Carnal Beauty Volume 4

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While Barbara pressed her juicy udders together, Alexander began to thrust slowly and carefully. The lack of parapet was one thing, while he just surrendered too many more amazing breasts. But he wanted to savor the moments, not immediately ejaculate his whole load.

Alexander held out his right hand to Barbara. So while he fucked these wonderfully soft tits, the horny slut licked her cunt juices from his fingers. Her green eyes blazed the pure lust.

It was this sight that finally drove Alexander over the threshold. This horny woman had catapulted him into the seventh heaven with her magnificent tits. These eyes that screamed for more and at the same time promised so much more delightful pleasure.

This time it was Alexander who bit down on his T-shirt to not moan too loudly. Hot and sticky, his cum bathed Barbara’s soft, juicy breasts. At the last moment, she had released him from the magnificent prison, so that his cock could twitch in the void.

But he didn’t miss his targets. Thrust after thrust slapped on the soft, plump flesh.
Again, Barbara was on hand with her mouth when the thrusts weakened and caught the last drops with her tongue. His glans was swollen red and twitched away from her as she gently stroked it. Then she swallowed his juice.

“You made quite a mess there, and I love cum so much.” She pulled a feigned pout.
“Wait, let me help you.” Alexander pulled her up, back into the position as before, and slowly began to brush the remaining cum from her breasts. When he had a few drops on his fingertip, he held it out to her and she licked it off with relish. So it didn’t take long and her breasts were halfway clean again.

“I knew you were a gentleman. Not only do you know how to spoil women, but you help clean them up afterward.” She pulled him closer to her and gave him a deep kiss. His hungry lips found the yearning ones that ignited something in her. As she grabbed the collar of his shirt, she loved the feeling of his strong, masculine, firm chest underneath the fabric. Immediately, his hands had gripped a handful of her hair and their lips were consuming each other.

As his tongue entangled with hers, she was about to burst from all the electric pulsations coursing throughout her body. She yearned to be devoured by him. Alexander could taste the salty flavor of his cum on her lips and tongue, but that only made him hornier.

He was almost ready for another round, but a glance at the clock ruined that. “Damn, we don’t have ten minutes until the meeting place. We need to hurry.”

They somehow made it to the bus in time. They could tell they both had strained, their hair was messy and Alexander’s t-shirt was dusted off the wall. But they weren’t the only ones who looked like that, because apparently, the terrain invited them to climb around. Whether they were the only ones having such a good time, Alexander didn’t know.

After another stop for a meal break, they were dropped back off at the hotel. Barbara had done everything she could during the bus ride and also in the restaurant to keep Alexander going and he had done quite well against it. Therefore their goal was clear. Unfortunately, they weren’t alone in the elevator; otherwise, they probably would have fallen over each other there again.

The decision to go into which room was Barbara’s because she already had the key card in her hand. She opened the door and entered, Alexander was just behind her, not letting her staggering butt out of his sight. He longed to sink his face between those gorgeous cheeks.

Barbara seemed to have read his thoughts, which wasn’t difficult; after all, he was only a man. She stopped in front of the bed, propped herself up, and presented her magnificent round ass to him. “I think you still owe me something,” she said glancing over her shoulder.

He would have loved to pounce on her, throw her on the bed, and fuck the shit out of her, but he held back. Alexander wanted to savor it, enjoy every moment, and burn it into his memory. Slowly, he came closer and pulled his T-shirt over his head. It landed somewhere in a corner. No matter he would find it again.

When he reached Barbara, he got down on his knees. Finally, he had her ass in front of him, right in front of his eyes. Slowly, he stroked her soft, abundant butt cheeks with his hands before giving them both a kiss. Then he slowly pulled down the tight pants.

“Splendid, just magnificent,” That was the thought crossing his aroused mind whenever a beautiful butt slowly peeled out of its fabric prison; especially, when it was happening right in front of his eyes. The hot pants fell and finally, Alexander had it, the access to the realm of his forbidden dreams.

Her plump, swollen, and wet pussy was just waiting for a hard cock to penetrate it. And above it, there was a small rosette cheekily laughing at him, nicely hidden in the deep valley between her voluptuous butt cheeks.

Alexander could no longer hold back and sank into it. His tongue searched and found her horny slit. He stroked it, once, twice, and then he sank in her and tasted the first time of her horny juice.

Barbara moaned, her hand was on the back of his head as she pressed him deeper, harder into her drooling flesh. When it started exploring her inner walls, she held him by his neck between her thighs. His tongue continued crawling like a snake inside her pit.

He pressed his palms against her voluptuous bosoms and devoured the juices of womanhood. Her eyelids were open, yet her retina slid behind her eyelids. Alexander didn’t let it bother him and devoted himself entirely to her wet pussy. But at some point, the air was scarce and as he panted, he withdrew from the embrace. Quickly he took a breath, and then he threw himself again into the breach, but this time his goal was a little higher. With his tongue, he gently stroked the small rosette before he carefully drilled into this hole as well

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Written by Sexual Revelation
Cargado February 25, 2021
Notes After stealing sensual moments in public, Alexander and Barbara are FINALLY alone... able to finally, slowly, devour each other.
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