Conference Crush

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She walked into the conference and I immediately noticed her. She was a stunning sight in her navy blue pencil skirt, white silk blouse, shoulder length brunette hair, and Ray Ban Clubmaster eyeglasses. The fabric of her blouse bouncing off her beautiful breasts and flowing in the motion of her gait as she walked to the podium.

She organized her presentation and called the room to attention. I ended the conversation with a few colleagues and took a seat toward the middle of the auditorium. She presented her thoughts on the portable defibrillator and why is it save countless lives flawlessly. She wrapped up the presentation and the group was released for a 10 minute break before the next presentation would begin. I walked over to the coffee bar and poured a cup and picked up a conversation with some colleagues. She came over and interrupted the group and extended her hand to me, “I’m Jessica, and I am glad to meet you Dr. Stephens.”, to which I happily accepted and said, “Great presentation Jessica! And please call me Dave.”

I asked a few questions about her product and she flew off the answers quickly and confidently and said she admired my work on heart valve replacements. I thanked her and the presentations were starting again so I as I excused myself, she asked, “Care to join me for dinner later? I’d love to hear more about your work and I can show you some of the things we are working on that may help you”. I replied, “I am sorry but I am supposed to have dinner with Dr. Freidman but maybe a drink before dinner?” Jessica responded, “Sure, here’s my card. Text me and I’ll meet you.”

The rest fo the day was filled with various presentations. Some good, most boring and I couldn't wait for the day to end. At 5, I quickly left and headed toward my room. I get int he elevator and press my floor, number 8, and as the doors begin to close I see Jessica running for the elevator. I put my arm out to stop it and she enters and thanks me for letting her on. “No worries,” I reply, “What floor?” And she says 8 as the door closes.

We chat about the conference highlights of the conference and the door opens. We walk to our rooms and find that we are neighbors. Jessica appears to be fumbling with the app to open her door and I ask her, “I have a boot of email to catch up on, did you want to just grab that drink in my room? If that’s okay?” She responds, “Sure, that will be fine. What time should I come over?” I say, “20 minutes ok?”, and she says, “Sure.”, as she unlocks her door.

I get in the room and fire up the laptop. I run to the bathroom and freshen up a bit: wash the grime off my face and brush my teeth. I look in the mini bar and grab a Stella Artois. I go over to the couch and take my suit coat off and toss it on the bed as I review the 347 emails from the day. I answer the important ones and hear a know on the door. Wow, quick 20 minutes I think to myself as I get up to answer it. Jessica has changed into a pair of lavender Alo yoga pants and a chunky navy blue zip up sweatshirt half unzipped that shows a black sports bra and white Keds. She looks cute with her hair pulled back in a pony tail and the tortoise Clubmasters add another layer of style.

“Hey, come on in.”, as I hold the door back for her, “Get you a drink? Anything from the mini bar, my treat!” She laughs as says, “Sure, a Chardonnay would be great!” And I walk over, grab the Chardonnay and twist the top off and pour it into a glass. “Sorry, no wine glasses, will this do?”, I ask and she replies, “Sure, sounds good”, as she takes a small sip.

We talked shop for a while and she borrowed my laptop to bring up some of the new products her company was developing and she showcased the impact on my business effectively. She was sitting close to me as she pointed to the features and benefits on the screen and would occasionally bump into my arm. She was very good at her job. I finished my Stella and walked to get another.

As I walked by her, I accidentally bumped her arm causing her to spill her wine down her chin. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and apologized for my mistake. She had taken her sweatshirt off now as some wine apparently landed on her chest and she was gently dabbing it away. I asked her if she would like another drink and she said sure. I poured her another Chardonnay and sat in the chair across from her.

She turned the laptop and was showing me a few other items and then said, “Oh, come sit here. I have to show you this new tool that you will love!” I obliged and sat next to her. She inched real close to me, our hips touching, and she leaned forward to the laptop screen on the table and her breast touched my knee. She kept leaning into it and describing the new product. She leaned back and said, “See how that works? The savings you can get in return?”

I was just fixated on her and didn’t say anything, I just stared into her eyes, thunderstruck by her beauty and brains. She asked, “Are you okay?” And I snapped out of my little trance and said, “Yeah, uh, I just, uh, um, I don’t know what happened there. I just zoned out.” She said, “Weird. You are always so on top of your game from what I hear, I wouldn’t imaging you ‘zoning out.’”

“I think I was just a bit awestruck. You have a magnificent command of your product and your beauty just adds to that, in a very good way. I think I have a crush on you.”, I said.

She leaned in and whispered, “Thank you! I think you are one of the brightest minds and I am glad you like my product and, just so you know, I only came to this conference because I knew you’d be here. I’ve been admiring you for a while.” I could only respond with a kiss and thankfully she accepted it openly.

We sat on the couch making out, the intensity of the session causing our adrenaline to increase. I leaned on top of her and she easily moved to the corner of the couch, my growing cock pressing into her leg. She gr

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Notes She walked into the conference andI was thunderstruck!
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