thousands?”
“One thousand.” Sophia’s gut twisted. “I don’t lose money on merchandise. Every time I think about it, I want to throw up.”
“Girl, chill. You have nothing to worry about. I bet Jacob didn’t bat an eye on that one. Not with the way you negotiate. You’re scary when you get to talking numbers.”
Jacob not only didn’t bat an eye, he didn’t even look at me when I handed him the report. The other toys still made up for the loss and some, but it was a loss and Jacob didn’t forgive the smallest of bad investments. The hammer would fall at some point, and she didn’t want to be the one hit.
“I’m handing Jacob my resignation letter today. I’m done. I can’t lie to him anymore. I can’t pull you away from your life to pick out sex toys for the club. I’m not qualified for this, and I’m never going to meet a man who wants a twenty-eight-year-old virgin and lots of babies.”
“Quit the job, but tell Jacob you love him. Don’t walk out of his office without clearly stating your feelings for him. I’ve told you this a thousand times, but I’m saying it again—I think he’s crazy about you.”
“If he were even slightly interested in me, he’d have done something about it by now. He takes what he wants, and he doesn’t want me.” She glanced at Angie. You have the per

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Written by Anna Lores
Cargado February 18, 2021
Notes Sophia has loved her boss for years with nothing to show for it. She’s fed up working for him, and decides to quit to open her own business. But when she goes on a streaming match-making show to have sex and make a baby with a billionaire, she doesn't expect it to be...him.
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