Sex on the Kitchen Counter - An Erotica about a Hot Young Foreign Exchange Student

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When I was younger, my family used to host foreign students who came here to learn English. Our house was huge, with a whole lot of bedrooms completed with bathrooms and everything, almost like a guest house. Having foreign students over had a lot of perks, I got to hear about their cultures and traditions, learn a few words in their language and even try their food. But as I got older, my fantasies start to roll in.

By the time I was 19, I was fantasising about getting in bed with one of the foreign exchange students and have a summer fling. And that’s precisely what happened when Jean came over…

Jean was a 25-year old French guy who was staying with us for a month. The first time I saw him, I was mesmerised. His 6ft frame towered my petite self, and he had muscular, tanned arms, green eyes and a head full of curls that kept flopping into his eyes.

“Bonjour! Please to meet you, Sarah”.

His English wasn’t bad, but his French accent was heavy, especially the way he purred the R in my name. I always thought that French guys are sexy, and Jean was the epitome of that. We hit it off right away and became friends within a couple of days. We even went out a couple of times with the excuse that I’d be his tour guide, but really all I was doing was blatantly flirting with him.

A week after knowing him, I caught myself fantasising about him as I laid alone in bed. I imagined how his lips would feel on mine, sucking at my nipples, going down on my mound. I wasn’t a virgin, but the only time I’ve ever orgasmed was from masturbating.

As I imagined Jean over me, I slid my hand down to my labia and started toying with my clit. I’m usually quite gentle with myself, but tonight as I blindly thought of Jean, I had no reservations. My fingers slid over my throbbing mound, down into my wet pussy. My lips engorged, I was quickly going to come right away, but I wanted to tease myself a bit more. Two fingers slid into my wetness easily, and as I moved them in and out, I caressed and pinched my nipples with the other.

I felt myself edging, moaning and gasping as my body struggled to get to the prize. I bucked up my hips, thrusting my fingers in deeper and pressing at the mound inside my pussy. I knew how I could make myself come, and I started hitting the mound with my fingertips, caressing it and feeling the pressure build-up, till I give in.

With a long low moan, I came, feeling my whole body shake and tense as waves of pleasure ran through my entire body. Oh Jean, what I wanted to do to you!

A week later, my parents had an evening function they had to attend to, and I decided on making myself dinner. I was reading a recipe on my phone, and holding a zucchini in the other hand trying to figure out how to cut up the zucchini for the pasta sauce, when Jean walked in. Wearing nothing else but shorts, his body glistened with a sheen of sweat after he’d been out for a run.
He smiled at me “I thought you were going out with your parents”.

“Nope, it’s just them.” I stammered, ashamed he’d seen me ogling at his abs.

“Don’t let me bother you if you had plans” he joked as he pointed at the zucchini still in my hands. I quickly put the vegetable down and rolled my eyes at him.

“I need help, I’m shit at cooking” I admitted. Jean walked over to the kitchen island and looked over my shoulder at the recipe.

“I can do that. I always cook for myself back in Paris”, and he quickly set around cutting the ingredients.

Soon enough, we had bowls of steaming food in front of us, a bottle of wine and endless chatter. The more wine I drank, the more I could feel myself flirting with him, which he was suggestively returning.

I can’t remember what he said, but I laughed and gently placed my hand on his thigh. Jean looked at my hand, and then at me. He grabbed my hand and moved it up to his mouth, kissing and playing with his lips.

“You are so beautiful! I can’t stop thinking about you, everyday…”

I leaned into him, put my hand behind his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, not sure how he’d react. Jean pushed himself into me, grabbed hold of my hair and kept the rhythm going as he kissed my lips, and teased me with his tongue.

He got up from the chair and pushed me against the cabinets, as we continued to passionately kiss, yearning for each other as our kiss gave way to a full-on make out. He pressed me into him, and I ran my hands down along his naked chest, tracing the outer part of his chest muscles. He grabbed my ass firmly, and squeezed my cheeks forcefully, pressing my crotch and stomach into his rock hard erection.

Jean pulled me from the cabinet - “I am going to fuck you like I’ve been imaging for all these days” he growled.

“Here, where I first saw you”. I was wearing a summer dress, which he quickly pulled over my arms, baring my bra-less chest.

He kneaded my breasts in his hands, put his mouth to them and sucked hard, biting onto one nipple whilst pinching the other and then switching. Whilst keeping his mouth at my nipples, he put his hands down to my clit and started teasing me through the fabric of my thin panties.

I was sure he was feeling how wet I was getting, as I could feel my panties getting soaked. Soon enough, his fingers pulled the fabric to the side, and he plunged two fingers into me, slipping in easily as I was sopping. I let out a moan as he drove his fingers in and out of me, gentle yet steady.
His erection was evident from his thin running shorts, and my fingers crawled to it, as I ran them over his girth. He was so hard! I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his shorts, grabbing his boxers as well and pulled down, freeing his lovely cock. As I cradled his balls with one hand, I began running my hands down his magnificent dick, twisting at the end and firming my grip with every motion.

Jean broke away from my nipples and pushed me to the kitchen corner, where he propped me up onto the marble counter. He spread my

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Written by Nina Lessi
Cargado February 24, 2021
Notes I (f19) was seduced and fucked by a French student in my parents' kitchen
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