Carnal Beauty Volume 3

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“There, now you’re well lubricated. Time for you to fuck my mouth,” Barbara winked.

Such a request, of course, didn’t need to be given twice. Alexander thrust and sank his hard cock down into her throat. His hands rested on the back of her head, hers clasped his ass and regulated his vigorous thrusts.

It didn’t take long before he felt it rising inside him. Not many more thrusts, then it would be done. He sped up and then wanted to cum his load deep down her throat, but Barbara had other plans.

The hot MILF seemed to have sensed or felt his orgasm because, at the last moment, she withdrew from Alexander; definitely, not because she didn’t want his sperm.

Instead, she presented Alexander her mouth with her tongue stretched wide; the tip of his pulsating cocks at the tip of her tongue. Her face was ready to receive his load. Her eyes were glowing with lust.

With that, Alexander was done for. His first thrust hit her left eyes. The next ones were shorter and landed where they belonged to, in Barbara’s eagerly waiting mouth.

After Alexander jerked out, Barbara licked the last drop from his tip. Then she swallowed his whole load, licking her lips, and looking at him like a cat that just ate the canary. “I hope there’s more where that came from because I might get a taste for it.”

“I think that can be arranged,” Alexander gasped. “But first I’d like to return the favor.”

“I don’t think there’s time for that. I can already hear the tour group regrouping. But at the next stop, the opportunity should surely arise.” Barbara chuckled mischievously.

While Barbara peeked around the corner, Alexander got dressed again and then positioned himself behind her. He put one hand on her butt again, while the other went under the tank top.

As Alexander had thought earlier, there was no bra. Her breast was nice, abundant, and heavy in his hand. Her nipple was already hard as stone. Reason enough for him to play with them a little. After all, she had also left him in a precarious situation before. His right hand had meanwhile also slid forward and rested lightly on her sensitive pleasure mound.

Barbara turned to Alexander, “But you can also be a beast.”

“Why? If I can’t keep my hands off you it’s only because you started it.” Alexander smiled expectantly.

“That’s right,” She pulled him close and gave him a deep kiss, “But now be decent. If that’s not too much to ask.” As she kissed him deeply and passionately, she took his breath away. But perhaps, that didn’t happen either because he felt as if his lungs were filled by her breath. Even though he inhaled her, he felt his lungs were emptied because she stole his soul giving him a new life.

After breaking the kiss, Alexander grinned and nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

Unobtrusively, they blended in at the end of the tour group. No one seemed to have noticed their absence.

Once on the bus, it took quite a bit of effort to keep his hands off Barbara, and Alexander didn’t quite succeed. More than once, not much would have been missing, and his hand would have found its way into the hot pants. But, he left it to rest on her thigh and now and then as if by chance to slip into her sensitive juncture.

They had switched places so that she was sitting by the window. This made Alexander’s behavior less conspicuous, but still, he wouldn’t have been surprised if one or the other around them had overheard what was going on between the two of them.

Her nipples pressed hard and firm through the thin fabric of her top and every time his hand slid over a little, she gasped.

Alexander leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Do you want me to stop? Or do you want to feel my fingers?”

Barbara kissed him and then whispered back, “Your fingers. But not here, that’s too risky for me.”

Before he could complain much about it, they had already headed toward their next destination. They stopped and the whole tour group was asked to leave the bus. There would be another guided tour, but those who wanted could explore the area a bit by themselves. The meeting point would be in three-quarters of an hour on the bus. Barbara and Alexander grinned at each other. “In three-quarters of an hour, one would be able to do quite a bit,” Alexander’s mind was racing from one thought to another.

But after fifteen minutes, it still didn’t look good. The group had scattered and so they found no quiet place to fall over each other. One or the other corner would have been found, but hardly he had Barbara’s tits in his hand or she grabbed into his pants when also again someone came near and they had to interrupt the whole thing. They both became increasingly horny, but also increasingly frustrated.

Then finally a magnificent opportunity wonderfully presented itself and Alexander immediately grabbed it. They climbed over a low fence and holding Barbara’s hand, he booted down a narrow staircase. It led to a small alcove that could only be seen from the sea. From above and the sides, they were protected from prying eyes by bushes and walls. Below them roared the surf.

The only disadvantage was that there wasn’t enough space to do really dirty things. Because there was no fence, let alone a carpet. As horny as they both were by now, they would probably have fallen into the sea while fucking.

But ingenuity in adversity is a quality Alexander had long acquired. He leaned against the wall of the alcove and pulled Barbara close to him.

For a moment they kissed passionately, but then he wanted more. His kiss followed where her earlobe hung. He smelled her fragrance. He listened to those heartbeats, which went on high speed as soon as his teeth touched her earlobe and moaned in her ear, “Baby, let’s go wild! I’m going to taste your every side.”

Carefully, he turned her around so that her back was to him. Her voluptuous ass was pressed on his hard, pulsating cock, which longed to dive into her wet pin

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Written by Sexual Revelation
Cargado February 25, 2021
Notes Alex and Barbara finally touch for the first time and can't control their throbbing bodies. For them, one orgasm is just not enough.
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