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I was wrapped in a towel, standing at the bathroom sink, when the water turned off next me. Silence. Is he done? I wrestled with my damp hair, trying to make a ponytail.
“Take the towel off, baby,” he said, voice echoing from the glassed-in shower.
I turned and gasped. There he was, cock in hand, slowly stroking it up and down with soap. No water running, just the whisper of his hand and the suds. I stared while he grinned at me.
“Towel off,” he reminded. I dropped it. “Mmmmm,” he approved, and I took a step toward the shower. “No, stay there. Just watch.”
I leaned against the sink and tried to be patient. He always drove me crazy when he played. And he knew it. Damp hair in his eyes, glancing down at his cock and back at me. Hard, straight, so sexy. I inhaled a shaky breath and crept my hand down my stomach.
“Wh…what turned you on, baby?” I asked. “I thought you were sore?”
“Not too sore to look at you,” he said. “Seeing you all clean and fresh with that towel. And knowing what we did earlier. Can’t get you out of my mind.”
I blushed. He had made me suck his cock, crawling across the bedroom floor, then beg him to fuck me. And then beg to cum on that cock, several times. My fingers drifted lower to my pussy.
“What are you doing, princess? I said just watch.” His voice had an edge to it now and his strokes were getting shorter. I watched, hypnotized, and snatched my hand away.
“Sorry,” I whispered. “You know what you do to me.”
“I do? How about you tell me?” He turned to face me, full on, big hand rubbing, beautiful cock pointing at me. Casually grinning at my red face, the other hand snaking under his balls. They had been on my tongue not too long since.
My mouth was suddenly dry. “Uh…you make me…cum so hard. On your cock. And your hand.” I swallowed and bit my lip. “You make me forget everything but feeling good. Cumming with you.” My knees shook.
“Good girl,” he murmured. “You may touch yourself. Keep watching.”
Gratefully I plunged a finger into my wet and stared at him, unconsciously trying to match the speed and depth of his own hand. That’s how it was with us…always sensing, matching, tuning in…moving as one. Now there was only the sound of our harsh breathing, the struggle for control as our eyes ripped each other up and down, hands moving with sticky signals, building…
“Fuck, baby, you feel so good. Look so good, playing for me. I love being inside you.” His voice was a chant, hand moving rapidly now, then suddenly letting go to make his cock sway in front of him like an arrow, pointing at me. I took a step toward the invitation.
“You fill me up,” I whispered. “I need you, any way I can.” Inches away now. We could almost touch.
“I need to cum with you.” It was a command. He was close, I could tell. I immediately dropped to the shower mat, knees against the cold porcelain of the tub as he stood over me. One hand on my clit, the other dragging down my mouth, eager for him.
“Watch, baby. Watch me cum on you.” He pointed his cock at my breasts and we both looked down as I shuddered to a release. “FUCK!” and he let go, warm drops spattering all over me. I put out my tongue and gazed up at him adoringly, seeing the last spray shoot out and land on my throat. Then I slowly rubbed it into me and stood up for a deep, panting, moaning kiss. A several minute kiss.
“My dirty girl,” he whispered. “Now get in here with me and let’s get you clean again.”

Written by verse50
Cargado March 1, 2021
Notes Taking some time to watch him play in the shower leads to a hot orgasm.
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