Breakfast In Bed

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I got up early and went for a run. I came back and the house was still quiet. I went upstairs and saw her still sleeping, still very cute and cozy wrapped in the comforter. I went back downstairs and made her an egg with avocado toast and a coffee and brought it back up to her. I placed it on the side of the bed furthest from her and brought the coffee up to her and let her breathe in its rich aroma. She wakes up and smiles at the coffee and the krinkle in her nose is so cute. I hand her the coffee as she slide up in bed, her satin pink pajamas sliding easily up, and I deliver her her breakfast. “So sweet!”, she says and I give her a peck while resting the tray on her lap.

“Enjoy! I’m going to take a quick shower”, I reply and retreat to the shower. I clean up and get out and dry off and wrap the towel around me and walk back to the bedroom. She is just finishing her toast and I walk over and move the tray from her. I lean down to get the tray don't notice her hand grab hold of the towel. I pull away to set the tray in the dresser and my towel drops off exposing my naked body. I laugh a little and set the tray down. I trial around and my cock flops back and forth and say, “Like what you see?”, and she motions for me to return to bed.

I walk over and give her a kiss as I get back into bed and she says, “Let me thank you for breakfast in bed!” She kisses me back and snuggles close into me and we make out. She reaches under the sheets and begins stroking my cock. Her soft hands working me hard while her satin cuff dances off my skin. She pulls away from the kiss and pulls the sheets back and licks and sucks her way downward. Sucking my nipples erect, she continues to play wit them as her head goes further down.

She goes right past my hard cock and takes one of my nuts in, sucking it as she brings a hand down to stroke me. She sucks on each ball a few times and the sensation is great as she jerks my stiff shaft. I can’t help but enjoy the sensation. She comes up and sucks on the tip of my cock while stroking my shaft and ball sack and she takes her time enjoying my clean cock. Slurps of enjoyment emanating from her as I help pull her brunette hair to the side so I can view her blowing me.

I enjoy her occasional looks upward with all of me in her mouth. She massages my balls and I can feel myself building up inside readying for a release. She continues to work me over and pulls back to work the underside of my cock head, the most sensitive part with her tongue and then goes over the tip with her mouth and swirls her tongue around me while plunging her hand up and down my shaft. I moan and release ropes of cum into her mouth.

She enjoys the warm splash in her mouth and sucks me down, small drops of cum leak out on her upstroke and she rubs it into my wet shaft with her hand. She goes back to the top and sucks me dry while her hands pulls the remaining cum from me. She finishes cleaning me up and smiles while gently stroking my retreating cock. She slides her satiny body up to me and gives me a kiss, hints of my cum mixed with her sweet saliva. And I say, “Thank you! Had I known breakfast in bed would get me a blowjob, I’d do it more often!”

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Cargado March 12, 2021
Notes A blowjob is given after a thoughtful breakfast in bed
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