Patience, kitten

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I usually sit down with kitten to negotiate our scenes on Sunday. There is a perverseness to it, a little “fuck you” to our holy and righteous upbringing that we both enjoy. Also, well, Sunday afternoons were made for fucking. After all of the talk, all the imagining of the things we will do with one another in the coming week, we can rarely keep our hands off of one another for long. Last Sunday was no exception.

I’d been looking forward to this particular scene all week. It seemed perfectly well suited for Friday night. It was going to take a little longer than many of the other scenes we had planned, and, it fit naturally into my Friday evening reading routine. Even so, I’d found myself increasingly impatient for it, ironic though it may seem.

Kitten had prepared us a wonderful meal of duck a l’orange and served it atop a mound of braised cabbage, expertly paired with a Napa Valley cabernet. After, we’d anxiously settled into our usual evening activities as planned.

I sat reading in my chair, lounging, bare chested in a pair of sweatpants that did little to hide what lay beneath. She lay splayed naked across the couch opposite me as she planned her newest round of creations for her online store, browsing the endless highways and byways of the internet for inspiration. Occasionally, she would shift, immodestly, to expose another portion of her body, and glance meaningfully my way, hoping to garner a moment of my attention.

As I sat, I found myself pondering the wonderment of her. While this scene required that I must ignore her for now I could not help the frequent glances over my book that allowed me to admire her.

How had she become such an amazing cook, such a crafty little minx these past few years? Yet, she remained my dirty little cum slut, ready to obey my every command, to satisfy the needs of my body at a moment’s notice. She never failed to be there to provide the comfort of her desire and the joy of her submission as often as I might allow. It was truly a privilege to be loved in such a way.

I sighed contentedly, feigning an intense interest in my book, all the while mostly waiting in tense silence for the slightest hint of her approach. She had kept me waiting here for over an hour and I don’t think I’d scarcely turned a page. Not only was it impossible to remain focused with her lying there like that, but the fantasy we’d concocted kept tugging me away. More than once, I’d switched positions, grunting my discomfort in the hopes that she might finally end this torture.

My efforts thus far had been to no avail. She’d remained there, glorious tits peeking over the armrest, nipples hard and demanding, collar tight on her throat. Then, laid back, legs spread wide to expose her incredibly wet mound while she pretended to work.

Finally, I heard her set the computer down and slide off of the couch. I watched her crawl, slowly across the floor, gazing hungrily into my eyes as I peeked above the book. My heart hammered in my chest and my cock was instantly throbbing. “Mmmm…we’re going to get started”, I thought.

When kitten reached me, she crawled up between my legs, smiling mischievously as she placed her head between me and my book, rubbing my erection with her hands.

“Now kitten, did I say it was time to play?”, I said, acting as though I meant every word.

She made a sad, pouty face, shaking her head slightly, but rubbing my cock insistently all the same.

“You should go back to your couch for a while. I’m not finished reading yet”, I said.

She slowly slunk away, looking over to make sure I was watching the sway of her ass as she crept, smiling seductively as she watched my eyes bore into her. She climbed back onto the couch, but didn’t gather her computer. Instead, she tossed her head back, pinched her nipples and moaned, putting on a show that was clearly meant to make it impossible for me to continue reading.

I pretended to ignore her once again. She pouted, her hands sliding down her body, finding her tender, wet lips, fingers slipping deftly inside and then back up to her mouth for a little taste.

She repeated this routine a few times, even resorting to bending over the couch and reaching back to slide a wet finger into her ass while she rubbed her clit with her other hand.

We had agreed I would remain impervious to her assault, and so I did, cock throbbing painfully the whole time.

When that didn’t work, kitten crawled over again, this time not bothering to look up before she grabbed my waist band and pulled down to free my dripping member. Glancing hesitantly up, she licked the underside of my cock, pausing momentarily to savor the precum at the tip.

I put down the book, an act of disgust. “Kitten! I said to wait!”, I said,, exasperation plain in my voice.

She looked up at me, tongue gathering a pool of precum as she lapped at my dick.

“Fine! I can see my kitten needs a lesson in patience”, I said, heart skipping a beat as I knew what was to come next.

I grabbed her ponytail and shoved myself all the way into her mouth, pushing her startled lips against my scrotum as I growled. “Be careful what you wish for kitten. You just might get it!”

I pulled her head off of me and she gasped for breath, tears streaking her face as she nodded her obedience.

“Good!”, I shouted, slamming her mouth back down and thrusting my cock into her throat. I held her down like that humping degradingly against her face as she gagged, waiting a little longer than usual for the two taps on my leg that indicated she needed a break. She always felt so good like this, the muscles of her throat working my head, her drool dripping slowly down my sac.

I released her then, pulling her head back off of me and grabbing her roughly by the throat.

“Go to your room kitten”, I said. “I’ll be there to teach you your lesson in just a bit”.

She glanced my way, wide-eyed and shy, knowing she’d been a VERY bad girl, before heading to the bas

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Written by Ten Ways
Cargado February 25, 2021
Notes Kitten becomes impatient waiting for Daddy to finish his book and must be taught a very important lesson in patience. Will she be able to follow Daddy's commands and restrain herself or will she need further instruction?
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