The Maglev

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It was still a longer journey by train from Chicago to San Francisco. Overall it took just over 6 hours on the new Maglev train. The train wasn’t really new technology. The Japanese had them running commercially for a few years now, but this was one of the first in the US and Alex smiled to himself. He had to admit he was a little excited by the prospect of riding in his own first-class cabin in a train the didn’t even touch the ground.

Alex wore his normal 3 piece worsted wool suit. Unlike other tech billionaires he didn’t feel the need to dress like a college student on a budget. His crisp white Jermyn Street shirt was more comfortable than any t-shirt. His Savile Row tailor travelled to him now, not the other way around. Privileges of wealth. He preferred to dress and buy things conservatively. No flashy sports cars or huge houses. Half of his main house in Naperville was underground giving the impression that it was much smaller than it actually was. He nicknamed it “The Tardis” as an inside joke. He was still a little geeky after all.

The driver pulled up to the first-class entrance for the train. A hostess greeted him as he stepped out of the car. Porters were already offloading his luggage from the back and putting it onto, what looked like, hotel trollies. She was immaculately dressed and groomed as the air hostesses were on the best airlines. “Good Afternoon Mr. Trenchard. I’m Maria and I’ll be looking after your boarding process. I have your boarding pass here and I can show you to your cabin.” She smiled with just a hint of flirtation. “Excellent! Lead on.” He admired her tight uniform skirt from behind and imagined that she must work out a bit.

As they walked through the buildings onto the platform, she continued to give him a run down. “The first-class dining car is open for the entire journey and our chefs will prepare almost anything you require. We also have an outstanding wine list for you to choose from.” She turned and smiled with obvious pride and again with a little twinkle in her eye. Alex allowed himself to feel slightly flattered, but quickly reminded himself that he was a low-key celebrity, so it was almost natural that some women flirted harmlessly with him. The cabin was a suite and as such it was basically two separate rooms. The bedroom area and the lounge area. Maria looked at him again with a slight smile. “Your assistant has already arrived, so she can fill you in on the details”.

For a moment Alex couldn’t understand what she was saying. Firstly his PA was a man, not a woman. He did have an assistant in the Chicago office, but she wouldn’t travel with him. She was based in Chicago. Curious now, he decided not to say anything to the delectable Maria.

“If you need anything,” she was still talking, he’d missed a bit. “just dial 55 on the internal phone.” He saw the twinkle again, but now he thought he knew why. A shared secret like a wink. She opened the door for him, and the porters followed him in with his luggage and placed the cases onto the dedicated racks.

In the lounge sat a vision of loveliness. Long dark hair framed her classical features and a slim long neck drew his gaze down to her blouse showing a hint of cleavage. Her skin was creamy white, and a dark skirt covered a firm pair of toned legs.

“Um, hello?” he ventured, “and who might you be?”.
“Hello Alex, I’m Anne”, she said with a slight smile. Alex was taken aback by her direct confidence. He wasn’t going to ask her what she was doing in his suite. The confidence in her answer told him she knew she was in the right place.
“You look a little confused.” She smiled at him.
“Well it isn’t every day you find a beautiful woman in your suite, so yes, I am a little perplexed.” He had regained some composure.
“Would it be better if I left?” She already knew the answer.
“No, of course not.” He felt a tightening in his stomach muscles. “Stay, please. As my guest”.

He still had no idea who she was and where she had come from, but he wasn’t going to pretend that she wasn’t a very welcome distraction. His security guys at the office would be frantic if they knew. He’d probably have to tell Geoff Talbot, his head of security, and probably endure a lecture from the grizzled ex-Royal Marine on operational security.

They ordered room service for two. She ordered the sole meuniere and a Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru. Alex chose a Wagyu steak with a more conservatively priced St- Emilion Bordeaux. The food, as promised, was exquisite. Alex was surprised at how comfortable he felt in the company of a strange attractive woman, but he was completely at ease. The conversation they had was not what he would have expected from a young woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She was remarkably well informed and seemed to know an almost uncanny amount about bleeding edge technology.

He found himself gazing into hazel colored eyes which seemed to pull him in with some hypnotic magnetism. There was a pause in their conversation as he poured the remains of the white wine into her glass. Alex picked up the phone and asked Maria to bring another bottle and two fresh glasses.

“I’m going to powder my nose,” Anne said standing “be back in a second to continue our discussion.” Her timing was perfect again as the train must have hit a blank spot on the rail and bucked slightly. It was enough to make her fall against Alex and he reached out to help her. The next moment he could smell her subtle fragrance and her mouth was inches from hers. His pulse quickened and in what seemed like a completely natural move, he leaned forward and kissed her. She responded by opening her mouth slightly and squeezing his bottom lip between hers.

He gently held her face as their combined hunger grew. There was no awkwardness as the moves seemed to have been choreographed and practiced by them many times. She felt the familiar wetness grow as he pressed his swollen pants against her.

“You’re goin

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