Carnal Beauty Volume 1

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“Good day Mr. Schultz, I hope the journey wasn’t too exhausting.”

Alexander Schultz, the handsome young man in his late silver jubilee years, shook his head and smiled at the young woman behind the reception desk, “Not at all, after all, what a paradise awaits me here.”

She seemed to like the answer because she also smiled as she handed the esteemed guest the Key Card. “I’m glad to hear that. Your room number is 409, the elevators are over there. Your luggage will be brought up to them in a moment.”

“Thank you.”

Alexander let his eyes wander a bit as he made his way through the hotel lobby. The hotel had class, which is why it was his third visit here. The staff were friendly, the food was flavorsome, and the service always unobtrusive, but attentive. The price was high, but that kept the families with children and the simple package tourists away, who were only after the cheap alcohol. Anybody could also party here, but the level was higher and the peace at the pool was worth its weight in gold.

The room kept what the catalog had promised. View of the sea with a spacious balcony, double bed with plenty of room to let off steam, the minibar was well stocked and the bathroom had every comfort anybody could wish for. Not to mention the internet in the room; thanks to the WIFI. Alexander’s first impulse was to open the laptop and check his email, but he held back. He had a vacation, and he didn’t want to start it by thinking about work. He did that sufficiently enough on the other days of the year.

Instead, Alexander kicked off his shoes and threw himself on the bed. Staring at the ceiling for a bit and making plans was more appropriate. The plans part was pretty easy, he was here for ten days and plans didn’t exist. Instead, he would live into the day and enjoy the time.

Alexander let his eyes wander and noticed a door next to the table where the TV was.

“Apparently, a connecting door to the next room,” He wondered. “Should I report this to the front desk? I wanted my peace and a connecting door wasn’t helpful. But otherwise, the room was absolutely fine. Why should I let this small detail spoil my mood?”

There was a knock at the door. Looking outside, he found a hotel employee with his suitcase was ready. Luggage and tips were exchanged, and then Alexander was alone again and had his peace.

A glance at the clock, and he pondered there was still a little time left for dinner. “This is the opportunity to hop into the shower and freshen up a bit.”

In the bath, Alexander thought back to the last vacation here. That had been two years ago, together with his then-girlfriend Katharina. The time had been great, the sex even more so. But in the time that followed, they had somehow drifted apart. His work wasn’t innocent of that, and lately, not much had happened on the women’s front. “Maybe my luck would change here?” He thought inwardly.

Just as Alexander was about to shave, he heard a knocking outside. “Who could that be? The hotel staff usually announced themselves by phone. And I had not yet ordered room service.” His mind was immediately bombarded with unsatisfied questions. Hastily, he wrapped the towel around his hips and stepped out of the bathroom with wet hair.

There was another knock and it was coming from the connecting door. Alexander looked around, no opportunity to quickly slip into pants, the suitcase wasn’t yet unpacked and the bathrobe was also just not findable. He had to open the door willy-nilly like this.

“I’m coming, just a moment,” Alexander yelled. “What did my unknown neighbor want from me?” He mumbled.

He opened the connecting door.

“Hello Mr. Neighbor, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting.”

In front of him, there stood an attractive brunette. “Probably, she is in her mid-forties and thus almost twenty years older than me,” Thoughts immediately flashed in his mind. The hair was shoulder-length and framed a friendly face in which glasses brought out the green eyes.

But not only was the face pretty, but the rest of her body was also quite respectable. Alexander felt as if she was talking to him through her eyes. He felt as if her sensual green eyes were gulping him, swallowing him, slowly and gradually. The water droplets from his hair tumbled on his skin, he felt electric currents gushing through his nerves, and he felt as if he was getting hypnotized by those beautiful green globes, losing himself only to be found in them.

The lady wore a dark top and light Capri pants. The top was tightly cut and flaunted her cleavage well. The further tempting curves were also displayed by the dress. Therefore, a pretty nice total package stood before him. “I might know those eyes. Why do I feel I might know her? Her eyes hold everything and anything that my soul has ever yearned for,” Alexander wondered and his thoughts raced from present to past and further trying to recall who this elegant woman was.

She had also patterned Alexander in detail, “I guess I’m causing some inconvenience?”

“It’s fine, nothing serious. But how can I help?” Alexander inquired.

“Ah right. I just realized that I forgot the adapter for the laptop at home. My girlfriend will bring in me for sure, but she won’t be here for a few days. Now, I was wondering if you could help me out.”

Alexander wanted to send her to the reception because they would have such an item in stock, but then he decided otherwise. After all, he always carried two laptops with him; irrespective of whether it’s a business tour or vacation. “When you carry around so many electronic gadgets, you have to rely on sockets,” He wondered and swallowed hard.

Then with a welcoming smile, he replied, “Sure, just a minute. I just need to rummage in my suitcase.”

Alexander heaved the suitcase onto the bed and began to rummage through it. It didn’t take long and he had found the item he was looking for. As he bent back up, the mishap h

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Written by Sexual Revelation
Cargado February 25, 2021
Notes He went on vacation to get away. She was there ahead of her girlfriend.

Now this handsome man finds himself in the same hotel of this beautiful woman and the desire builds.
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