Heck Of An Interview

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I was getting dressed early one morning, as I got ready for a job interview in hopes of finally being able to get my own classroom at a nearby school. I was a nervous wreck, because the school district was close to home and it was a very well paying position. I had been trying for years to get a job in the local school district and hopefully it would finally pan out for me. I put on a button up blouse, along with a pencil skirt, which hugged my curves nicely, and after grabbing some paperwork, I got in my car and headed over to the school.

When I arrived, I headed in to the main office, and told the secretary what I was there for. She told me to have a seat and that someone would be right with me. I sat and waited for a few minutes, before hearing my name called. I looked up and was greeted by a tall, blonde haired, well built looking man, who had a big smile on his face. He introduced himself, telling me his name was Nick. He must've been in his mid-50s, and a pretty good-looking guy. He was well built, and seemed to be in great shape. It was actually the opposite of what I would normally see working in a school. He invited me into his office, and I followed him.

Once inside, I sat across from him at his desk, while we went over a few things. He discussed the job and what it would entail. We had a pretty decent interview, and throughout the interview, I noticed how friendly he was. He would joke and complement me quite often, and seemed to be interested in my paperwork, so I was hopeful that I would land a job.

We went back and forth for a bit, and I asked him a few questions, with him doing the same to me. Things seem to be rolling in a positive direction, and hopefully he would soon tell me that I was hired. Then, there was a bit of a snag. He looked over at me and said that he was very interested in hiring me, but had one concern. I had a tattoo on my wrist, with my son’s name, and he said that they had a pretty strict policy regarding visible tattoos. I nodded my head and told him that I understood, and asked if there's any way we could work around it. For the most part, I could possibly wear sleeves and nobody would notice it, but once the warm months came, I wouldn't be able to wear long sleeves. We talked about it for a bit, and he told me that he would need to think about it and would call me in a day or two. He thanked me for coming, and I thanked him for the opportunity, before I was on my way home. I was disappointed, because I thought I really had a shot, but now it didn't seem that way. I arrived home a short time later, and told my husband about the interview and he said for me to remain positive, so I tried to do so.

A few days went by, and I was starting to get worried that I lost the opportunity, when the phone rang. I saw the number on the caller ID, and was surprised to see who it was. I quickly answered, and heard Nicks voice on the other end. He told me that he had been thinking about hiring me and was wondering if I could meet up with him after work hours to discuss a few things. I quickly told him it wasn't a problem and asked where he would like to meet. I was a bit thrown off, when he mentioned a local restaurant, as I was expecting him to tell me to come by the school again. Without really thinking about it, I told him it wasn't a problem and we set up a date. I was excited about possibly having this opportunity still, but at the same time found it a little weird, that we were meeting at a restaurant instead of the school. Either way, I looked forward to it, and hoped that it would go well and that I could impress him enough to hire me.

The day of the meeting arrived, and I was a complete nervous wreck. I took a long hot shower, before going into my room to get dressed. I put on a pair of black dress pants, which hugged my curves nicely, along with a low-cut shirt, which showed a hint of cleavage. I was hoping that maybe dressing up a little would help. After all, he was a really good-looking guy and hopefully would like the way I dressed. I just wanted this damn job that I had longed for. After getting dressed, I headed into the living room, and told my husband that I was going out for a while and would probably be home late. He told me to enjoy myself and that he would be fine. He usually spent his nights in the basement drinking, once our kid had gone to sleep, so I could come home whenever I wanted. He really didn't care.

The Uber I ordered arrived a short time later, and I was soon on my way to the restaurant to meet up with Nick. I hoped this would work out well, and hopefully I could get this job after this interview. I arrived a short time later, and Nick was already waiting for me. He had booked a table, and after complimenting me, we headed inside.

We were seated and after ordering a bottle of wine, we began to chat. We discussed work, and the job offer, and while doing so, I noticed him complimenting me quite often. After a glass of wine, he began to playfully flirt with me, which I enjoyed and continuously thanked him for all the complements and flirting. I was having a very good time, and noticed that we only talked about, the job offer for a couple of minutes, before the conversation change and we talked about anything else that came to mind. He told me all about himself, and stuff like that. He spoke very little, about hiring me, which was weird because that was the purpose of meeting up.

We ended up sitting and chatting for the better part of two hours, while enjoying several glasses of wine as well as each other's company. He was a great person to chat with, and certainly knew the right things to say to a woman to make her feel good. He genuinely showed me a good time, which was still a bit odd to me, but I enjoyed it.

Once dinner was done, he paid the tab and asked if I wanted to hit a local bar for a drink. I said sure, since I was trying to impress him. We headed down the block, where there was a pub and headed in

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