Trying Someone New

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Having been sent home from work again recently, because of the pandemic that we are in, I have had some more time to sit and reminisce about the old days. The anniversary of when my husband and I started dating, was coming up and it got me thinking back to the good old days. We are coming up on 19 years of being together and had some wild and crazy times back when we started dating. We were all fresh out of high school, and I was in my first year of college when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Naturally I said yes, and he was the first boyfriend I ever had. 19 years later, we are married and have a family but it doesn't mean I didn't have some fun in between.

Back then, a bunch of us hung out in a tight circle and were constantly together. My boyfriend, had a best friend at the time whose name was Mike. They were inseparable, and if I weren’t dating my boyfriend, I would think they were gay. They did everything together, even getting a job the same mechanic shop. We all hung out and Mike was the ladies man of the group, while my boyfriend was the calmer shy type of guy. That's what I liked about him. I was pretty much quiet and shy as well, so the two of us got along well. Mike on the other hand, wanted to stick his cock in anyone that would let him. He was constantly flirting with all the girls, including myself, but I always brushed him off. Like I said, my boyfriend and Mike were inseparable and we often all hung out together, at my boyfriends house.

One Friday night, while we were all hanging out, we looked over and my boyfriend was in pretty rough shape. We thought that it was probably food poisoning, because he had thrown up, and was also running a fever. Mike and I tended to him, but he wasn't really in the mood to hang out that night. We understood and got him to bed, before deciding to leave. Mike offered me a ride home so that my boyfriend wouldn't have to drive me and I accepted. Once we were done tending to my boyfriend, we headed out to Mikes car and took off.

As we were driving, Mike asked me if I wanted to cruise around for a bit because it was still early, and he really didn't want to go home so early on a Friday night. I said sure, because I didn't want to call it a night that early either. The big thing back then, was to cruise the main avenue with your music playing loudly, so everyone could see you cruising by. We all thought we were the coolest, when we did that.

We cruised around, and even stopped at Wendy's to get a couple of burgers. While cruising, Mike struck up a conversation with me and Mike being Mike was pretty up front about what was on his mind. He thanked me for cruising around with him and confessed to having a crush on me, while also telling me that he wished that he was the one who had taken a shot at me, before my boyfriend had. I was a bit flattered because I never found myself to be very attractive so it was cool to hear. We continued to cruise, and Mike was pretty much saying all the right things. At that age, it didn't take much to make a girl feel good. As he continued to spill his heart out to me, he asked me what I would do, if he were to take a shot today. I asked him what he meant, and he said that he would love to cruise and then go hang out in his room for a bit. I was taken by surprise, at his comments, especially since my boyfriend was his best friend, but at the same time, I wasn’t super shocked. After all, he had flirted with me in the past. Without really thinking about it, I responded, telling him that I didn't mind hanging out. He smiled, and we were soon driving towards his parent’s house. Guess you can say that I didn't know any better at the time, since we were all young, dumb and naive.

We arrived at his parent’s house a short time later, and Mike led me down the side alley to the basement door. His room was in the basement, which was actually pretty cool because he had a lot of privacy. We headed in and once we were in his room, I noticed he locked the door behind us. I sat on his bed while he went over to his mini fridge and grabbed two Smirnoff ices for us to enjoy. After cracking them open, he turned the TV on and we sat and watched while continuing to chitchat. Mike continued being his friendly self and even started to complement and flirt with me.

After a bit of this, we finished up our drinks and Mike wasted no time making his move. He planted his lips on mine and began to kiss me. Even though I was caught a bit off guard, I kissed him back and the two of us began going at it on his bed. He was a great kisser and I did my best as well, because I had only been dating my boyfriend at the time for a couple of months and he was the only other guy that I had ever kissed. I guess you could say I was gaining more experience.

We kissed for a bit and I was definitely enjoying the attention that I was getting from Mike. Aside from being young and dumb, I was also going through that stage where you're hormones were going crazy, and was always in a horny mood. Ever since my boyfriend had taken my virginity, I felt like I wanted to fuck all the time.

We continued kissing each other and Mike soon began to roam his hands all around my body. I let him and as he was doing so, he began to tug on my clothing. Before I could think, he had me completely naked. He then stood up and took off his clothing, revealing a great looking body. One thing about Mike was that he loved working out keeping in shape. His cock was decent looking, and since it was only the second cock I had ever seen, I was excited to feel it.

Once we were both naked, we continued to kiss and rub each other's bodies, with him paying special attention to my tits and pussy. He was actually a very sensual lover and I enjoyed it. He was taking his time, and making me feel pleasure, which was something I was new to.

We fooled around for a bit before he laid me on my back, and then reached over to his nightstand for a condom. He slipped it on, be

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Notes While sitting in quarantine, I began to think about the good ole days...
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