Barebacking My Tight Teen (18) Step-Daughter

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Jake reached down and grabbed a can of beer from the bottom of the refrigerator. He opened the beer in front of the fridge, taking a moment to relish the soothing coldness. He knew he shouldn’t stand in front of the fridge, but goddamn, it was a hot day.

He barely just got back from work. One of the benefits of being freshly divorced, it seems, is that no one is there to tell you what to do. He was married for almost 20 years, and he’ll be damned if he didn’t do everything he can to relish some of his newly acquired freedom.

Not that he wanted it. But he had no choice really. After catching his wife fucking her boss, he just couldn’t get over that particular brand of betrayal. He toiled hard everyday to make enough money to provide for his wife and step-daughter.

At least Emily was still around. A college student now, she decided to stick with her step-father, rather than run off with her mother and the boss. Yeah, Emily wasn’t his biological daughter, but he raised her as if she was his own.

Or was is another guy now? Jake didn’t care much for the rumors, but last he heard, the ex was hopping onto another guy. He supposed he should be grateful that she had the decency to move away from his town. Jake was a logger. The work was hard and the pay was OK. With the ex being pregnant and him being not so good with education, he did the honorable thing and married her and put all his energy into working his ass off to provide.

Little good that did for him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” a voice behind him shook him out of his thoughts. He jumped and almost knocked over the milk in the fridge door.

“Ellie? Goddamn it girl, you scared the hell outta me.”

He turned and saw his 18-year-old Step-daughter standing by the entrance to the kitchen. She clasped a bunch of folders in front of her, but it failed to hide the curves of her breasts under a tight vest top. The dangerously short tartan skirt didn’t help either. Jake wondered if her ass would be exposed every time she bent over to pick something up off the floor.

He felt two things at that thought. A low grumbling jealousy that only a father would feel at the realization that his Step-daughter was now old enough to be target of other men’s attentions. The other thing he felt was a much darker feeling.


Christ, it’s been months since Janice left him. And all he could do was pour himself into working as much as possible. So the only female interaction he had was with his beautiful Step-daughter. And she blossomed into a fine young lady too. The problem was, as heartbroken as he was, he still had needs. And jerking off could only take you so far. He thought he was handling it OK, but ever since Emily started college, it was like she became a whole new person. He guessed that she must’ve found her groove or something.

But hell, did it make his life hard. She was getting comfortable with wearing skimpy clothes around the house and careless enough to leave the bathroom door open. He supposed it was just the two of them so he didn’t need to worry about stuff like that. Still, she was getting older now and he hoped that when she eventually moved out, she would learn to be more careful. Many a times she would leave her dirty clothes on the bathroom floor for him to clean up after her. One time, in a moment of madness, he picked up a pair of lacy black panties and noticed a stain in the gusset. Before he knew it, he had the fabric right up to his nose and he inhaled.

The scent of his step-daughter hit him hard. It was sweet with a mixture Emily’s juices and her perfume. It had a slightly sour and tart note too, which only made him more aroused.

Before he knew it, his cock was rock hard and he jerked off furiously. He kept sniffing and sniffing. And then he stuck his tongue out and licked the stain, tasting his Step-daughter’s illicit nectar. It was so fucking wrong. And hot. When he realized he was close, he pulled the panties away, and shot his thick wad of cum right into them. He felt a deep, primal satisfaction at seeing his semen soak into his Step-daughter’s stains.

And then he felt guilty as fuck. He never felt that way towards his Step-daughter before and ever since, he tried his best to ignore those feelings.

Still, a man’s resolve can only go so far when he is constantly tempted by the sight of a hot young lady.

“Dad, can I talk to you about something?” Emily bit her lip and something weighed heavily on her face.

“Sure, let’s talk in the living room.”

Jake followed Emily into the living room, and he couldn’t but sneak a glance at her juicy ass as it swayed. Jake gulped, despite being cooled down by the fridge, he felt hot all over again.
Jake settled comfortably onto the sofa whilst Emily sat not quite in front of him, but a bit to the side on a matching armchair. Jake realized that she sits in this particular confronting, non-confronting way when she wants to chat about something but not.

He smiled reassuringly at her whilst taking another much needed swig from his can.

“Dad, there’s something on my mind, and I’d talk to someone else about it, but you’re the only adult I got so I thought I’d at least talk to a responsible adult.”

Responsible. That word hung heavy with a warning label.

“What’s on your mind?”

Emily fidgeted and hesitated. Her face looked like she was wrestling with whether to spill the beans or to smash her father’s face over with her school folders. After holding her breath for what seemed like forever, she finally relented.

“Dad, do you think I should get birth control?”

Jake’s throat reflexed and he almost spat out the swig he took moments before. He coughed and sputtered and covered his mouth to help stop himself. “You what?”

“Birth control, so I don’t get pregnant.”

Jake felt heat rising in his cheeks. He had to remind himself that Emily is now an adult and he didn’t need to scare away the only girl in the world that mattered more than an

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Written by Stasia Grey
Cargado February 27, 2021
Notes Jake was left in a pickle when his hot 18-yr old step-daughter, Emily was being curious about sex. He didn't want her to be irresponsible, but she didn't want to do it with condoms either.
So what could he do? Be the responsible guy in her life, and have blazingly hot intercourse with her!
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