Dean Goes Down on Me in the Cinema

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We’d only been going out for a couple of months at the time. We were still very much in that glorious honeymoon stage where you can’t keep your hands off each other. Unfortunately, that evening, we couldn’t seem to keep our hands off each other in the local cinema.

Both of us had wanted to see the film. Both of us had fancied a proper date that Friday evening. We met in a bar for cocktails before the cinema.

I’d felt giddy and horny the moment I’d set my eyes on Dean as I came into the bar, and the cocktails only made that worse. Judging by the way Dean kissed me as we queued for our tickets in the foyer of the cinema, he felt the same. We giggled and grinned at each other as we kissed with open mouths. We were awful. Dean squeezed my arse so hard he made me gasp.

The film turned out to be a disappointment. Right from the first scene you could tell it was going to be a stinker. The plot was silly, the dialogue was particularly laughable. We quickly gave up on the film and returned to kissing. Our screen was one of the larger auditoriums, and it was only a quarter full, so I didn’t feel so bad tongue kissing Dean in the semi-dark.

I hadn’t kissed like that in the cinema too since I was a teenager. It made me feel that way again, young and hot and so excited I found myself suppressing sighs and moans as Dean and I pressed our bodies together. I found myself getting more and more turned on.

Dean didn’t help matters either. As well as kissing me to perfection, with a heady blend of soft touches, a subtle tongue, but with evident eagerness and need, he ran his hands all over me. He held my face, he stroked my neck, behind my ears, he ran his fingers into my hair. He traced his hand over the front of my top, my heart beat faster as his fingers closed around my breasts through my clothes. Dean got me thoroughly hot and flustered in the back of that old cinema before the first act was through.

We kissed and kissed and Dean’s hand slid further down my body and I told myself I wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t let him. But I did. Dean stroked his fingertips over my thighs through my sheer tights, and I let my legs fall open for him. I felt so bad about that, but good bad too, I felt wicked.

Dean took his time with me though, the absolute bastard. He teased the inside of my thighs with soft touches, he inched slowly higher under my skirt, he moved so slowly he made me desperate for it. I had to bite my lower lip to keep myself quiet when he finally pressed his hand against the front of my knickers.

I felt hot and wet down there, and what Dean was doing was dangerous, but I told myself it wouldn’t go any further, just rubbing through clothes, that was it. My tights went up to my waist under my skirt anyway, so I was safe. Dear god, it felt good though. Dean rubbed me with growing insistence and he kept kissing and kissing and kissing me, and I realised I was moving down there, that I was grinding myself into Dean’s hand.

Dean sucked gently on my earlobe in that way he knows I love. He kissed my neck, he took hold of one of my hands and pressed it to the bulge in the front of his jeans. A rush of feverish heat spread through me as I felt the shape of him through his clothes, as I felt how hard he was for me.

I sighed and moaned as we kissed and pawed at each other. I tried to keep as quiet as I could, but I got so ridiculously turned on as Dean kissed and rubbed me, as I tried to squeeze his prick through his jeans. I hoped the sound of the film would cover me, would stop anyone noticing us.

Dean groaned in my ear, the sound of it made me shiver, then I realised what he was doing between my legs. Dean pulled my tights away from my body, he twisted his hand and dug his fingers in and they ripped open. His hand slipped inside the tear and I didn’t even think about stopping him. I closed my eyes as Dean felt me my through my knickers, as he drew them to one side and touched me.

If he could, I could too. I fought with Dean’s belt as he stroked two fingertips up and down the length of my sopping pussy. I managed to draw his buckle open, I popped the button at the top of his jeans, and shoved my hand down the front of them. My fingers found hot, smooth, rock-hard flesh.

God, I hoped no one was watching us, that no one had realised what we were doing, because there was no stopping me now. Dean pressed a fingertip between my lips, he slid it up to my clit, he made me quiver as he slid it quickly around and over me with a fast, light stroke. I grasped his dick, I did my best to pump my hand back and forth down the front of his jeans.

Dean kept making those wonderful, dirty sounds in my ear, then he was whispering to me in the dark. “I want to taste you… I want to see you… I want to lick you.”

I thought he was just doing it to turn me on even more, and it was working, but suddenly Dean slid out of his chair and down to the floor at my feet. He shuffled between my legs and pressed them open with his hands on the insides of my knees.

Panic made my heart rate surge. This was too much. We’d be seen seen, we’d be caught, we’d be thrown out, or worse. I ducked my head down next to Dean’s. “We can’t. Are you crazy?” I hissed at him.

Dean looked up at me. “Yes. I’m crazy. I need this.”

“We can’t,” I whispered back again, but Dean ignored me. He dropped his head, he shoved my legs open wider, he ran his hands up my thighs and under my skirt. He spread me open, he moved my clothes out of the way.

Dean leaned in and kissed me. I could have stopped him, I could have kicked him away and crossed my legs, I could have been firm, but I wasn’t. I was panicked, scared even, but I was eager for it too. I was so hot and wet, I was throbbing down there, I needed it.

I let Dean press his lips against me in wet, open-mouthed kisses. I pulled my coat over my lower half and over Dean to try my best to hide him. I pulled my skirt up, I grabbed the sleeve of Dean’s jacket and pushed i

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Notes Dean dropped to his knees at my feet. I didn't stop him.
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