Secret Shopper (An Angel Story)

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The small plug was too tiny. Her double-headed dildo had a bad habit of slipping out. Her large anal plug was too big to fit completely within her sex. So without explaining why, Angel had worked up the courage to ask to borrow the black cock dildo that Tom had bought when they went out toy shopping.

It was seven inches along and about two inches thick. Slightly bigger than average in Angel's experience, but it fit her pussy well. Playing with her large plug had spread her opening and keeping most of the seventeen inch slender double-headed dildo stuffed in her pussy had increased the roominess within her sex. In fact, Angel was a little concerned with how well the black phallus fit. But, with Tom watching and smiling, she had to admit that a good fit was exactly what she had been seeking. He had been particularly rigid and firm when his cock was stroking into her pussy later in the evening, and Angel couldn't deny the intoxicating pleasure of his happiness. So she had brought it home, hidden in her bag, and immediately stashed the dildo in her toy drawer underneath a few pairs of underwear.

It was on her mind the entire time while she was washing up and getting ready. Distracted, Angel had to fix her make-up twice after making minor mistakes. The sexy brunette had set out her clothes the night before, but changed her mind several times. She had no idea why the idea made her so nervous, but it did. Standing with her C cup breasts cradled in a sexy bra with lace layered over the cushioned fabric, Angel pressed her bare feet into the floor and focused her willpower to overcome her wave of anxiety. The dildo was four painfully slow steps away. She had a pair of boring cotton panties picked out as well as her snug denim jeans. The next step just required going through the motions to finish getting ready.

Murmuring to herself, Angel acted in slow motion. She had her panties up to mid-thigh before moistening the head of the black dildo with a little lube and pressing the firm glans into her labia. Her pussy didn't feel ready or even interested, but Angel kept going. The cock slowly fit into the cushioned opening of her sex, parting her thick labia, and then pressed deeper. Its smooth head didn't diminish the impact of the two inch girth as the dildo drove upward into her belly. Angel kept going; she was less worried about pleasure and increasingly anxious about finishing up.

The dildo easily slid into her pussy with the base pressed into her labia, and Angel pulled her white cotton panties into place. The shaft moved when Angel stepped into her jeans, but the heavy crotch inseam locked the base in place with a few tugs on her waistband. She adjusted the denim, making sure there were no unsightly puckers or bulges, and then Angel let out a deep sigh of relief. No one could tell. She checked in the mirror, moving carefully until she got used to the phallus rubbing into her lips, and her confidence soared. No matter how she turned or twisted, the seven inch cock stroking deep into her pussy was invisible.

Angel pulled on her favorite Dead Can Dance t-shirt and tucked everything in just the way she liked it. Her belt was held up by her hips and dipped low in the front. She grinned at the suggestive arrow pointing toward the invisible sex toy within her pussy. Angel was already learning how to move around the dildo to minimize the friction between the base and her opening. It came so naturally that she didn't even know that she was doing something different. Stepping into her clompy shoes, Angel noticed how bending made the cock flex within her. She tested standing with her legs apart and clenching down. The shaft was firm within her grip but couldn't be pushed out. With her anxiety diminished to an irrational echo, Angel grabbed her bag and left her apartment. She was feeling so good that she didn't even think to pack a towel and something to hide the phallus in if it had to be taken out.


His cock slammed into her pussy with enough force to make Angel groan, but her nails were clawing at his muscular buttocks and she wanted more. Tom split her thighs further apart so every stroke was guaranteed to press his pelvis into hers. Her firm ass met the front of his quads, and her whole body rocked with his thrusts. Angel tried to wrap her legs around Tom's waist, but as soon as her feet were off the bed, she began sliding across the mattress.

His hand cupped the top of her head, buffering her from the headboard, but Tom didn't slow down. His cock was twitching and pulsing within Angel's wet pussy, and he relished the way her body was responding to his potent lust. She gripped him, holding him against her with his scrotum pressed into the delta between her buttocks, and Tom kissed Angel's forehead. Her outer labia suckled the root of his shaft while Angel rocked her pelvis to grind her clit into Tom's hard flesh.

Holding himself in place, Tom helped Angel get off with his cock buried within the embrace of her seizing vaginal walls. Her juices had already moistened her panties before he took them off. He wasn't sure where her heated arousal came from, but Angel had made no secret of how much she wanted to fuck after taking a short bathroom break when she arrived at his house. He urged her on, whispering to her how good she felt all around him and how close he was to orgasming. That ignited another round of thrusting that quickly became uncoordinated and irregular deep lunges into her pussy while Angel tried to hold onto Tom's ribs and force herself further down his shaft.

Tom stopped long enough to drag Angel down the sheets so there was a comfortable foot or two of space between her head and the top of the bed. His right hand had reddened knuckles and bruises from cushioning her head from slamming into the wooden posts of the headboard. Angel pulled on him when she thought Tom might pull out, but he just repositioned her, mov

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Written by Cherish Desire
Cargado February 20, 2021
Notes Angel’s joy from her unseen penetration is matched by Tom’s hearty lust. Wearing her seven inch phallus is exactly what she needs while shopping, and Tom thoroughly enjoys plunging in afterward.

"Secret Shopper (An Angel Story)" themes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal Penetration, Exhibitionism (Public), MF, Vaginal Sex, Implied Stretching
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