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I was naked, laying on my hands, when he came into the room. No great hurry either. He took of his jacket, folded it and laid it over the chair, then sat down and undid his tie. Watching me the whole time, running his eyes over me as if they were his hands. I squirmed.
Finally he spoke. “You look gorgeous, baby. Did you play as I instructed you?”
“Yes, Sir,” I said breathlessly. “I didn’t cum, just thought of you. And your tongue. And your cock.”
“Good girl.” He came onto the bed and it sank under his weight. I looked up at him and my stomach fluttered, then dropped. The anticipation, his big body over me, the rustle of his pants as he inched closer: it was almost too much.
“Do you want what’s in here, baby?” He rubbed the front of his pants. I nodded.
“Yes, please, Sir,” I whispered. Slowly, achingly slow, he pulled down the zipper and drew out his cock. Everything else blurred away. There was only him, in front of me. Delectable. “You look so delicious, Sir,” I said, staring at the little drop on the head of his cock.
“Well, open your mouth for a taste then. Put out your tongue.” I did so and he tapped it lightly, again and again. I tried to grab it with my mouth. “No, baby, not yet. That comes later.”
“But you always want me to suck you, Sir,” I pouted in frustration. “You made me so hungry for you.”
“Today we do something different.” And with no further explanation he tipped my legs back and slid two fingers in. I moaned and sank onto his hand. 
“Do you like that?”
“Yes, Sir, I love anything of yours inside me.”
Then his mouth was there, sucking and licking, and I forgot everything else until I felt his cock nudging into me. His clothes had disappeared. I tried to come down from the almost peak his mouth had brought me to. He kept stopping and starting, not letting me go…
“You have a decision to make, little one,” he whispered close to my ear, pumping in and out. “Do you want to cum? Or do you want to suck me?”
I stared at him as he drove into me, pushing me all over the bed. “I can’t have both, Sir? Did I upset you?” He hit deep and I gasped.
“No, sweetie, you’re my good girl. You just need to remember that orgasm is mine.” My eyes fluttered and he changed position. “I decide when and where you get it. You show me how badly you want it.” My wet pussy sucked on his cock and a flash of heat went up my middle. I looked down at him, all slippery from me. 
“I do want it so badly, Sir. But I want you, too. Please…please…” He fucked a big stroke on each “please” and my eyes rolled back. So close, sooooo close…
He pulled out, grabbed my hair, and deliberately guided me down between his legs. Messy curls tumbled in my eyes and I tried to focus through the haze of edging he had just put me through. There. His cock. Instantly I honed in on it and opened my mouth. His fist tightened into a ball and kept me millimeters away from the head.
“Just a little taste, baby, just a lick,” he whispered. He was breathing hard and I looked at him. His jaw tightened. “Show me. Ask me.”
“Please, Sir, I really want you. Please,” I whimpered, trying to curl my tongue around the ridge. “Pleghmpphmmm…” and he released my hair, gently easing me down on his cock.
“Good girl. Now reach down with your other hand and rub that clit. Suck me and play.” I slurped and sucked, almost out of my mind. I couldn’t remember the last time his cock had tasted so good. Also so hard and difficult to get down my throat. “Suck it hard, squeeze it like your pussy does.” I moaned, rubbed, sucked and slobbered all over his cock. He still held my hair and guided me up and down. I was close…so close…everything was tightening…mouth, pussy, my entire skin…
Abruptly he pulled me off. Strings of saliva trailed from my panting tongue.
“Now get on this cock and cum on it. I want to feel you,” he ordered. I got on top and pushed down onto him easily. I was soaking wet and pulsating. He groaned.
“Good girl, good girl, now ride me.” I moved eagerly, chasing the deep tremors rushing to the surface.
“You like that, Sir? Did I make you feel good?” He nodded and brought me down to him for a kiss.
“You always make me feel good, baby. You put my pleasure before yours today. You listened.” He held my face tightly and stared in my eyes.
“Now cum on me. You earned your orgasm. I want a big one, then bigger ones.”

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Notes Edge her with your words, with your cock, and she will go crazy for the freedom to cum.
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