The Daemon in My Bed

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The alarm cut through my sleep like a hot knife through something warm and fluffy and comforting. I opened my eyes and groaned. One moment I’d been deep in blissful oblivion, the next it was Monday morning in the real world.

My eyes dropped closed again. I rolled over and wrapped myself in my duvet, but that fucking alarm was still trilling next to my head like the obnoxious, over-eager, little electronic twat it insisted on being.

I let the alarm keep ringing. My ritual was to let that hellish, piercing noise continue until I was up and on my feet, otherwise I couldn’t trust myself to get out of bed. If I turned the alarm off, I’d be asleep again in seconds.

I pushed a leg out from under my covers and felt how cold it was compared to the warm, caring embrace of my bed. It was mid-winter, the sky outside would still be black, and I was sure there’d be freezing rain and a biting wind waiting for me too. I had no choice though, I had work. With a deep, profound sense of regret, I pushed my duvet back and sat up.

But then my bedroom door creaked open and my daemon slipped into the room before I could stop him. He bounded up onto my bed, he pushed me down and pulled the duvet back over me. He coiled his silky, warm limbs around me and whispered in my ear. He told me to stay where I was, to press the snooze button, to give in to what I really wanted.

My daemon’s words were sweet honey, his touch was soft and beguiling, a wave of drowsiness washed over me and threatened to drag me back down to the insensible depths... but I couldn’t. No. I had to get up. I had to get to work, work was… my daemon kissed my neck softly, he slid a hand up my pyjama top and stroked my sensitive skin. My resolve weakened.

But no, I couldn’t do this, I couldn't give in to my daemon, he always wanted me to do the bad thing, never the sensible one. I had to get up. Work was waiting. But god, his body was so warm against mine, and his fingers felt like magic, and outside the world was cold and hard and real. I felt my daemon taking hold of my pyjama bottoms and sliding them down my thighs. He pulled my top up to expose my breasts. I reached over to the table beside my bed and pressed the snooze button. Just one snooze, I told myself.

My daemon growled his approval. He kissed me behind my ear as he pushed my legs open and moved between them. His fingers felt hot, they sent ripples of tingling pleasure through me wherever he touched. He held my breasts, he squeezed them like I love, he kissed them, he sucked on my stiff nipples so hard I gasped. My daemon stroked his fingers down lower, over my stomach, over my pussy. He spread my lips open, he stroked me between, spreading my wetness all over me. He ran a fingertip up and over my already throbbing clit.

I moaned and pressed myself against my daemon, craving more, already. One of his fingers slid slowly into me, he fucked me lazily with it as he tickled my clit. He pulled my top up and off over my head with a third hand, his mouth closed over my nipples once more, one mouth on each, he made my clit pulse as he sucked on them.

My daemon stroked my clit with a glorious soft touch, he moved faster, he slid his finger in and out of me with the same rhythm, he even flicked his tongue over my nipple with the same pace, it made me hot and dizzy.

My alarm trilled again, that dagger of noise back in my head. I tried to sit up, but my daemon clung to me. His limbs coiled around me, he whispered in my ear again, he told me all the things he’d do to me if I stayed in bed… but I couldn’t, I really couldn’t, I was going to be late, I had to get up… he traced his fingertip around my clit in a tight circle, he slid a second finger into me and found my g-spot, and I held still for a moment, poised between getting up and giving in… and then… I gave in again. I reached out and pressed the snooze button for a second time. That was the last time though, I promised myself.

He rewarded me for giving in to temptation. He kissed me perfectly with his hot mouth, he held my face in two hands, he sucked on my lower lip gently the way he knows I adore, he used his tongue, not too much, not too little, I felt like I was melting under his touch. He increased the pace of his fingers, he made me moan and buck, and a hot, deep, tension started to form in my belly and lower.

My daemon’s a wonderful lover, but then all daemons are, I guess it’s part of the job description. He can do things no man ever could, his form is fluid, he can change to please me. I felt more hands touch me, five, then six, then seven, then I don’t know how many. He cradled my face, he stroked my neck, he cupped my breasts and rolled my nipples under his thumbs, he kept circling my clit faster and faster and faster. He put more fingers inside me, he caressed my stomach and my thighs and the sensitive spots inside my arms and behind my knees, and my bed became paradise on Earth.

The alarm rang out again and this time I didn’t hesitate. I reached out and slapped the snooze button. My daemon laughed his wicked laugh. He kept pleasuring me, more mouths and tongues and fingers mover over my body in reward.

My daemon could have brought me off quickly, but like always, he took his time, he knew I came harder the longer I had to wait. He licked and sucked all over my body, his mouths on my breasts, my neck, he sucked my fingers and toes as he kissed me. A tongue danced over my clit now, another, thicker one, slid in and out of my cunt in place of his fingers, another lapped against my perineum and then moved lower to tickle my other place.

His limbs and fingers and tongues coiled around me. He stroked and squeezed and slapped and licked and kissed until my body was quivering and tingling from head to foot. His tongue thickened inside my cunt, the one lapping at my arse slid gently, softly into me where it wriggled deliciously inside me.

My daemon moved faster, my daemon was in my head, he kn

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Written by darkcherrycollective
Cargado March 8, 2021
Notes Do you get out of bed on Monday morning or do you listen to your daemon? Do you give in to his wicked promises?
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