Naked Fiancee

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Naked Fiancée

For her it was just another Saturday of working a half day and returning home to her Fiancée. Per her normal routine, she would come home and quickly change out of her work clothes and into something more comfortable. Most times she takes the opportunity to give her future husband a quick peak at her bare chest by announcing to him, “naked fiancée!” Letting him know to come take a look at her and he was always more than happy to oblige.

It was this time that something was a bit different though. She could see the look in his eyes and the bulge in his pants that he was interested in more than just a look. She began to pickup her sports bra as he moved in and guided her to put it back down. She knew she would not be needing her clothes. He pulled her body to his and began to kiss her. Lightly at first. A kiss of love to say he missed her. As they kissed deeper and more passionately, he pulled her body harder into his. She could feel the bulge of his hard penis against her pelvis, and he could feel he naked breasts against his body.

They began to caress each other. Her hands rubbing on his back, pulling him close, as he had one hand cradling her head and the other her beautiful butt. Soon both hands moved to her butt. He slid them inside the panties she still had on, giving her butt a firm squeeze. She moaned quietly in enjoyment. He moved to her chest. Cupping her beautiful, perfectly sized breasts. He leaned down to suck on her nipples while gently squeezing and caressing. She began to moan a bit louder as her nipples hardened. She guided his mouth back to hers and as she kissed him deeply, she grabbed the hard dick she noticed earlier. She began to rub and squeeze him through his gym shorts as he continued to do the same with her breasts.

His mouth then began to move down her body. First kissing her neck. Then taking a moment to suck on her breasts. As he dropped to his knees, he continued kissing her body down her stomach. Once at his knees, he pulled down her lace panties and resumed the kissing. Down her pelvis and then reaching her moist pussy. It was as he expected. She was wet and enjoying herself. He began to lick her pussy at the same time reaching around to her bare ass. He squeezed and gently pulled her ass cheeks apart. He slowly rubbed a finger over her anus as he began to lick deeper inside her pussy. Slipping his tongue into her pussy. She grabbed the back of his head and moaned in pleasure. He continued licking her pussy and squeezing her ass. As he sucked on her clit, he gently slid a finger insider her ass. He knew she had a fantasy of being double penetrated and his finger inside her only made her pussy wetter.

As the pleasure grew, she moved to lean against the wall. Allowing him to slip his tongue deeper inside her wet pussy. Soon the temptation was too much for him. He pulled down his pants and began stroking his cock to relieve some of the tension. He stood and she dropped to her knees to take his big dick in her mouth. She began to suck his cock and stroke his balls. Occasionally pausing to suck on his balls while stroking the long shaft. She made sure to get him nice and wet even though her pussy was already wet enough. She stood and turned around. Pressing her chest to the wall and allowing him to enter her pussy from behind. He slid his throbbing cock deep inside her wet pussy. She moaned and put her head back. She had been aching for his big dick ever since she saw the bulge as he walked in the room. He began to thrust with long, slow strokes at first. Both trying to savior the moment. He then began thrusting harder and faster just as she desired. Grabbing her by the hips so he could take control of her to thrust hard and deep. She moaned louder, telling him “Don’t stop.” He continued to fuck her. Reaching around to take her perfect tits in his hand. Squeezing and rubbing them. He slid his and down around her pelvis and began to rub her clit. She moaned even louder. He was going to make her cum on his cock. Soon they lost themselves in ecstasy. Their bodies colliding into one. His big cock deep inside her wet pussy. With his finger on her clit, she began to cum. Her pussy squeezed around his cock, he started to cum with her. She could feel him getting larger. He thrust harder, shooting his hot load deep inside her wet pussy. She loved feeling all of him deep inside her.

He continued to fuck her as his cum began to drip out and run down her leg. He pulled out and she turned around to kiss him. They held each other for a moment as they kissed. He was rubbing her tits as she slowly stoked his cock. She kneeled down once again and began sucking the last bit of cum out of him. She had to get him ready for round two…

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Cargado February 27, 2021
Notes A striptease turns into something much more.
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