reunion goes better than planned

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I went to my reunion reluctantly. It had been 15 years and I skipped the previous two because I was out of town. But, being recently divorced, I figured it couldn’t hurt to catch up with my old friends.

I walked up to the registration table and saw Jen. She still looked good after all these years and she looked at me and smiled and said, “Hi Scott, so glad you could join us this time!” And quickly wrote my name on a “Hello, my name is...” sticker and stood and slapped it on my suit coat. “Thanks Jen, glad to see you! You look great!” And Jen walked around the table and hugged me and said, “Its been too long! You look great too! I have to finish registration but love to catch up with you later?” “Sure, look forward to it”, I said and quickly headed to the bar.

I ordered a Blanton’s on the rocks and took a sip. I cased the room looking for old friends and spotted a few. I noticed the classmates wives and husbands all standing around and looking bored. I hung by the bar and shot back my Blanton’s pretty quick and ordered another. My nerves were heightened and the bourbon quickly put a numbness on them.

I walked over and chatted with a few mates and caught up on their lives: kids driving them crazy while bleeding them dry, work was crazy busy and each inflated their resumes and importance in the world just a tad but I did the same so did it really matter?

We sat down to eat and enjoyed a crappy buffet of chicken, veggies, salad and a piece of chocolate cake. I ate the chicken and salad and left the rest.

Dinner ended and plates were cleared and the DJ tried to strike up the crowd with various tunes from the mid to late 80’s. AHA’s “Take on Me” started it off and I headed to the bar while some of my girl classmates headed to the dance floor.

I ordered a Stella Artois and chit chatted with an over served husband of a classmate. He was pretty funny picking on my classmates and he wanted to be
anywhere but here. I turned back to the bartender and felt a hand on my shoulder, and a familiar voice said, “Hi Scott, glad you made it!” I turned and it was Jen who was finished with her job for the night. “Hi Jen, glad I made it too! Great job pulling this all together, Can’t be easy.”

“Facebook makes it easier but you’re right, a lot of effort. Glad my job is done!”, she said. “Can I buy you a drink?”, I asked. “Sure, I’ll have a Patron Blanco with Soda and grapefruit.”, Jen responded.

We enjoyed our drinks and caught up on all things. Job: Both semi successful and just about where we thought we would be in our careers. Family: She had two boys, 10 and 8 and I had two girls, 9 and 7. Marriage: She was divorced 2 years, I was divorced 6 months. We both hated our ex’s but got along for the “sake of the kids”. We moved our conversation to a nearby table and reminisced about our times together.

The DJ moved the music to slow and dropped Mr. Mister “Broken Wings” and Jen asked if I wanted to dance. I got up and grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor and spun her before pulling her closer for our dance. She laughed and put one arm around my back and we held hands. We talked about when this song came out and how that was one of the first songs we danced to. She placed her head on my shoulder and snapped back and said, “Are you wearing Stetson?” “Why yes I am.”, I said. Jen leaned in for a deep sniff and said, “Brings me back to the nights in your car, a Duster?” And I laughed, “yes, ole blue. Great car!” Jen said, “Better back seat if I remember correctly.”

We finished our dance and headed for the bar and chatted with some old friends and the night went along great. Jen and I spent most of our time together and the final song came on, Stairway to Heaven and she pulled me to the dance floor where we assumed our close position but this time she draped her arms around my neck and I held mine around her waist and rocked back and forth while Robert Plant belted out the lyrics.

We finished and I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Jen said, “That’s it? A kiss on the cheek?” And I said, “Well, I didn’t want to start rumors here but do have a hotel room across town and was going to ask if you were interested on joining me?” Jen responded, “I have a better idea, my house is empty. Let’s go there!”

We got to her place and she asked if I wanted anything to drink and I said, “Sure, a beer, any kind.” And she came around the corner with two Miller Lite cans. “Oh, I see you like it in the can?”, I said and she said, “Take anyway I can get it!” We both laughed.

She headed out the back slider to the pool and we sat at the table. Jen asked, “Wanna skinny dip?” And Jen jumped up and began unbuttoning her dress. It slid off her shoulders and revealed a super toned body, Pilates for sure. Her tits were help up by a white lace bra. Her white lace thong was not a shocker as she showed no panty lines through her dress and her long legs looked amazing in her 5 inch heels. She kicked those off quickly and ran to the deep end and jumped in. Swimming the length of the pool in one breath, the lightwaves bouncing off her tanned body and she swam. She came up for air in the shallow end and motioned for me to join her.

I stood and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it over my head, I undid my belt and pants buttons and shimmed them over my hips and they dropped to the ground. I pulled my shoes off with the heel of my foot and pulled my pants all the way off. I balled up my socks and threw them aside. I was standing there in my shiny red Body Aware satin trunks and walked toward the deep end. I accelerated and did a front flip into the pool. I swam to the shallow end and wrapped my arms around Jen. Her body warm and wet, we embraced in a kiss. Hands moving all over each other’s bodies, we were working ourselves up. The wet lace and wet satin was the only thing between us. We savored each kiss and fumbled to touch each other everywhere. She reached into my

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Notes A reunion turns to a great time!
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