A room with a view

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I was driving into the hotel parking lot after a long days work and parked my car. I got out and popped the trunk to get my suitcase and briefcase and when I slammed it shut, I saw her. She was in her room standing in front of the window naked. She was in her early thirties from what I could gather and had amazing tits. She was stretching out and the light from her room outlined her perfect body. Her ribs stretching forward as she leaned back.

She stood in the window and rubbed her body from clavicle down around her breasts and then toward her hairy but trimmed pussy. I was mesmerized and frozen, standing in the parking lot staring up at this beautiful sight.

She brought one hand back up to her breasts and began rubbing her nipple. She would switch sides occasionally and pay attention to both, surely bringing both erect. Her other hand began to rub the outside of her pussy, up around the pubic mound at first and then lower. She would rub her vulva from the outside and swing her hips slowly as she did, building her pleasure casually.

I decided that standing in the parking lot was probably too obvious so I put my stuff into the back seat and jumped into the front seat where I felt I was a little less conspicuous.

She squatted slightly and rubbed between her vulva, paying attention to the outside of her pussy and not penetrating it just yet. I imagine her mind is racing with some sexy thoughts and I feel a growing bulge in my pants. I look around and there is nobody since its pretty late and I pull out my cock and start stroking it.

She is still playing with her nipples and pussy and she begins to experiment with her fingers and rubs the slit. It must be pretty moist by now as she puts two inside her and begins to stroke them in and out, surely pretending it was a cock. She works them in and out a few times and retreats her hand to her mouth and tastes her wetness. She swaps her nipple hand to her crotch and takes her pussy hand and begins rubbing her nipples. Her other hand heads to the clit this time and she peels back her hood and works her clit with her middle finger as her others hold her open.

I am stroking my cock slowly now and it is rock hard from the erotic sight my eyes are feeding my brain which is fueling my hard on. A bit of pre-cum builds on the tip but I let it pool there.
I pull the pre-cum off me and taste it, and imagine I am the one tasting her. I stroke my cock with an increased fervor and it doesn’t take long before I blow my load over the rental cars steering wheel, my pants and hand.

She works her clit over and her body begins to contort a bit as she is nearing climax. She shudders at the orgasm hits its pinnacle and the inserts her fingers into her wet hole and fucks it furiously as she enjoys the wave of pleasure she brought herself to. She pulls her fingers out and swaps hands again, licking her cum from her fingers. She inserts two fingers back inside her and strokes them slowly, her cum providing a slick lube to work her over.

She gathers herself and cleans her fingers off one last time and turns around and walks away.

I clean myself up as best I can and go to check in and hope I can run into this woman!

Written by shyguy654
Cargado March 11, 2021
Notes Never know what you will see in a hotel parking lot
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