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I grabbed a bunch of my toys and placed them on the bed: A remote controlled We Vibe, a rabbit, anal jewel and some lube-just in case. I stripped my bed down to the sheets and laid a few towels across the middle of the bed. I moved my full length mirror and positioned it on the storage cubes at the end of my bed. I tested and fixed the angle of the mirror’s view so that I was fully exposed while sitting and laying on the bed.

I went and took a shower. I cleaned myself up nicely and shaved the stubble from my legs and took extra time shaving my pussy. I took that hand spray and cleaned myself off and the warm water against my clit is always a great feeling. I was tempted to work out an orgasm right there but remembered I was on a mission. I dried off and put on a pair of rad lace panties with a matching bra. I put on a black garter and black polka dot nylons and black 5 inch stilettos. I did my makeup very carefully and blew out my hair. Damn I looked sexy! My tits plumped up by the bra had just enough cleavage. My pussy was sculpted nicely in my panties and I did a great job shaving so no hair was visible. My toned legs exposed a nice calf muscle in my stilettos and the black nylons accentuated each curve nicely. I winked and blew myself a kiss and headed to the bedroom!

I turned up the Nest to 78 so I could be comfortable in what was about to happen next. I heard the fan of the HVAC system kick on and the warm blast of air felt good on my semi naked body.

I have my monitor camera positioned and tested it for accuracy and zoom capability. The remote zooms in and out on me perfectly. Check, check, check I noted as I ran through my list. I commanded Google to put on Teddy Pendergast radio and lit a few lavender candles and turned the lights low, not off, but low.

I took a deep breath as Teddy’s “Turn off the Light’s” came on. And hit the record button. I started with my made up face and zoomed outward to expose my whole body sitting on my right hip and sprawled across the bed. I rubbed my hands down my cleavage to my legs and enjoyed the sensation of my touch. I worked this motion a few times and slowed around my breasts and circled my nipples. A warm feeling growing in my body as I built myself into a sexual lather.

I switch to my knees and and continue to rub my body, one hand on my nipples and the other rubbing my pussy. I have my head thrown back and eyes closed and imagine I am giving this show to an audience-which will be uploaded to YouPorn when I finish and edit a bit-but for now it is just me. I run a finger between my slit and I can feel the growing warmth. My mind is building all sorts of sexual scenarios that will no doubt help me get off.

I reach around back and undo my bra. My beautifully tanned B cups fall out of the lace bra and stand there firm. I look at the camera and admire my tits. They are firm and perky and they bounce slightly as I rub my slit. I rub my other hand over them and work my nipples over which are already rock hard from the earlier session. The sensation of rubbing my nipples send electric waves of pleasure to my crotch which responds with increased wetness, not the cotton lining is a bit moist and I pull it aside and insert a finger into my increasingly wet hole. I pull my finger out and bring it up to my lips and suck my finger giving the camera a sexy stare.

I gracefully reach to the side and grab my anal jewel and start sucking on it. I rub my tits with my free hand and love warming the metal jewel up with my mouth. I leave it in my mouth, the large faux diamond shining for the camera and lean on my back and bring my knees up. I bring my hand to my pussy and work my panties off, sliding them down my black nylons with ease, the camera catching a glimpse of my glistening pussy.

I climb back up to my knees and turn around, exposing my asshole to the camera. I bring the jewel around and press it against my butthole. It resists at first and I spread my legs a bit wider to help stretch it out a little more, hoping the jewel can accommodate without lube. I pull it back and reach for the lube as the jewel isn’t working itself in. I drip a bit of it above my butthole and insert the tip of the jewel in and spin it so it can absorb as much lube as possible. I insert it a bit further and retract it to absorb more lube and before long, it is in. The 10k Faulk diamond shining in the light. I play with it a bit: a spin here, a tug to extract it to its bulbous end and then reinsert it. The pleasure it creates in my ass is lovely as I twerk for the camera slightly.

I spin around and get on my knees again. I grab the rabbit and place it between my legs and lower my wet twat onto it. I glide up and down easily on it with my slick pussy. I turn it on and watch the ears flutter rapidly against my clit. My free hand rubbing my erect nipples and enjoying the pleasure that is filling my hole. I hold it there and fuck the rabbit with increased intensity, my wet cunt leaking down the shaft and onto my hand. I drive onto it and press it inward and the pulsating ears flick my clit to release a wave of cum. The intense orgasm forces me to pull the ears off my clit but I leave the large shat inside me, buzzing with wave upon wave of vibration. The walls of my pussy loving the intermittent buzz of pleasure. I pull the rabbit out and shut it off before I suck it to its base to clean myself off of it, enjoying my scent and taste as I do.

I return it to my insides and turn it on. A steady buzz reverberates through my inner walls and I return the ears to my clit. I ride it slowly at first, enjoying the sliding action inside me. The slush sound and I do reaffirms my pleasure hole is ready. I increase intensity and press the ears against my clit again and release another creamy orgasm. It leaks out of me and down the shaft again. I clean it off with my tongue, pretending its a nice cock, and this ti

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