Step-Mommy Teaches Step-Son (18) About Sex

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Every night, when my husband fell asleep…

I visited my step-son’s room.

“Honey, daddy is asleep.”

That faint scent, the scent of a man, mixed in with the smell of paint…

My step-son, Billy, 18 and a senior in high school. He wasn’t mine, not my blood. I married his father and Billy was part of the deal.

I didn’t mind, I loved him as my own.

Like most guys his age, he was interested in computer games and girls. Both worried me.

Hobbies, because he’s a lot geekier than other lads. 

Girls, because he was such a timid one, I wondered if he would have problems courting them.

But in the evening, in the middle of the night, nobody disturbs us.

It’s our time, private time between a step-mother and her step-son.

Billy was waiting for me as usual. With expectation and nervousness in his eyes.

It’s like that every night.

At first, it was just a good-night kiss. I helped him with his studies and I rewarded him with a gentle peck on the cheek. Somehow that progressed to a gentle brush on his lips. I was shocked at the electricity that sparked inside me when our lips first touched.

I told myself it was because my husband neglected my needs as a woman, that my urges were going out of control.

It was the same tonight. I helped Billy review his work, enjoying the intimate moment we shared, but also to stimulate my intellectual needs. I wasn’t so smart that I attended college in my younger years, but I truly enjoyed academia.

The closer we got to the end of his review, the more tense the air felt in the room.


“I know, honey.”

And at some point, something deeper, an indescribable feeling attached itself to the kiss.

When Billy was close to having his first ejaculation while we kissed, I told myself that I can’t make him worry. It was like a kiss, just like any other night- deep and passionate. But in the heat of the moment, my hand brushed against his shorts and I felt his hardness.

I told myself it was perfectly normal, a simple biological response.

We kissed more after that and for some reason, I felt more comfortable touching his erection.

I told myself it was my role as a responsible mother to educate him in regard to sex too.

My husband, his father, was seldom around. As a step-mother, I have to do anything for his sake.

“Lets begin your extra study session.”

* * *

I was sitting on his desk chair, Billy was standing there prone, with his shorts down between his legs.

One two, one two…

Our bodies were sinfully close. My words were barely a whisper, as if we were sharing a conspiracy.

“One two, one two. That’s right honey, follow the rhythm of my words.”

I set a cadence with my whispers, encouraging him to stroke his cock to the rhythm of my honeyed words.

At first, I made him do it slowly without rushing. And at times, I teased him and make him quicken the pace.


“Very good, Billy, you’re doing a great job.”

We work as a team every night- encourage his masturbatory needs. But I forbade him from doing it without me.

Billy doesn’t do this with anyone else.

It was embarrassing for a man to be watched while he masturbated. I got so close and personal that the shared burden gave me a sense of dominance.

I just sat there, beside him as he ran his hand up and down his hard, vigorous cock.

Against my better judgement, my body, my pussy ached with need, watching my step-son performing such an intimate act. The room filled with his odor. So thick and pungent, it went right to my brain.

However, there was a rule.


“Okay then… stop now.”

Billy clamped his hand down over his cock like a vise. My breath quickened as his fingers clenched painfully against his urethra, preventing the torrent of release he so desired. 

With just one word from his mother, he obeyed. Even when mired in pleasure. His big, beautiful cock was angry and congested with blood. Engorged to the point of bursting.

He listened, despite the fact that if he simply ignored me, he could experience the most intense climax.

His body shook and quivered, desperate for the release he so deliciously denied himself.

“Are you okay?”

Billy nodded, paralysed with need.

“Y-you told me to stop, so… So I held it in.”


He denied his primitive need, his body screaming in agony… All for me.

“You’re doing well, Billy,” I purred, pulling his agonised face against my bosom.

God, it made me want to give him the release he needed, but this was to educate him.

“Let’s continue.”

This time, Billy laid back on his bed, and I wrap my fingers around his turgid shaft. I took a moment to savour the moment, to feel his heat against my palm. I tell myself it is for his well being.

I didn’t pump.

“You know what to do, honey.”

Billy nodded, and he arcs his hips into my slovenly hand. A drop of precum beaded at the tip, spilling out and leaking down his shaft, coating my fingers.

I moaned inwardly at the slopping wet friction of his cock fucking my hand. Billy’s face was tense with effort, his ass muscles engaging and relaxing with the movement. His leg muscles must’ve been on fire with exertion, but still he doesn’t stop.

“J-Julie, I’m going to-”

I emulated his earlier action, digging my finger tight against his urethra, denying him his orgasm. His face was taut with anguish, but he still didn’t disobey me.


His father was a failure of a man. He cared for nothing but money. He worked from day until night, eat and sleep. He neglected my needs as a woman. I will not let Billy become a useless lover.
For what seemed like forever, I brought him close to the edge. His cock bloomed into a deep, angry red. It was so hard, you wouldn’t think it was a part of him anymore. Slick oil of his own desire leaked all over his cock, glistening in the bedroom light.

“You’re so amazing, Billy.”

His face was both anguish and happiness. Happy that he pleased me.

As a wo

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Written by Stasia Grey
Cargado February 27, 2021
Notes Billy was a typical nerdy 18yr old boy. He likes computer games and was shy with girls. His step-mother was worried for his development, so she took it upon herself to teach him about sex. However, she didn't expect to fall into lust... And want Billy all to herself...
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