Cum On Me

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I was on the edge of the bed, spread wide while he fucked me deep, banging on my clit each time. His thrusts were quicker now, he even seemed to swell up more. I knew he would cum soon and rubbed my clit, knowing it would drive him crazy.
“I want to cum on you again,” I panted, gazing down at his cock. “You feel so fucking big, I love it!” I rubbed light but furiously, dragging out more tremors. 
“Fuck, yes, baby,” he groaned. A sharp, shaking squeeze came from nowhere, surprising us both. He laid into me, fucking through it as I convulsed on him. Hips straining, face tight…”fuck, fuck, fuck”…he was almost gone and I thrilled all over, my nipples peaking up.
“Please cum on me!” I asked quickly. Astonishment ran across his face then he pulled out, cock in hand, furiously working on the tip. I looked at it excitedly, propping up on my elbows. 
“Yeah, yeah, spray all over me, baby,” I encouraged, hypnotized by his rubbing. “You are so fucking hot! I love your cock!” His hand was tighter now on the head, his face red and concentrated. I gave him a big smile and opened my mouth.
“FUCK!” he grunted. “Here it comes, baby.”
I stuck out my tongue and it happened. Hot, heavy drops jetting out, the force of it surprising me. I was exhilarated. Standing at the end of the bed and he still managed to hit my tongue. More drops falling on me, warm and strong. I closed my mouth and savored him, looking him straight in the eyes. One more “fuck!” and he stopped rubbing, letting his cock rest on my pussy as he panted.
“Wow, baby,” he said, wiping his face. “No woman has ever wanted that before. You are hot as fuck!” He gazed at me as I slowly spread his cum over my breasts and stomach, licking my fingers in between. “Shit!”
“You taste good,” I murmured. “You cum so strong in me I wanted to feel it even more. That was soooooo hot.” I rubbed cum onto my neck and down to my clit, playing with it and his softening cock languorously. “You feel so good on me, baby.”
“Fuck,” he whispered. We both froze for a second, just looking at each other, my hand resting gently on his cock. His big hand came up to cover my own, his thumb stroking my pinkie finger. I smiled down at his hand then up at him.
“I want to shower with you but I also don’t want to shower. I want to wear you for awhile,” I explained with a shy smile. He laughed and leaned down for a kiss. Soft, warm, strong lips- just like the rest of him. 
“Let’s get a snack, baby. You can eat with my cum all over you then we’ll shower. OK?” He smiled into my eyes. “Yeah!” I said, giving him a big kiss.

Written by verse50
Cargado March 1, 2021
Notes Cum on me because I asked for it!
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