Come Inside Me

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Wake me on a glorious summer Sunday morning by tapping on my window. Grin at me when I see you. Ease my window open and slip into my room. Move like a lion stalking its prey as you come towards me, but keep that gorgeous, mischievous grin on your face.

Leap up onto my bed and fall on me. Shower me with kisses, hold me tight, press your body against mine. Slide your tongue into my mouth and your hand up my t-shirt, I’ve only just woken up, but I’m hot, I'm more than ready for you.

Stroke my breasts, touch my nipples, make me moan and rub myself against your thigh. Help me unbutton your shirt and pull it off so I can feel the muscles of your chest, your thick arms, the ripples of your stomach. The masculine smell of your skin and hair teases my senses. Keep kissing and stroking me, make me tremble.

Run your hand down my stomach, do it slowly, make me writhe, make me desperate for your touch. Inch your fingertips lower still, trace them over the front of my underwear so I tingle down there, so I need it all the more, then press your hand against me. Make me bite my lip to hold back my groans.

Help me get your jeans open and push them down with your boxer shorts. Let me grasp your thick, hard cock, let me run my fingers over it, let me squeeze and pull till you’re quivering and trying not to groan too. Nothing turns me on so much as hearing and feeling how much you need me.

Kiss me with growing urgency. Pull my t-shirt up, put your mouth on my breasts, suck my nipples, but then kiss your way down my stomach. Keep going until your face is between my thighs, kiss me through the front of my underwear, lick me, love the scent and your first taste of me. Pull my knickers roughly to the side because you’re too desperate to get your mouth on me now.

Kiss my pussy all over with firm, wet kisses. Suck my outer lips gently, then spread them with your face and lick between. Glide your tongue up me in long, languorous strokes from the bottom to the top of me, do it over and over. Spread those wonderful sensations through all of me, but focus on my clit more and more with each pass of your tongue. Make me shudder and gasp. Make me buck my hips and press myself against you for more.

Groan as you lick me to show me how much you love it too, but not loud enough to wake anyone else. They can't find us together. Lick me with such skill and enthusiasm I have to pull a pillow over my face to muffle my moans and sighs. Slide a finger into me, find my g-spot, flick it in time with your tongue, match the rhythm of my hips, don’t stop, keep going as my pleasure overwhelms me, until I come. It doesn’t take long.

Keep licking and tickling my g-spot to make me come hard and for as long as I can take it. Make me push your face away when it’s too much, but dive back in and lick me because you love it. Do it over and over until I’m trying not to laugh, and until I finally get you off me.

Climb above me. Kiss my face, let me taste myself on your lips as I paw urgently at your cock. Sit back and take it out of my hands. Spit on your fingers, rub it over your dick, grin at me again as you touch yourself as you kneel before me. The sight of your straining, glistening cock, your perfect body and your handsome face, it makes my pussy throb with need. Push your dick down and slide it into me. Don’t make me wait any longer.

Go slow at first, but don’t stop, push it deep into me, push it all the way, make me shake and groan and arch my back as you fill me. Wrap your arms around me, kiss me as you fuck me. You try to hold back, to fuck me slowly, but you move faster and faster as you lose control, as you give in to me. Groan in my ear, tell me how good I feel, tell you love me, fuck me like you’ve never wanted anything so badly.

Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me so well you have to put hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. Fuck me so well I have to put a hand over yours too. Look me in the eyes and keep fucking and fucking and fucking me.

You feel so good, there’s nothing better, no one, I live to be in your arms with you inside me. I can feel and hear how close you are now, your face is straining behind my hand, you’re fucking me wildly, and I’m almost there again as well. I want to come with you, but then suddenly you’re pulling out of me and you’re going to finish across my body as you always do.

This time I don’t want that though. I want you inside me as you come. I want to feel it, I want you to fill me up. I wrap my legs around you and pull you deep into me. You look confused, panicked, but I whisper in your ear, I tell you I want it, I want you to come inside me. You relax and give yourself to it. You groan into my hand over your mouth, your body stiffens, you buck and shake and then you’re coming.

You’re coming inside me, and it sets me off again, we climax together. Our bodies jerking and pressing against each other’s urgently, our hands clamped over our mouths, our eyes locked on each other’s.

Slip back out through my window before anyone in the palace realises you were here. Make sure the only evidence you came to me this morning is your come seeping out of me and staining my knickers as I drift back to sleep.

Written by darkcherrycollective
Cargado February 24, 2021
Notes Slip into my room and fuck me before anyone realises you're there. Make me groan, make climax, come inside me.
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