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It had been months since we had seen each other. There was even a few weeks he was “off grid” and no video calls. But we talked every day and for those we couldn’t, he left me a list of tasks I reported dutifully with photos, ones he could log in and see if he got a signal. These included post orgasm photos and toys allowed for each.
All this meant that I was a needy mess by the time he planned the trip back home. We talked it up for weeks ahead of time and he got even more strict with denial.
“I want you completely focused on me, baby,” he said one night after we played over the phone. There had been a treasured orgasm allowed. “Remember I want you as much as you want me. What’s the first thing you want to do when I walk through the door?”
“Suck your cock,” I said instantly. “I’m crazy for it, you know that.” I could hear his grin over the phone.
“That’s my girl,” he said. “I’m thinking about that warm little mouth even now.” I heard rustling in the background. “Mmmmmm. I’m going to twist you all in a pretzel for this cock, baby.”
My heart thumped up and down, washing a cold thrill over me. Always a sadist. Always fucking with my mind. Always with tricks up his sleeve.
“I’ve been so good, Sir,” I offered desperately. Images began to flash through my mind, some of them memories. That cock secure in his jeans for hours while he worked me over. Crawling across the floor for one lick on the head. And the one dreaded punishment- not being allowed to swallow his cum. That had happened only once.
“You are my very good girl,” he said, voice gently breaking through my thoughts. “I’ve missed you so much, baby. You’ll get your treat, you deserve it.”
I smiled and sighed audibly. He always knew. That was the other thing about him- sometimes I didn’t need to say anything.

When he came through the door I literally pounced on him. He laughed and hugged me and I inhaled his scent. It had been so long, too long. Already I could feel the jello feeling in my legs and between them. He kissed me and his stubble rasped against my cheek. Mmmm……
“So good to hold you, baby,” he whispered, and tightened his arms around me. I hooked a leg around his waist. There was a lump in the middle and my mouth went dry. Again, reading my mind, he took my hand and guided it down.
“Is this what you’ve been thinking about, baby?” I bit my lip and nodded.
“Well, the night is young,” he said, giving me another kiss. And then he brought the luggage in from the car. We ate. I showed him the broken towel rack and he fixed it. The book he had left and all the chapters I had read. Photo catch up. More kissing. And I was going absolutely berserk.
“Come here, baby,” he said suddenly. I almost tripped coming over from the fridge. He had slid forward in his chair, knees spread. I stared at him. “Kneel.” I dropped like a stone. “What do you need?”
“Um, I need you, Sir. So very much.” Dutifully I kept my palms on my thighs, waiting.
“And what about me do you need?” I stared at his pants zipper, then his face. It was inscrutable.
“I…um…I need your cock, Sir. Please,” I added quickly.
“How are you going to access my cock?” He rubbed himself suggestively and I went blank. Usually it was out by now and he was giving me instructions. I leaned forward with a questioning glance. Maybe he wants me to rub my face on him…
“No, stay there. How will you get my cock to come out?” I inched a hand toward my inner thigh. His face didn’t change. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath.
“Um, Sir…could you…please, take your cock out?” very timidly.
“Of course, baby, you just have to ask,” and he unzipped and slowly dragged it out. Already half hard. Red, shiny. Growing in front of my eyes. My pussy wept and squirmed in protest.
“It’s out,” he said softly. “Now what do you want?”
“Uh, I…uh…want to suck you, please, Sir,” I whispered. He was stroking now, slowly, up and down. I stared at him, frozen like a rabbit under a hawk.
“Suck? That’s going a bit fast, isn’t it? How about some kisses?”
I nodded. “May I please kiss your cock, Sir?” He smiled and motioned me forward. I nestled between his legs and began covering him with gentle kisses. I forgot where I was momentarily. His skin, his texture, the tightness and softness at the same time. I had missed it so much.
“Just kisses, baby,” he reminded me. I came up for air.
“Now what do you want?”
“I really want to lick you, please, Sir.” He smiled again.
“I want licks, too, baby. Come give me some.” And now my tongue was happy, tasting him again after so long. Around the head, up and down the underneath, the balls, his groin. Moans filled the room. After a bit he gently guided my head away by the hair. I looked up at him, panting.
“You need more, hungry girl?” I nodded. “Well, ask for what you want.”
I searched for the right words. “Uh, I…uh…really want you in my mouth. Sir?”
An amused smile crossed his face. “A logical progression. Let’s get you on the table.” He shoved the tablecloth aside and I climbed on, laying on my back. This wasn’t the first time we had done this. It also sent me out of my mind, historically speaking.
He stood over me, stroking close to my forehead. Another millimeter and his balls would touch my hair. “What do you want, baby?”
I took a deep breath.
“Please feed me, Sir. I want to suck on you so badly.” For some reason it was so hard to say the words. Made me sound so needy.
“Good girl,” he said, warmth in his voice, and tapped his cock on my lips. “Open.” I put out my tongue and tried to slurp the head inside. Around and around. Delicious thick head. He groaned.
“See what happens when you use your words?” I nodded and moaned around him. He began to move in and out, just enough to work up my saliva. “So good, baby, such a good girl. My sweetie.” And he stayed there, letting me play with him on my tongue.
After a few minutes I was a bit bolder. “Sir? Please fuck my mouth?” I could hear him smile, just like over the phone.
“Of course, baby.” And h

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