Beach Time

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Beach ware

I left my condo early so that I could get a good spot on the beach. I had been planning for this day for over 3 months as my nursing job had kept me busy and COVID kept many vacation days on the sidelines so it was my first real break in over 3 months. The early morning sun felt good on my pale skin, another side affect of working in a hospital, no vitamin D.

I had my red and white polka dot bikini on and a white sundress. My floppy straw hat shaded me enough and my Ray Ban Aviators completed the look: hot, sexy, and ready for sun!

I found a spot on the not too crowded beach mid way down, and by noon, the sun would be just about at my feet if the tide charts were right, and they usually were thanks to the moon. I put down my beach chair and placed my towel over the back. My small cooler to one side and my beach bag to the other. I removed my sundress and exposed more of my pale skin hoping that would change after today and judging from the sun, that would be an easy accomplishment. I bent at my waist into my beach bag and enjoyed the slight wedgie I got from my bikini. I grabbed my Hawaiian Tropic SPF30 lotion and lubed up by toned legs, arms, stomach and chest. I did my shoulders and back as best I could and figured I would work on my front today. The suntan lotion always smells so good and instantly relaxes me. I took my hat and shades off and placed them on the beach chair and then I dropped the lotion into the beach bag and again bent at the waist and again enjoyed the little wedgie, and grabbed my Neutrogena SPF45 face lotion and covered it up. When finish, I dropped it in the bag and put my hat and sunglasses back on.

I walked down to the water and tested its temperature. Not too cold, in fact, refreshing on the freshly pedicured red glossy toes. I waded up to my ankles and searched for sea glass. Finding none, I retreated back to my chair and reclined it backward. I took my hat off and threw it in the beach bag. I laid down in my chair and soaked the sun up. Loving the feeling of its warmth on my pale skin, I could feel the vitamin D absorb into me, rejuvenating me. I dozed off for a bit and was wakened by the sweat dripping off my brow and into my eyes. A quick nap interrupted by salt water in the eye. I got up and dabbed the sweat off my brow and headed to the water to cool off.

I quickly ran into the water and dove in. The heat my body had absorbed quickly released into the cool ocean water. I pulled up out of the water and had my brunette hair slicked all the way back. I wiped the water off my face and continued to squeegee it off my body. My nipples were fully erect from the extreme temperature swing I just subjected them to. I retreated back to my chair and noticed a two guys and a woman that had just set up their chairs and blanket. I gave them a slight smile and wave when they looked at me and I sat back down to read, “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens.

The group pulled out a Bose Mini Sound dock speaker and streamed Yacht Rock from Pandora. Hall and Oates softly sang “Your Kiss” in the background.

The group next to me was talking about their exploits the night before at the bars and it became apparent that the couple was placating their friend who had become the third wheel for their day at the beach. Mike and Sue were laughing at the exploits of Jay and his horrible karaoke voice. Jay was laughing it off and being a good sport about their ribbing.

After a few more jokes, Jay and Mike got up to swim and Sue stayed back. Sue interrupted my reading with, “Is the book any good? I’ve heard good things about it.” I replied, “Yeah, it is a little slow in the beginning but it turns good quick.” “Oh thanks! By the way, I’m Sue.”, she said. “I’m Sydney, Syd for short.”, I replied. “You here for the day?”, she said. “I am here as long as the sun is out!”, I said. “Well, if you get bored and want to join us over here, you are more than welcome!”, Sue said and I thanked her and went back to my book.

At around noon, I got up and instantly noticed Jay check me out, he couldn’t have been more obvious and I kinda relished the ogling as being in scrubs for 3 months straight became less and less appealing each day. I was happy somebody was noticing my hard work at the gym! I walked down to the water, dipped into cool off and walked back to the chair. Dabbed my face dry and still feeling the heat of Jay’s glare on my ass as I bent over at the waist and enjoyed another slight wedgie. I folded my index fingers under my ass cheeks and pulled the wedgie out. I slid my navy Birdwell board shorts over my hips and put on a Rolling Stones t shirt. I fixed my pony tail and I walked over to the food truck and ordered some fish taco’s. While waiting, Jay came up to the truck and ordered as well. While waiting for my number to be called, Jay said, “Hi, I’m Jay. Sue said you were just chillin’ at the beach today. You should come by our place and have a drink later on if you want.” I replied, “I’m Syd. Yeah, just soaking in the rays and relaxing. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that later.” “Cool, look forward to seeing you later.”, Jay said. And I grabbed my tacos and walked back to my chair. I could feel Jay’s eyes staring at my ass as I walked away.

For his part, he was kinda cute. Brunette hair, fairly fit like he works at it but not too hard. His Hurley board shorts were showing just an outline of his cock and it appeared nice from my vantage point and I considered my moves for the afternoon.

I strip back to my suit and sit down to attack the taco’s and I reach into my cooler for a Truly Hard Seltzer and cracked it open. I placed it in my Patriots Koozie and took a long swig to wash down the taco’s. Sue was watching and said, “It’s five o’clock somewhere Syd!” And cracked a Bud Light of her own. The boys followed suit as well. I raised my can and said, “Cheers!”

I relaxed a b

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Notes A day at the beach goes well for this COVID stressed nurse
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