I Want To Fuck My Step-Dad

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Hi, the name’s Charlotte. My friends and family called me Lottie.

As far as regular nineteen-year-olds go, I was pretty regular, except for one tiny little thing.

I was into older men porn. That’s porn with older men. Middle-aged me banging the life out of girls my age.

I liked the taboo nature of older men, okay? Something about doing it with someone so masculine and mature, flipped switches inside me. My hobby was to have a really good time with Mr Bunny, my trusty vibrator and some hot vids I found off the internet.

I lived with Mom and Step-Dad, Brad, so most of the time, I had to do it on the down-low. No moaning, Mr Bunny turned down to the lowest setting under the sheets so no one would hear and it’s either mute or headphones in when I’m watching an older man fuck this girl around my age.

Yeah, that was my jam. I didn’t mind a bit of casual porn, but the thought of being bred by my own step-father always got me off.

So it was a Wednesday afternoon. College classes were over. Mom was out somewhere- at the spa with her friends or shopping as usual. Step-Dad and my Step-bro were working still, so I had a good few hours alone in the house.

That meant a few hours of uninterrupted privacy to play.

I had to admit; I was excited! The rest of the week, waiting until today, made me feel hornier than a nun at a stripclub.

The driveway being empty was a sure sign that no one was home. I stuck my head into my brother’s bedroom to make sure he wasn’t in and then tossed my schoolbag on the floor.

My body thrummed with urgency, but I like to take my time. It was like… Marinating a steak. I would strip my day’s clothes off and change into something a bit more comfortable. That meant a vest top and some panties. If anyone came home, I could always kick the door shut and pull on some pajama bottoms. Those were on the floor, ready.

Yeah, I really thought his through.

Fuck, I licked my lips. School was busy as hell lately, and I had assignments coming out of my ears. I could feel it already. When I get my much needed orgasm, I just know it’d wash away the stress too. I waited all day for this. Last night, in some obscure porn forum, I downloaded a really hot video. A man who was in charge, so I knew it was going to be great.

I led on my bed and rubbed my thighs together. All that was left was to get Mr Bunny, but not right away; I’d be too tempted to use him immediately and spoil the fun. I was going to make sure I watched most of the video before I start playing.

So, phone in my hand, I scrolled for the video and pressed play.

A girl about my age, college level, maybe, was sitting on a sofa, looking bored and watching TV.
The scene looked like it was shot through a video camera.

The screen closed in on her. She turned, looks, and smiles at me.


The guy behind the camera didn’t say anything, just unzips his pants and pulls his flaccid dick out.

“You want me to help you with that?” she said, looking up at the camera.

“You know I do,” the male voice crackled through the screen.

He grabs the back of her head and she took his cock in her mouth.

He was rough, demanding. He was using this girl’s mouth for his own pleasure. Why did I like that? The girl’s face was tight, but I knew she was enjoying it, being treated like a fuck-toy by an older man…

The quality of the video was amateurish, but in my opinion, that only adds to the authenticity. Just call me a connoisseur.

The sound of her cock-sucking was squelchy and tinny through my phone’s speakers.

God, that was so hot. I wished my step-Dad would do that to me; just grab my face and shove his cock in my mouth…

What? A girl can have fantasies!

A hand drifted upwards and pinched and tugged at my nipples through the fabric of my top.

My thighs grounded together and I could feel wetness blooming between my legs…

Shit, I don’t think I can last through the entire video without touching myself.

I felt a different fullness between my legs.

Ah, crap.

I needed to pee.

I tossed the phone onto the bed and went to the bathroom. I’ll rewind it back to the part I left off when I come back.


I really needed that.

A bad habit of mine was to forget to do things when I’m rushed. I skipped breakfast and lunch and evidently, I didn’t bother with bathroom breaks either. No harm, no foul.

I’m also a little OCD. Or ADHD, or whatever you call it. Sometimes things just grab my attention. So, I probably wasted a good ten minutes squeezing blackheads out of my face when I passed the bathroom mirror.

At least I can focus on the sexy task at hand now.

I didn’t expect to run into Brad when I walked into my bedroom.

He was by my bed, with my phone in his hand.

Oh fuck! He was watching the video!

The girl moaned and begged as she was being fucked. At least that was what I pictured, based on the erotic noises.

“You like cock, slut?”

“Lottie, what is this?” my step-Dad asked.

“Oh, hey Brad, it’s not what you think,” I said.


Okay, so it was what he thought.

My heart slammed around in my chest. My stomach was in knots.

God, somebody kill me already.

He turned his eye from the phone and looked me up and down. He took his time too. Was he looking at me in a different way?

Then he smirked and tossed the phone to me.

“Don’t let your mother catch you with that stuff.”

“So, you’re cool with that?”

“Yeah, no probs. I find that kind of thing hot too,” he chuckled.

“Cool,” I said, not really knowing how to respond. “Uh, why are you home so early?”

“Accident at work. One of the lads drilled through a water-pipe so there’s nothing to be done until the higher-ups straighten it out. Everyone was told to take the day off.”


“I’ll leave you to it. I guess you have fun when you’re all alone in the house?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Sorry, is that wrong?”

“Hell no, I’m just glad someone has

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Written by Stasia Grey
Cargado February 27, 2021
Notes 19-years-old Lottie has a naughty secret... She enjoyed watching older men/younger women porn! However, she only did it in the afternoon, when everyone was out. One day, she was enjoying it as usual, but did not expect her step-dad to catch her! Not only was he cool about it, he joined in with her fun. And took it even further than she ever expected!
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