Spiderwoman meets Captain America

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I seldom think about Comic-Con and am not much of a fan of superhero books or movies. However, the other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and found a woman dressed in a. Spider-Man outfit. She filled it out very nicely and a new fetish was born inside my already warped brain.

I switched over to Tinder and started a search on Comic-Con and was pleasantly surprised by the number of women in this world that share my same fantasy. I swiped right on several and waited, and waited. No dice and I exited the app with disappointment.

The next day, I did the same. Several swipes to the right and put the phone down. Ping! And I open my phone to see a response from Izzy. I ping her back and we exchange our fantasy. She is an avid Comic-Con [participant and shares that she has several dozen outfits in all varieties from Super Hero to Star Wars to Avatar and much more in between.She expresses her desire to have sex with a Super Hero of the Marvel world. We agree to meet up in a few days as I inform her I am not new to cosplay but am new to Comic-Con.

I order my outfit from Amazon and pay the extra for overnight shipping. I put it on and it looks great, it has a puffy lining that accentuates my already muscular body. I modify it a bit with snaps to allow easy access to my privates without taking the suit off. I put it aside and text Izzy that I am ready.

We agree to meet at her place and I knock on the door. A few minutes later, a brunette about 5ft 6in dressed as Spider Woman comes tot he door. No mask on and she fills the costume out perfectly with her C cup breasts. The suit covered her feet and hands and is very form fitting to her plump ass, a small camel toe outlines her pussy lips.

“Hi, you must be Captain America?”, she says and I rely, “Yes, but most call me Brian.” And I see her check out my body in the form fitting costume. She notices a small bulge in front and says, “I love your costume Captain America!” And pulls me in for a kiss. The limited conversation is okay with me and I quickly meet her lips and kiss her back.

I reach around and grab her ass and pull her up toward me as her 5’6” frame is much shorter than my 6’2” frame. She wraps her legs around my torso like a Spider might do and I try to navigate her toward the bedroom without success. She hops off me and says, “you need my Spidey Sense to find the bedroom around here.” And she takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom.

Inside there are posters of Super Hero’s everywhere. Bobble head dolls and all sorts of collectible items. Stan Lee made a fortune off this woman!

I pick her up in one scoop and she is easy to hop into my arms with her 110lb body. I toss her on the bed with ease and jump on top of her. We make out for a few minutes and I work my way to rub her tits. The costume offers a spandex like slickness to it and as I work her nipples, I can see them protrude through the costume, little red dots poking out above the Spider webs on her costume.

Izzy spends no time on my nipples and works her hand directly down to my cock. The same spandex like material offers an easy gliding of her hand against my cock and in no time I am rock hard. I head towards her pussy and rub the spandex into her vulva, creating a larger camel toe than previously seen. The material surrounds her cunt perfectly. We work each other over and I can feel a moist wetness develop against my rubbing.

She backs off and with a swift Spidey move, unzips her crotch area and moves the material of her costume to the outter walls of her pussy. I unsnap my cock and let it spring to attention. Izzy stares directly into my eyes and says, “Always figured Captain America to have a nice cock!” And she walks up and starts stroking me off with her spandex glove wrapped hand. She pulls me upward as she comes in for a kiss. Then drops to her knees and takes Captain America into her mouth. Spidey is sucking the tip of me and working my cock over with her hand, jerking me off in one thrust and then taking me in her mouth to the base on the other thrust. The changing sensation of the spandex on my cock one minute followed by her soft mouth the next bring me close to climax. I have to force her away so I can recover and pull her up to me. We kiss and I can taste some of my pre-cum in her sweet kiss.

I push her back on the bed and spread her legs. While standing, I insert my cock into her slowly. I enter her slowly as her love hole is not ready yet, Izzy squeezes her hole and tightens the grip around my cock, and after two slow inserts I pull out. I drop to my knees and take over with my tongue where my cock used to be. I lick her labia’s and pay special attention to work around her clit a few times increasing her ecstasy with each nearby miss of licker he clit. I insert a finger into her and she moans in pleasure. I continue munching her twat and she starts to push her hips upward inviting more pleasure.

I slowly work my way to her clit and having flicked it once, she immediately pulls my head in further so I am tongue to clit: licking, sucking, nibbling it. She explodes in an orgasm and I feel her cum surround my face and I keep going, I cannot get enough of her savory juices which are flowing out of her now.

I come up for air after round two of her cumming and position my cock to her pussy. This time, my cock is engulfed by her slick love hole and I enter my 9 inches into her slowly. She twists her head to the side with her eyes closed as she works her nipples through the spandex. The nipples protruding like Little Rock’s through her costume. I pull her legs a bit farther apart which allows me to get as deep as I can and when my hips touch the back skin of her legs, she opens her eyes and bites her index and middle finger while letting out a slight whimper of pleasure.

I slide out of her and feel her inner labia stretch around the tip of my cock. I leave it there for a second or t

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Notes A new fantasy comes to fruition after Comic-Con is discovered
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