Kitten Rules: Part 1

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I always looked forward to weekends at his place. He had a huge, fluffy kitten bed in the living room, just for me. All I had to do was go in it, stretch and curl around myself, and he knew what I was thinking. Other times he ordered me to it…like today.

“Go to your bed, baby kitten,” he said. “When I come back I’ll have a treat for you.” Immediately I hopped over and lay down, patient but excited.
I heard him rustling in the bedroom, then he came back out and sat down on the soft edge. I crawled over and rested against his knee, giving him a questioning look as I lightly rubbed over his jean zipper. He was half hard already. I could feel it.
“Yeah? You like that?” I nodded as he stroked my hair. “Such a light kitten touch. Makes me so hard.” I smiled and pressed a little deeper, trying to find his shape under there.
“Good kitten. Remember, you can’t say anything unless I say the words ‘tell me”, understand?” Again I nodded. It was relaxing not to talk sometimes. Just feel him. Let him move me.
He grabbed my hair a little harder now. I moaned and closed my eyes as he bent down to kiss me. “Rub harder. Make me want to take it out.” He pressed my face onto his jeans and I tried to mouth him through the tough fabric, breathing and moaning onto the hardness just out of my reach.
“Just look, don’t touch now.” I obeyed as he slowly undid the zipper and reached into his briefs, rubbing it there just out of my sight. Without thinking I made a hungry sound. He always had such iron control. I squirmed my legs together as I looked at his hand. Still hiding his cock, still teasing.
“Someone’s hungry,” he observed, slowly dragging out his cock in front of me. I had last seen it just two days ago but somehow it always was bigger, more exciting when we played like this. He stroked it inches from mouth and I stared alternately at it and his face, trying to say please with my eyes. Then he stood up over me, cock hard and straight out from his fly, and took a step backwards. I crawled forward. Another step backwards.
“Good kitten, so good,” he whispered. “I have lots of plans for you today. Just keep crawling.” 
I kept my eyes fixed on him and that cock as it lured me across the floor to the bedroom.

Written by verse50
Cargado March 1, 2021
Notes Kitten follows the rules and gets rewarded. The first in a four part series.
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