My Surprising First Time with Anal Sex

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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d do that kind of sex. But then Luke has a habit of pushing me past my boundaries. Especially when he makes it feel so good. So naughty.

It happened at a visit to my parents. Luke and I had only been going out for a couple of months, but he’d been with me to see them before. And he was always patient and polite, but I knew how boring he found it. My parents are staid and dull and meek, like I used to be. Until I met Luke.

Emily my sister was there with her family on that occasion too, so at least Luke and I didn’t have to bear the full brunt of my parents’ tediousness. The afternoon dragged on though, and I slipped away at one point as much to pee as to do something different. I was just coming out of the downstairs toilet, when Luke pounced.

Luke ran at me from out of nowhere. He shoved me back into the toilet before I knew what had hit me. I squealed in shock but Luke put his hand over my mouth to silence me. He kicked the door shut behind us.

My heart raced in surprised panic, I was still reeling and confused when Luke released me, still struggling to understand what was happening. Luke turned to lock the door. I stepped back from him and found my voice. “Jesus fucking Christ Luke, what the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t take it anymore,” Luke said as he span to face me. “I’m this close to dying of boredom.” He held his thumb and forefinger out, an inch of space between them. “I need some fun. Please.”

Luke stepped closer but I still didn’t understand what was happening, what he was saying. I tried to back away, but there was nowhere to go in the bathroom barely big enough for the two of us. Luke curled an arm behind my back, he grabbed hold of my blouse with the other, he pulled my body into his and kissed me.

I let him. I kissed Luke back, it all happened too fast for me to think, I did it on instinct. Our mouths came open, our tongues met. Luke’s hand fell down to my bum, he grasped it through the back of my skirt. His other hand closed around my breast through the front of my blouse.

The suddenness of Luke’s attack caught me off balance, my heart was still racing, but panic was becoming excitement with every touch. Luke sighed as he kissed me, I sighed back. I felt heat spreading from between my legs already. But we couldn’t, not here, in my parents' house. I pulled back and broke our kiss.

“We can’t. Not in here,” I whispered. “You know how much my parents will freak out if they find us in here. You know what they’re like. They’ll go mental.”

“We’ll be fast,” Luke said. “They’ll never know.” He pulled me too him again, he was rough with me. He kissed me with a hard press of his lips, he pressed his waist into mine, I felt the hard bulge of his cock against my body. The heat inside me burned hotter.

“We can’t,” I hissed again, but it came out so weak, my resistance already melting.

Luke kissed his way down my neck, he made me shiver. “I need this,” he growled in my ear. “I need you. See.” Luke took of my hand and pressed in onto the lump in the front of his jeans.

My hand moved with a mind of its own. I tried to close my fingers around Luke’s dick, I rubbed at it, a moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Just a little bit of fun, I told myself. Just for a few minutes. Then I’d stop Luke before anyone caught us. I promised myself that.

Luke kissed the sensitive spot just behind my ears, he pulled my skirt up and ran a hand up the inside of my thigh. I stepped my feet apart so he could get his hand properly between my legs and rub me through the front of my underwear. Fuck, I love being touched through my clothes like that, it reminds me of being a horny teenager, of those few times I was bad.

We kissed and touched; I got hotter. Luke pulled my knickers to one side to stroke my bare flesh and I could feel how wet I was already. I quivered as he traced his fingers over me, as he parted my lips gently. He wetted a fingertip as he stroked between, he traced it up to my clit. A bolt of pleasure surged through me as he made contact with me there.

Just a little more I told myself, as I tugged Luke’s jeans open. As I reached inside to find his thick, warm, hard dick, as I pulled it out so I could touch it properly, so I could see it. I tried not to moan again as Luke ran his finger quickly back and forth over my throbbing clit with the perfect pressure. I yanked at his cock with a little too much enthusiasm for a woman who was just about to stop what was happening.

It should have ended there. I should have stopped it. I knew it. But Luke had got my blood pumping, my juices flowing, he’d woken me from the deadening torpor of the afternoon. I should have put his cock away and brought an end to it, but Luke put his other hand between my thighs and slid a finger into me as he tickled my clit and that was all I could think about. That and the feel of his body against mine, his firm prick in my hand.

Luke pumped his finger in and out of my pussy with a quick pace, he curled it inside me to stroke my g-spot, and then I was totally lost. When he touched me in both places like that, I saw stars.

My legs went weak, I had to lean into Luke and cling to him with one hand to keep myself up. I had to shove the shoulder of his shirt into my mouth and bite on it to keep myself quiet. A part of me knew we had to stop, this was so stupid, and it was so hard not to make noise, but what Luke was doing felt so good and I was so insanely turned on and desperate for more.

Luke, the absolute bastard that he is, kept going, obviously. He moved his fingers faster, he pushed a second one into me, he fucked me in perfect time with his fingertip on my clit. He went faster and faster until I was trembling and fighting with myself not to moan out loud.

Tension spread through my body, I got hotter, more desperate, and Luke kept on and on. He was playing a dangerous game, he was going to make me come,

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Notes Natalie never imagined she'd do anything so bad, that she'd enjoy it so much. But then Luke had a habit of bringing out the best in her, and the worst.
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