Spit on Me

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Degradation. That’s the best word for it. For the things that turn me on, for how I want to be treated. I’d never have guessed that about myself though. Not until that day. Not until Mark did what he did.

Mark and I had been at friend’s BBQ all day. Picture glorious weather, baking sun, great food, and way too much prosecco. We got home that evening a little worse for wear. We staggered into the flat as drunk as two skunks, as horny as two old goats.

We’d been married for years, but our sex life was still hot, and we were desperate for each other that evening. We kissed with more passion than care, we ran our hands over each other and tugged our clothes off. We didn’t make it as far as the bedroom; we collapsed onto the sofa together.

I was so turned on I literally felt hot down there. Mark was clearly feeling the same, he was more frantic than I’d seen him in ages. More aggressive. Mark dragged my top off over my head, he didn’t even bother to unhook my bra, he just pulled it down to get at my tits. He squeezed me roughly, he pinched my nipples. It made my pussy clench with need.

Mark tore his jeans open and shoved them down with his underwear. I grasped his hard prick like my life depended on it, I moaned and tugged him eagerly. Mark knocked my hands away though like I was an irritation. He pressed me down and got on top of me, and just like that, as if it was nothing, Mark shoved his cock into my mouth.

I was a little taken aback, but not for long. I sucked on Mark with enthusiasm, I moved my head quickly, but that obviously wasn’t enough. Mask pressed into me deeper, he started fucking my face. He wasn’t usually that forceful with me. I liked it. It was thrilling, it was new, but there was something else there too. I felt like Mark was using me, disrespecting me. I loved that.

Mark held my face, he fucked me roughly. His cock felt thick and solid in my mouth, he pushed it so deep it was a struggle not to choke and gag on it. It was so hot I felt lightheaded.

I moaned, or did my best to with a mouth full of dick. Mark groaned loud with me as he used my mouth. He reached back to rub my pussy through the front of my jeans and the pressure of his hand showed me how soaking wet I was. I felt like I'd peed myself. Again, Mark was rough with me, but again, it was hot and new and exciting and urgent. I pressed myself back into Mark’s fingers without any shame.

I would have happily let Mark come in my mouth; I wanted to feel and hear him get there, I wanted to taste him as he pumped his come into me, I wanted to feel dirty and used. Mark wanted more though. He drew his prick out of my mouth, he slid down me, he pulled my jeans open and ripped them off me. My knickers came next, Mark shoved my thighs apart.

Normally I love foreplay. Normally I want Mark to take his time over me, but that evening I was already gasping and dripping, and Mark was a man possessed. He looked like he was dying to get inside me. He pressed my thighs open wider and pushed them back to open me up. He stared down at my flushed cunt like it was the first time he’d seen it. Mark knelt between my legs, he held his veined prick in one hand. He found my entrance and thrust into me.

I let out a loud groan, I shuddered as Mark filled me. All the breath was driven from my lungs, Mark didn’t give me a chance to recover it. He fucked me hard and fast as soon as he was in me. He went deep, he hammered into me over and over.

Mark screwed me without tenderness that evening. He fucked me forcefully, roughly, like I was nothing more than a whore. He rubbed a hand over my tits, he pushed the other under me to grasp my arse, he fucked me harder and harder. It was such a rush to see him so turned on, to be used like that.

And then Mark did it. Something he’d never done before. He spat on me.

I had my arms around Mark, I was holding him to me, kissing his neck, but then all of a sudden Mark grabbed me by my hair and pulled me away from him. He dragged his cock out of me, he held me down by my hair as he moved forwards onto me again. And then he spat on my chest. I couldn’t believe he’d done it at first. But he had. I felt it on me. My chest went tight, my head even lighter.

Mark squeezed my tits together; I felt his saliva between them. He shoved his dick between my breasts and fucked them with fast thrusts. He grunted like an animal as he used my body for his pleasure.

It was hottest thing Mark had ever done to me. That anyone had ever done to me. I’d never felt so gloriously dirty. I was so turned on I begged Mark to spit on me again.

He didn’t hold back. Mark spat on my tits over and over as he fucked them, until I was covered in his saliva. Until it was running down me. He even spat on my face, then smeared it over me with a rough hand like I was nothing but a worthless slut to him. I lay there in a wonderful daze as Mark disrespected me.

Mark's noises rose in urgency. He pulled his dick out from between my tits, he pumped it fast in one hand, he groaned as he came over me. His come splashed over my chest and onto my face, over my nose and chin and cheeks and forehead. He’d never come on me like that before and it was a revelation. I couldn’t breathe it was so glorious. Filthy, dirty, bad glorious.

Mark fell back and lay on the sofa, done with his slut. I wasn’t finished though. I pressed two fingers between my pussy lips and wanked furiously. I ran the other hand over my face and breasts, feeling the mess Mark had made of me, all that saliva and slippery come. I made a real scene of myself as my climax hit me. I bucked and thrashed and moaned and mewled. Mark shook his head as he stared at me, but I didn’t care, I wanted to see his disapproval, it only made me come harder.

All those years of marriage, all that sex, but that evening I found something out about myself I’d never known. Degradation. It turns me on better than anything. And since that day, there’s been no hol

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Notes Rachel never knew how much she loved to be used. To be degraded. Not until the day Mark spat on her.
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