Carnal Beauty Volume 2

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“And I’m sorry for getting so harsh on you. I just wanted to protect my boy, not to compel you to leave your hometown.

But, all is well that ends well. Kids do stupid things at a young age,” Barbara gave a friendly smile. Alexander thought he was forgiven, but deep down in his heart, he had a feeling of intimidation, because even though he left Winslow, he could never forget Jason’s mother’s elegant face.

Had he known beforehand that Mrs. Barbara McKenzie was Jason’s mother, he would have never mistreated him. Instead, he would have befriended him, just to be in her good books and have her company.

“Can you recommend anything for me,” Barbara asked after glancing at the menu. “I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to fish dishes. That’s why at home I tend to cook meat.”

Fortunately, Alexander was able to give her a few recommendations and a lively conversation ensued. From fish to food and from wine to vacations, they got into a conversation about work.

Barbara was a managerial executive in a marketing firm. She further informed that Jason was pursuing his research fellowship from Clinton University and she was already divorced. But the topic they ticked off quite quickly because the meal came and they both had a vacation, not the right time to talk about work.

After dinner, they went over to the next bar; this time one closer to the sea. There Barbara asked, “Tell me, Alex, do you have any plans tomorrow? My girlfriend and I booked an excursion for tomorrow. Now she had to stay home on short notice, something with a project, but hopefully, she will join us soon. So I still have a spot open, maybe you’d like to come along.”

“Where are we going?” Alexander inquired.

“To a ruined city, not too far from me. According to the plan, you’ll be back by early afternoon.” Barbara replied.

The ruins said something to him, but on his last few visits, he had always lazed on the beach or pool. The prospect of stretching out his legs and enlightening his mind with a gorgeous, tempting woman, who sat in front of him, compelled Alexander to nod his head. “Sounds good, count me in.”

“Excellent, meet in the hotel lobby at 9:30.” Barbara rose. “The flight wore me out quite a bit, so I’m going to retire.” She planted a kiss on his cheek, giving him a chance to look deep into that voluptuous, seductive cleavage.

Then she strolled away with swaying hips. He couldn’t believe that the hot MILF he once dreamed about, the hot MILF who made his life hell, would now after so many years tease him as if they were college buddies.

Alexander was also feeling exhausted from the journey and also found his way to his room shortly afterward. He briefly considered knocking on the connecting door again. But then he decided against it. “Tomorrow was another day and it promised to be quite pleasant,” He thought inwardly.

The next morning, Alexander sat in the lobby a few minutes earlier and drank a cup of coffee. He had already had his breakfast, but he wasn’t quite awake yet.

That changed abruptly because from his chair he could admire a round, plump butt, which was in tight hot pants. The legs were lightly tanned and nice and firm. For a moment, he gave in to his desires and just stared at the abundant butt. Then the woman turned and grinned at him.

“Good morning Alex, up already?” Barbara strolled over to him. She had opted for a skimpy tank top that struggled to contain her bust. She wasn’t wearing a bra, because there were no straps to be seen. She had tied her hair up in a ponytail.
“Good morning Barbara, or should I say Lara?” Alexander teased.

Barbara stumbled for a moment, but then her expression brightened. “You were thinking Tomb Raider weren’t you?”

Alexander nodded, “Definitely. It was the first thought that crossed my mind. Even though, to be truly honest, it was only the second.”

“I can guess the first one,” Barbara said with a meaningful look at his crotch.

Fortunately, his shorts were cut wide, or it would have been pretty tight by then. Their banter was interrupted by the tour guide, who started shooing the whole bunch of tourists, who had gathered by now, towards the tour bus.

Alexander left his cup of coffee and followed the seductive MILF towards the bus. Getting up wasn’t easy for him, because Barbara walked beside him brushing her naked arms with his or inches ahead of him wiggling her butt invitingly. That had caused clear uproarious reactions in him. Today, he was struggling hard to hide his tempting desires. And Barbara didn’t seem to have any problems with it.

Alexander had gotten the window seat, Barbara sat to his right. The tour guide started to tell something about the historical relevance of the ruins, but he listened only with half an ear. Spasmodically, he thought about how he should start the first attempt. But then Barbara took the work off his hands.

“Look over there,” She pointed out the window. Alexander looked in the direction indicated but could see nothing. “Oh, I thought I saw a heron. But I guess it wasn’t.” She lowered her hand, right on his thigh. Fingertips just inches from his crotch.

Neither of them commented with any word. But for Alexander, that was invitation enough, even though he wasn’t sure why she was flirting with the same man who bullied her kid. Probably, the hot MILF regretted being the bully for him and never expected him to leave Winslow because of her. Certainly, she didn’t want to get that brutal.

Shortly after, they were driving through a village that was advertised as “picturesque” in the brochure, and he pointed to the other side of the bus, “Look, doesn’t that look great?” As if by chance, his hand stroked her breast, and Barbara felt delightfully soft and not a bra.

“Absolutely, we’ll have to revisit that in the next few days. I read that there’s super live music here this weekend. Won’t it be the ideal place to dance?” Barbar

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Notes Alex and Barbara's reintroduction leads to a flirtation that makes them wonder if they will be able quelle their urges.
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