Makiyo Petite Japanese on Her Knees MFM Duo in Dubai

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My tiny Japanese, nymphomaniac friend Makiyo invited me to film some shared content video clips together with a client of hers and her sister Mimi on hand for stuntcock wrangling and cinematography.

Naturally, I was up Sheikh Zayed road like a desert rat up a drainpipe.

Makiyo, her sister, her client and I embarked on a cinematic odyssey together. Scene 1 began with some one man per titty suckling of Makiyo's prodigious nipples. Honestly, they're like little pectorial torpedoes. One inch doesn't sound like a huge unit of measurement until you have an inch long nipple in your mouth. Heavenly crumpet-berries.

Scene 2 entailed the traditional cross country ski pose dual cocksucking. Makiyo is part Japanese, part Chinese and happiest on-her-knees surrounded by cocks.

The spitroast position is always a crowd pleaser. Scene 3 saw our pachinko starlet bouncing back and forth pinball bumper buffeted from either end by two throbbing cocks. You've got to love the sensation of a tight, wet little Asian pussy gripping your cock in time with the reflexive gag and muscular clench elicited by a second cock thrusting in and out of her throat.

In scene 4 we enacted our interpretation of a timeless fable. A wise Fortune Cookie once said "Every exit is an entrance to new experiences." So I fucked her up the ass.

Makiyo has a voice like a nightingale and she sang a pretty tune while I ravished her back passage. Soon she changed her tune to a rendition of the karaoke classic "I want more cocks!"

So scene 5 was, of course, double penetration. Makiyo's sister Mimi took delight in directing us here. She has the cheekiest smile and grinned impishly throughout. I'd been filming a POV point of view camera angle until this point but I had my hands full here so the next scene was all Mimi. Thanks to her expert guidance and camera work we got some brilliant angles of penetration and camera both.

The final scene could only be the climactic bukkake. My co-star and I doused Makiyo with a cascading torrent of Semen like a Sumi-e ink painting of a waterfall.

Go to ozinlondon dot com slash videos and click on any video to get to my pay per view page where you'll find the full video.

I just got a whatsapp message from Makiyo asking if I'd like to make another video this weekend. Stay tuned for the sequel. Big Trouble in Little Makiyo 2: Revenge of the Spunkninja.

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Cargado March 17, 2021
Notes Making of an MFM Threesome video clip with petite Asian girl Makiyo.
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